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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kabir Says, The Day That Counts

Kabir Says, The Day That Counts

Only the day spent
In repetition of the Lord's Name
Is reckoned fruitful
In the court of the Lord.
He who is absorbed in the Name,
The Lord is always with him
As his companion.
The day spent in repetition
Alone counts in the Lord's court.
Ceaselessly burns the lamp of Maya,
And men and gods, like moths,
Rush blindly into its flames.

Having attained the state
Of poise and detachment,
Kabir, the Lord's slave,
Has swum across the ocean
And reached the haven.

-- Guru Kabir, from the Kabir Granthavali

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Introduction to Sant Mat Meditation: Sar Bachan & RS Mat Prakash

Introduction to Sant Mat Meditation: Sar Bachan & RS Mat Prakash

Sant Mat Mysticism Blog:

"When I came, I opened the path, and I taught them about the passage which they will traverse..." (Yeshua in, Dialogue of the Savior, THE GNOSTIC SOCIETY LIBRARY, Nag Hammadi section)

"This path is of Prem (Love) and Bhakti (Devotion), and consists in elevating the Surat to celestial regions by means of Shabd [the Word or Sound Current]." (Swami Ji Maharaj -- Sant Radhasoami Sahib)

"Having come here, I advocate the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga and I instruct you to enter and permeate into the Word. I describe a ladder (pandi) of several steps of Shabd so that you can climb up step by step, reaching the city of Truth (Satt Lok). As it is, forsake this Land of the Drop and move on to the Sphere of the Ocean; have fun and frolic there." (Swami Ji Maharaj -- Sant Radhasoami Sahib on the Yoga/Meditation of the Inner Light and Sound Current)

"Surat [the attention-faculty, eyes and ears of the Soul] going to glimpse the Absolute, concentrates its gaze at the tenth door [third eye center]. Watching the Luminous Point, the pole Star, the Moon and Sun, the Surat hears many sweet tunes of the five spheres. Mehi says, this is the quintessence of Sant Mat." (The Padavali of Maharishi Mehi)

From a new translation of the Sar Bachan Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj, Volume Two:

Question 4: What is the secret and mystique of the Surat's original abode and the path that leads to it? Then the Surat asked: "0 Swami! Do kindly spell out and bring out into the open the entire mystery and secret of His Original Abode and of the Way leading to it?"

Then the Swami spoke up about the secret of the Way: "Recite the Five Names (i.e. Radhasoami Name, see Sar Bachan Radhasoami, Poetry, Volume I, Discourse 2, Verses 1-3), and fasten your Surat on the spot called as Shyam-Sait (bluish-white, i.e. the Third Til [third eye center], where one perceives from a distance the dazzling light of the flame that burns eternally at Sahasdal Kanwal.....). Then you will hear the musical instruments at Gagan [the mystic sky of Sahasdal Kanwal, the thousand petaled lotus] where the sounds of bell and conch-shell resonate."

"There you will also perceive the flame and from there you will move on to Crooked Tunnel across which you will proceed to the Region of Three Prominences (Trikuti) where you will hear the sound of Aumkara and thunder of the nimbus. Beyond it, you will soar to the middle of Sunn [Void] and hear the call of Rarankar and the sound of fiddle and sarangi and bathe in Mansarovar (the reservoir of spirituality in Sunn)."

"Beyond it, is the vast expanse of Maha-sunn [Great Void] where there are four Sounds hidden in the shroud of darkness that prevails there. Beyond and on top of that expanse there is the Rotating Cave where from the flute emanates the sound of Sohang (and Anahoo) which you will experience. Beyond that, there is the abode of Sattnaam (i.e. Sattlok) where there is the sound of harp from which emanates the sound of Satt. Hearing the sound Satt.....Satt, the Surat moves forward and soaring high, it arrives at the Alakh Lok (the Invisible Sphere). The mien and countenance of the Alakh Purush (the Invisible Being) is resplendent and radiant as if crores of suns are shining; His Person is unique and simply wondrous."

"Thence, the Surat goes on to the Inaccessible Sphere (Agam Lok) and has rendezvous with the Inaccessible Lord. Billions and trillions of suns and moons cannot match the luminance of that sphere and the rapture accruing from the sound there is unfathomable and incalculable. How can I articulate the mellifluence of the melody of that sphere, for there is nothing like it available here with which it could be compared. Beyond that abode, the Nameless (Anami), the Supreme Radhasoami - the sphere of Param Sants - lies."

Hearing these details from the Soami, the Surat becomes enraptured and ecstatic and replies: "0 Soami! I now fully understand what is what, and let us now make a move."

The fact is that without the Satguru nobody can gain across to the secret of the Way; and Satguru is he who can show that Way and reveal its mystery. As it is, great is the majesty, might and main of the Satguru; nobody knows about it. All those who try to see and know of it, reach the end of their tether and accept defeat. It is only he on whom He casts his favourable eye that he can come to know about the Way and will have faith and confidence in it (and will be ready to tread that path). It is only very rare jivas [Souls] who can bring to bear faith in Him, have confidence in Him and hope for emancipation (with His aid and under His supervision). It is only those who accept the saint's utterances as true that will accept this discourse as true.

(Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume Two: "The Quintessential Discourse Radhasoami II", M.G. Gupta, MG Publishers, Agra, India, a great translation of all three volumes of Sar Bachan Poetry and Prose)

RADHASOAMI MAT PRAKASH - A Brief View of Radhasoami Faith

Being a message of Eternal Peace and Joy to all nations

Originally written by Huzur Maharaj in English and published in 1897

11. Definition of Sant Sat Guru

19. A Sant Sat Guru is one who has either descended directly from the highest division or reached that quarter by practice of Surat-Shabd-Yoga under the immediate direction of the former.

12. Definition of Sadh Guru and Satsangi

20. A Sadhguru is one who has descended from the top of the second grand division or reached it by the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yoga under the direction of the Sant Sat Guru and is proceeding towards the highest division. A Satsangi is one who having full belief and confidence in Sant Sat Guru and His words is practicing Surat-Shabd-Yoga under His immediate direction and having traversed some distance is pushing on upwards.

13. The Supreme Being is both personal and impersonal

21. The name of the Supreme Being is Radhasoami. He is impersonal, but personal in the second and third divisions and when He manifests Himself through humanity as Sant Sat Guru. His attributes are mostly met with in the Sant Sat Guru, who might be called an Incarnation of Sat Purush Radhasoami, the True Supreme Being.

14. Definition of true salvation

22. The deliverance of spirit entity from bondage of body, senses and mind, and its gradual ascension and eventual entrance into the first or highest division by the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yoga is perfect salvation according to Radhaswami Faith. At present the Surat or Spirit entity which is a particle of the Supreme Being or a ray from the Supreme Sun or a drop from the Supreme Ocean of Spirit, having descended from the highest or first region has become encased in material coverings, and in a manner intermingled with matter and is in this, the third region, subject to the forces or carnal desires and passions resulting from such mixture.

15. Spirit entity, subject to birth and rebirth in the second and third degrees

23. In its descent from the highest region the spirit entity has become enveloped in various coverings of matter or bodies, and so long as it remains in the second and third division where matter exists, it can not be freed from re-birth in the lower or higher regions. It is only in the first or highest division where there is no matter, that there is no re-birth.

16. Radhasoami Faith not built on scriptures of any religion – The efficacy of Surat-Shabd-Yoga testified by inspired religions

24. Radhasoami Faith is not built on the basis of scriptures appertaining to Hindu or any other religion, but on the precepts or instructions of the Supreme Being Himself, who appeared on this earth in human form and graciously performed the functions of a Sant Sat Guru for the benefit of degraded humanity. The original books of all inspired religions, however, bear sufficient testimony to the superiority and efficacy of the Surat-Shabd-Yoga as the path to the highest heaven.

17. The internal sound current is the means of raising spirit, difference of Dhwanyatmak and Varnatmak names. The power of Sound Current or Shabd

25. The sound heard internally is a current which has originally emanated from the Supreme Being and is the means not only of concentrating the will but also of raising spirit entity to the source from which it emanated.

26. At the time of initiation, a novice receives instructions as regards the particulars of Shabd of each sub-division by means of which one has to raise one’s spirit entity upwards. This is called Dhwanyatmak name, while that uttered by tongue is called Varnatmak name.

27. It must be clearly understood that by Shabd or ‘Word’ or internal voice is meant the spirit or life current which enlivens every part of the body and is the main principle or essence which supports life in and gives activity to every being or body in the whole creation or universe. Even in this world everything is done by means of word or sound, and all affairs are managed through its instrumentality, as one speaks or gives order and the other attends to it or carries it out into execution. The instantaneous effect of word or sound on human beings and even on animals is so apparent in everyday experience of our life that it needs no further explanation.

18. The state of Spirit entity in the third degree – The change of its powers with the change of its spheres

28. At present the spirit entity of a human being is residing in the third or material-spiritual region, and has, therefore, to do all the work here by means of the senses and the mind which are mediums between it and the material objects, and consequently, as a natural result, its power has become quite hampered. But as soon as it begins to ascend, the powers, which are now lying dormant, become active and the spirit entity acquires ultra-material or higher power.

19. The method of taking back the Spirit entity to its original Source is to ride the sound current

29.The method for taking back the spirit entity to its Supreme Source is first to concentrate at the focus of eyes the spirit entity and mind which are defused in our body and in a manner tied to external objects by desires and passions, and next to commence its journey homewards by attending to the internal sound, or in other words, by riding the life or sound current which has originally emanated from the Supreme Source.

30. The current which has been instrumental in having brought it down here must naturally be the ‘True Path’ for its return to the original source, and whoever finds this current is on the path of emancipation. This current which is the spirit and life current is called in the Radhasoami Faith, "Sound’ or ‘Word" or Holy Name. (Radhasoami Mat Prakash, by Huzur Maharaj)