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Friday, October 21, 2011

Teachings of Sant Tulsi Sahib -- Light and Sound on the Path

Teachings of Sant Tulsi Sahib -- Light and Sound on the Path -- Sant Mat Satsang

[Below are links to: a new Sant Mat Podcast; Bhajan (Hymn) at Youtube of Tulsi Sahib;
a Youtube video about Tulsi Sahib, Saint of
Hathras and certain guru-lineages;
online map of Hathras at the Gate;
Article: Who Was Tulsi Sahib's Guru?
PDF File of Tulsi Sahib writings in English;
Quotes from: Ravidas, Dalai Lama, Quran, Khalil Gibran, Kirpal Singh, Sant Sevi Ji;
passages from Param Sant Tulsi Sahib,
the great grandfather/modern-day founding father or Adi Guru of Sant Mat lineages;
Shyama, disciple of Tulsi Sahib; Maharshi Mehi, "God is Like a Black Hole or Gravitational Singularity",
and, "The Teachings of Sant Dariya of Bihar",
A Good Introduction to Sant Mat from the
Sant Dariya Mission Website.]

New Satsang PODCAST: An Ode to the Unknown God - the Mystic Poetry and Teachings of Sant Ravidas. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Listen - Download MP3 of Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean [via HealthyLifeNet -- The Positive Talk Radio Network]: http://bit.ly/oTBmXd

"Have trust in God alone,
And in none other, says Ravidas.
If one is engrossed in something else,
leaving God aside,
One will ever remain disappointed." (Sant Ravidas)

"Love cannot be hidden, O Ravidas,
Howsoever much one tries.
Love is never expressed by the mouth,
But tears do appear in the eyes.
The body is ablaze with the fire of longing
As soon as the memory of the Beloved
comes to mind.
Like the sprinkling of water
on pieces of limestone,
Instantaneous fire arises every time."
(Sant Ravidas)

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." (Dalai Lama)

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens." (Khalil Gibran)

"Be good, do good, and be one." (Kirpal Singh)

"All bliss, peace and glory lie within you, on the Holy Road upon which you are traveling. So please carry on with your meditations with love, faith and devotion, and you will progress within from day to day and enjoy in ever increasing measures the great love and peace that inner spiritual development affords. Master-Power is working overhead and is your ever benign companion giving all feasible help and grace." (Kirpal Singh, Spiritual Elixir, Volume One)

"After rising above the physical body, you will have self awareness. When you rise above the astral and causal bodies, you will come into your true I-hood. You will see that 'I and my Father are One'. The whole thing depends on the concentration of your attention within yourself. Then, whichever way you direct your attention, you will work wonders." (Kirpal Singh)

"We sit in meditation, fail to concentrate, and get upset or fed up. A pessimistic thinking sets in as to whether or not 'I would be able to do it.' No, we should not get nervous, or anxious, nor should we nurture any doubts in our minds. We must go on trying, with persistence and perseverance." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

Bhajan (Hymn, Chant) of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras: "Dil ka huzra saaf kar, jana ke aane ke liye":

Discovered a new Youtube video recently showing scenes from the Sant Tulsi Sahib Mandir/Ashram in Hathras: I recognize several of the images: Sant Tulsi Sahib, Surswami, and Girdhari Saheb, a disciple of Tulsi Sahib who was friends with Swami Ji Maharaj, staying at his house for a time according to the Biography of Soami Ji Maharaj. The previous mahant, Prakash Das, and current mahant in Hathras are also shown in the video. Am not familiar with some of the other photos, perhaps teachers connected with a couple of other ashram centers. Glad to see everyone from India getting online these days:http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=-orRDiam1mU

Hathras, India: "It was during the times of Ramayana, that Hathras was established. When Tulsi Sahib began to recite a particular version of the epic poem called Sampurn Ramayana, he chose to start with the town of Hathras......Tulsi Sahib's grave is housed at the Siyal, Kila Gate, Hathras, and throngs of devotees and admirers flock to this site each year to celebrate the great poet." (AnkitaSagar.Wordpress blog)

Hathras, at the Gate: The Tulsi Mandir: Samadh of Sant Tulsi Sahib is located at Siyal, Kila Gate, Hathras, India:http://wikimapia.org/16470275/Mandir-Tulsi-Saheb

Sant Mat History: Article: Who Was Tulsi Sahib's Guru? My Thoughts:

"Within This Body" -
Mystic Poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib

Within this body
breathes the secret essence.
Within this body
beats the heart of the Vedas.

Within this body
shines the entire Universe,
so the saints say.

Hermits, ascetics, celibates
- all are lost
seeking Him
in endless guises.

Seers and sages perfectly parrot
the scriptures and holy books,
blinded by knowledge.

Their pilgrimage,
and fasting,
and striving
but delude

Despite their perfect practice,
they discover no destination.

Only the saints
who know the body's heart
have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.

Realize this, and you've found your freedom
(while teachers trapped in tradition
know only the mirage
in the mirror).

"It was Kabir who first gave out the secret of Surat and Shabd. That Shabd is Sar Shabd (True Shabd, True Sound), which is inaccessible and unique. The soul travels in the region of Saat Naam [True Name], and it is the Surat which merges into Sar Shabd." (Sant Tulsi Sahib)

"In the month of Kuar (September-October), Surat [the soul], the paragon of virtues, has lost memory of its Original Abode because of the company of crow-like impudent persons. It has forgotten all about the delicacies available in its own abode of pure spirituality, the secrets of which are disclosed only in Satsang of Sants. Without adopting saran (refuge) of the Sat Guru, the path cannot be known, nor the method of elevating the Surat and mind to higher regions. With the approach of the month of Katik (October-November), the Surat receives secrets of all chakras and ganglia in the human microcosm. It starts its upward journey from the Third Eye, the centre at which is to be found the first true form of Surat (spirit). It proceeds to Sahas-dal-kanwal [the sphere of the Thousand-Petaled Lotus]. It adopts the saran (refuge) of Sat Guru, wipes off impurities and attains true knowledge. The heart is illumined with the inner Light." (Sant Tulsi Sahib)

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "External practices and formalism are worth nothing. The real sadhana [spiritual or meditation practice] is within one's own self."

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "Without realizing the soul and the Sound Current, all this is a vain show. All this is a vain show till the soul rises above and abides in it's Natural State."

"Without the Saints, O Tulsi, we are tossed about endlessly. Without the merciful, compassionate Master, aeon after aeon we rove." (Shabdavali of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras)

"Masters reveal the Path of Inner Light and Sound. They still the mind and raise one's attention to Mystic Skies within. The soul concentrates at the Portal [Third Eye] and is in bliss." (Sant Tulsi Sahib)

The True Guru Does Not Neglect His or Her Students, is a Good Teacher of Wisdom, and Properly Guides Their Followers

"Tulsi Sahib says that people devote themselves to worldly learning, but of what use will it be if they do not recognize Sants?

"The Jiva's [soul's] inner eye has not opened, and though he has his external sight, he is really blind, that is, cannot see things in their true perspective. Without the Satguru, he will drift in the lower centers and will never be rid of his worldly attachments.

"No other Yuga [epoch] can be compared with Kali Yuga in which Sants [Saints, Heavenly Beings, Enlightened Masters] incarnate themselves. If the Jiva adopts the Saran [refuge] of a Sant, he will get across the ocean of material existence."

"From the Source of the Ocean opens a Window of Light. Awaken that resplendent Light within thee....Repeat the name of the Lord and secure Him." (Shabdavali/Hymn of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras)

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "He who follows the precepts and teachings of Satsang, is a blessed soul. I sacrifice myself at him again and again. His Surat [soul] is absorbed in the bliss of Satsang, and is sure to attain the goal. Tulsi says that he who has come under the protection of the all-powerful and merciful Sat Guru is enjoying the greatest bliss and joy internally. He is one with the Beloved. The bliss of the Holy Feet is indescribable."

"I saw a brilliant flame bursting forth within me, on which I kept my Surat [attention of the soul] fixed. Then, piercing the flame, my surat proceeded onward and it reached a gateway, as it were, from where could be seen a sky studded all over with suns and moons. By your grace and compassion have I been able to partake of the bliss of higher regions." (hymn of Shyama, disciple of Tulsi Sahib)

"Tulsi Saheb says that the Master resides in Gagan [the inner mystic sky] and to meet Him, Surat [the soul] has to rise up. Only in this human form which is a replica of the whole infinite expanse, can the soul [jiva] work out his salvation and can easily cross the ocean of existence." "When my Surat [soul] reached Gagan [the inner mystic sky], I met the Sat Guru, who guided my path onwards. He embraced me and made me one with Himself, and, by His grace, my Surat ultimately reached the abode which is unfathomable and where there is no fear of any kind."

"Tulsi Sahib used to go often to places quite far from Hathras wrapping his body in a blanket and with a stick in hand. He usually used to remain in a state of withdrawal, and in that very state, an incessant flow of utterances concerning the secrets of higher regions used to emanate from his mouth like a babbling stream. Ghat Ramayan, Shabdavali (collection of hymns) and Ratan Sagar are well known works of Tulsi Saheb. Another book which he wrote but remained unfinished is Padam Sagar. All these books were written after Tulsi Sahib's coming to Hathras.......

"....Near the above-mentioned Banyan Tree, a stupendous two-storeyed building had been constructed later on by Tulsi Sahib's devotees, which is still there and in which he stayed till he left his mortal coil. In this very building there is a place marked, where Tulsi Saheb used to sit whilst initiating people into Sant Mat [inner Light and Sound Meditation Practice]. There is also a hemispherical cave where he used to practise Bhajan [meditation]." ("Param Sant Tulsi Saheb", translated into English by Sant Das Maheshwari)

All Tulsi Sahib quotes above are from, "Param Sant Tulsi Sahib", edited by Sant Das Maheshwari, Agra, India.

Online Book: Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India -- PDF File: http://bit.ly/hgxOB4

Sant Tulsi Sahib, from his Spiritual Classic, "Ghat Ramayana":
Sat surat samajhi sihaar saadhau, nirakhi nit nainan rahau", translated at the SadGuruMehi Website:

"The Surat i.e. consciousness-force or individual soul [soul's attention or awareness] is true and she has been extended and entrapped in the untrue realms of Pinda (the microcosm or body, physical plane) and Brahmand (Universe or macrocosm). So, being deprived of the attainment of the self-existence of the Supreme Sovereign God, she is suffering from the pain of falling down (degeneration). To be free from this pain of degeneration, take care of the Surat in such a way that she be liberated from all miseries by concentrating through the untrue realms, being free from untrue spheres, and thus attaining the innate (natural and pure) form of the Supreme Sovereign God.

"The practice of holding Surat (consciousness-force) will begin with Maanas Jappa [Simran] (a meditation process in which an alphabetical holy word instructed by Guru is chanted/repeated with eyes closed), and then Maanas Dhyaan (a meditation process in which holy form of Sadguru is concentrated upon with eyes closed), and then Bindu Dhyaan (Drishti Saadhan, the Yoga of Inner Vision), and then finally: Surat Shabda Yoga (the Yoga of Divine Sound). The first shutter within our inner vision is hard and impenetrable darkness. The Surat can cross it by the practice of Dhrishti Sadhana (Yoga of Vision).

"When the Surat (consciousness-force) will experience the miracles of Brahma within its own body while crossing the concealment of darkness, then she (the Surat, soul) will be immersed always in the love of Supreme Sovereign God. Then she will move ahead grasping the notes (Sounds) of the Flute by knowing the proper method.

"The Surat will recognize the Sar-Shabda (Essential Divine Sound) through catching the 'Gagan-Dori' -- (Divine Light or Divine Sound of the Inner Sky).

"The Surat being poised onto the Essential Divine Sound (Sar-Shabda) will become tranquil in that Unlimited (Infinite) State where form, design, appearances, body, mind and Maya (illusion) do not exist; and that is the Inexpressible and the fundamental Original State.

"To whom this Ultimate State will be realized, his/her Surat (consciousness-force, individual soul) will be merging into that Ultimate State (the Nameless State, the State beyond Sound) again and again."

Tulsi's earlier name was "Dakhani Baba", meaning, "Saint from the South," and he often meditated in a cave. I know some living saints who, like Tulsi Sahib, also meditate in caves!

The term "Sant Mat" was coined by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, during the 19th Century, but the Sant tradition, with its many guru-lineages or branches, is a spiritual movement that dates back to ancient India. Sant Tulsi Sahib was of the opinion that the Sant movement dates back to the time of Krishna thousands of years ago, that Krishna knew of Sants during his day, the time of the Bhagavad Gita.

God is Like a Black Hole or Gravitational Singularity

Maharishi Mehi in his spiritual discourse, The Philosophy of Liberation, states that "the individual self, the part of God which dwells in the body, is concealed. Direct knowledge is not experienced because of the concealments of the four Realms of Qualified Lower Nature: Gross [Physical], Subtle [Astral], Causal [Akashic] and Supra-Causal [Universal Mind]."

"The realm of creation in which we live is the Gross Realm. Above the Gross is the Subtle Realm; above the Subtle is the Causal; above the Causal is the Supra-Causal, and above the Supra-Causal is Kaivalya, the realm of Oneness (Pure Conscious Realm). The existence of these four realms is as fixed as the Pole star. Thus, there are five spheres of creation including the Gross Realm. Kaivalya is of Pure Consciousness and the other four realms are Non-Conscious, but coexisting with the conscious." (Philosophy of Liberation)

Note: the top part of Kaivalya in some systems of Indian cosmology is called "Nirvana", "Radhaswami", "Anami" or "Anadi". Maharishi Mehi called it "The Soundless State", a State beyond Light and Sound, a heaven beyond the other heavens.

God is described as being Formless (Nirguna), Nameless (Anami), Soundless (Anadi), Unknowable (Agochar), Invisible (Alakh), and Inaccessible (Agam), unfathomable, hidden or veiled by divine Light and Sound.

The above reminds me of the description by astronomers of black holes in the cosmos, which are invisible but indirectly seen all-the-same as they are a kind of "donut hole" surrounded by luminous matter of swirling atoms smashing together, which give off immense light as this matter falls into the gravity well, just before slipping out of the normal space-time of the regular universe. Looking for the halos of light astronomers are able to sometimes indirectly see these invisible black holes. By the light surrounding black holes one sees black holes. So too, mystics can see the Light that veils the Supreme Being. "By the Light of Allah, I see Allah." (Quran)

The Teachings of Sant Dariya of Bihar,
A Good Introduction to Sant Mat
(from the Sant Dariya Mission Website)

Sat Purush [True, Eternal, Original Being, God] sends His sons to the world to save the living beings from the clutches of Kal [time, illusion]. Sant Dariya Saheb came to this world under the instructions of the Lord to save Jivas [souls]. Sat Purush came to Dharkandha (a village in Bihar, India [in the form of Dariya’s Satguru]) to instruct Dariya Saheb. The Lord enthroned Sant Dariya and assured him to save the souls that followed his teachings.

The Sant preached ahimsa (non-violence in thought, word, and deed) against all living beings. According to him, unless the lamp of kindness and compassion is lit, the soul cannot find the Path that leads to the Lord.

The teachings of Dariya Saheb are above sects, castes and religions. People belonging to any race, religion and caste can be benefited from His teaching. According to the Saint, all the men and women are the creation of the Sat Purush. One should love and respect others as one expects love and respect from others. Harsh words should not be spoken. One should see his own image in others. The Sant preached love and devotion to the Sat Purush only. According to him no purpose is served by visiting places of pilgrimage if true devotion to the Lord is missing. The Sant preached against ritualism. The human body has all the sixty eight tirthas (places of pilgrimage). It is the true mandir/masjid [temple] in which the Lord can be discovered and worshipped.

Sat Purush is unborn, eternal, all-powerful, the creator of everything. He does not take birth and meet death. He is beyond description.

The Jiva [soul] is the resident of Satlok [True, Eternal Spiritual Realm]. It has got entangled into the snare of Kal [lord of time and illusion] and is wandering in samsara (the world of changes) in different forms.

Sat Purush sends Satgurus to the samsara (world) to teach the misguided souls (Jivas). Only the Satguru knows the Path that liberates Jivas from the snares of Kal. The Jiva, by following the teachings of the Satguru, gets liberated and goes to his permanent abode, that is: Satlok.

Devotion to Sat Purush alone can free the souls from the clutches of Kal. Worship to poly-gods, ghosts and other celetial objects have been discouraged by the Saints/Sants/Sant Mat.

Observance of rituals and wandering in places of pilgrimage without true devotion to the Lord serves no purpose.

One should take vegetarian food only. The eating of meat is completely prohibited in his order.

The Sant has advocated two paths only for attainment of Nirvana:
1) The Path of Knowledge [Inner Experience], and,
2) The Path of Bhakti (Devotion)

Human birth is most precious and it should not be lost in mere satisfaction of sensuous pleasures, accumulation of wealth and wielding power. Human birth should be utilised for the realization of Pad-Nirvan (God). If this opportunity is lost, none can say when one would be fortunate to get human birth again. Getting human birth is rare.

One does not become high or low from his origion of birth. By acquiring virtues and doing good deeds only, one becomes high.

Like all other Saints of the Nirguna School [Devotion to the Formless God], Dariya Saheb discarded Avatarbad (Incarnation theory). He did not believe in the theory of Divine creation of four classes of people as Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra.

Jiva and Brahma are two different entities. The Jiva takes different forms (Rupas) in Samsara, whereas Brahma is beyond Samsara. Brahma is one while Jivas are many. The Jiva gets tainted by loads of deeds and reaps the fruits of his actions. Brahma is nirlep (beyond getting tainted).

The Teachings of Sant Dariya Sahib could be summarized as these three:
1. Right Gahani (Understanding)
2. Right Rahani (Living)
3. Simran (Mindfulness, Remembrance, Meditation)