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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March SantMat Satsang PODcast Now Available At Blog Talk Radio

March Sant Mat Satsang PODcast Now Available At Blog Talk Radio:
Guru Nanak's Conversation with the Siddha Yogis (Adi Granth Book of Sidh Gosht)

Sant Mat Radhasoami:
Sant Mat Radhasoami at YouTube:

The March Sant Mat Satsang PODcast is now Available at Blog Talk Radio. Along with Sikh Chant, a reading from Guru Nanak's Conversation with the Siddha Yogis (Adi Granth Book of Sidh Gosht) on the Big Questions: God, Salvation, Enlightenment, the Way to Truth, Meditation Practice, and Living A Spiritual Life - One of the Key Texts of the Masters.

Program Length: 30 Minutes. Click To Listen:


The Book of Sidh Gosht, Guru Nanak's Conversation with the Siddhas.

'There is One Creator of the creation. This is realized by the Sat Guru's grace.'

The siddha yogis formed an assembly, and sitting in their yogic postures spoke to Guru Nanak: "Make your obeisance to this gathering of saints."

Answered Guru Nanak: "I bow only to Him who is True, infinite and beautiful beyond compare. My body and mind I surrender to Him and my head I place before Him. It is in keeping the company of the Sants that one reaches the Truth, and by the Truth itself one is blessed. No goal is reached by wandering aimlessly. Purity is only achieved through practice of the True Name. Without the True Name, liberation comes to none."

The yogis asked Guru Nanak: "Who are you? What is your name? What is your sect? What is your goal? We pray that you give us your true answers, for we are a sacrifice to the truthful ones. Where is your seat? Where do you live? From where have you come? Where are you going? The non-attached siddhas wait to hear your reply. 0 tell us, what is your path?"

Answered the Master: "The Lord is in every heart, and within Him is my seat and my home. I walk in the will of the Sat Guru [True Guru], and this is my only caste. I have come from God and I shall go wherever His will guides me. Nanak is my name, and I live to obey His command. My way is to sit in contemplation of the Imperishable Lord, and the attainment of such an all-encompassing vision is my life's goal. By the Guru's grace I have come to know and recognize myself, and have merged with the truest of the true."

Asked Charpat, the Yogi: "This life is like a turbulent sea, and it is said to be most difficult to cross. How can it be safely crossed?"

Said Nanak: "How can one answer the question of one who already has the answer? What discussion is required when you have known that yonder shore? Observe the lotus as it drifts over the surface of the lake, its roots embedded in the mud below, and the swan floating carefree on the stream: The waters never reach beneath the surface of his feathers. One crosses over the terrible ocean of life with his mind fixed on the Guru's Word, and by repeating the Name of the Lord. He who lives in the world without desire, perfectly detached, keeping the One Lord in the mind, seeing the Unseen and knowing the Inconceivable, and making others to see; Nanak is a slave to such a one."

Said the Yogis: How does one reach the home of the True Guru?

Sayeth Nanak: With the Holy Name as one's foundation, this wavering mind is firmly held, and in Truth it dwells. And when in truth one loves the Lord, then the Lord Himself grants union with Him.

Said the Yogis: Who is Unmanifest? Who is liberated? Who dwells in reality, within and without? Who comes and goes? Who is pervading the three worlds?

Sayeth Nanak: The Unmanifest is He who lives in every heart. The God-conscious being is liberated, and he is united with the Word, within and without. It is the ego-centered being who comes and goes.
The God-conscious being knows that God fills the three worlds.

Said the Yogis: By what means are we bound and overcome by Maya? How does one gain or lose? How is one purified? How is one overtaken by darkness? The one who can give us the true answers is our Guru.

Sayeth Nanak: The negative thoughts of the mind are what bind us, and then we are overcome by the Maya. The self-centered one loses and the one who obeys the Will of His Creator, is the one who gains. By meeting the True Guru, all darkness is dispelled, the ego is stilled and one is united with God. With a mind held in purest contemplation, the mind's thoughts stray no more and the body is held firm. Then in the sphere of perfect harmony is one's True Home, And the True Lord loves the True One.

Said the Yogis: Why have you left your home and family to wander across the land? Why have you taken up the dress of a holy ascetic? What goods are you seeking and how is it that you will lead your following across?

Sayeth Nanak: I wander in search of the God-conscious being. I have adopted this dress because I seek the constant vision of the Lord. I seek the merchandise of Truth, for I am a merchant of Truth. It is by the Guru's Grace that I will ferry my following across.

Said the Yogis: How have you changed the course of your life? To what have you attached your mind? How have you stilled your desire and hope? How have you found the Light within? How is one to eat the uneatable without teeth?

Sayeth Nanak: My comings and goings ceased and my life's course changed, upon my birth in the home of the True Guru. My mind is held firm by absorption in the Divine Music of the Word. My hope and desire have been burned away with the Holy Nam. And through the Guru's Grace I have found the Light within. When one overcomes the three Gunas,1 one eats the uneatable. Thus, O Nanak, the Liberator Himself liberates a man.

Said the Yogis: What is your view of the beginning? Where did God live before the world began? What are the earrings of wisdom? Who lives in all hearts? How does one overcome the fear of death? How does one overcome his adversaries? How does one become fearless?

Sayeth Nanak: Knowing God as the Source of peace and harmony, And washing off ego and sin through the Guru's Word, one comes to live in his True state of fearlessness. Thus, realizing the Name of the One Creator, O Nanak, death doesn't strike that man, but comes to serve him instead.

(Peace Lagoon, Anthology of the Sacred Songs of the Sikhs, Translated by Sardarni Premka Kaur, Sikh Dharma)

Gunas 1): attributes or qualities of nature, sattva, rajas, and tamas and their influence on beings, that pervade and control matter.

Gunas 2): The three characteristics or qualities of the illusive energy maya which is manifested in the form of the universe. They are sattvagun (the pious or good quality), tamogun (the evil or bad quality) and rajogun (the mixture of good and bad qualities).

Gunas 3):
Tamas: lethargy, ignorance, indolence
Rajas: inspiration, creativity, craving
Sattwas: tranquility, wisdom, happiness