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Thursday, July 01, 2021

The Soul's Return to God, the Ocean of Love -- The Higher Stages of Meditation Practice -- Satsang Audio Podcast


The Soul's Return to God, the Ocean of Love -- The Higher Stages of Meditation Practice -- Satsang Audio Podcast

The sincere seeker naturally may wish to discover a spiritual practice, to learn the techniques that make it possible for them to see and hear spiritually, to explore the realms of God. Yet, many are thwarted at every step by religious voices advocating only rituals and dogma, perhaps even declaring, "There is nothing more that can be experienced during this life". For some, the mystic way is not a lost tradition. There is a living path where such techniques are experienced and shared freely with all.

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"God is Love; each soul is a drop from the Divine Ocean, and the Way back to God is also through Love." -- Kirpal Singh

"Within the innermost recesses, all spirituality is one and it has never undergone any division. Our spirituality or soul (Surat) is an emanation from the Supreme Being. Within the innermost recesses it is one with God." (Discourses of Babuji Maharaj, Volume III)

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