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Friday, June 11, 2021

Two New Podcasts: Gospel of Thomas, and, An Introduction to Sant Mat Meditation


Light and Sound on the Path: Two New Podcasts: 

1) Rising Above, Hearing the Sound Current, and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven; and, 

2) Gospel of Thomas Spiritual Studies: What the Eye Has Not Seen, and What the Ear Has Not Heard

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Spiritual Awakening Radio (and Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts) with James Bean, heard on various community, public radio stations and the web, explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, out of body or near death experiences (inner space), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

Rising Above, Hearing the Sound Current, and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven - Sant Mat Satsang Podcast With James Bean

An introduction to the spiritual practices of inner seeing and inner hearing, the way of Initiation into the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Today's presentation waxes poetic and draws upon the universal mystic tradition of the ages, East and West, and especially upon the wisdom of this living Path of the Masters in the world of today known as Sant Mat, a term meaning "The Way of the Saints", those master-souls acquainted with the worlds of within, dimensions and domains beyond, inner regions, higher planes, and heavens above, the top-most of which is the true, eternal, timeless, spiritual home of the soul, the Ocean of Love, All-Consciousness, and Divine Grace.

@ Youtube: https://youtu.be/Cg_ufJZOP-w

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Resting in the Holy Sound, by Huzur Baba Sawan Singh (pictured above)

"Please devote some time daily without fail to Sound-practice and Repetition, as this is the only fruit of our life which we will take with us on leaving this world; whereas, even the kingships of this earth shall have to be abandoned when death overtakes us. Therefore, it is necessary that we should add to our spiritual wealth, which is the only thing to help us at the time of departing. And the only way to increase our spiritual power is by means of Sound-practice and Repetition. The greater our love for Holy Sound, the greater will be our peace of mind and spiritual progress. As far as possible, we should try to make the focus above the eyes, in the brain, our resting place. Just as a man, weary with the day's work, resorts to his home to take rest, so we habituate our soul, on being tired with worldly work, to take rest in the Holy Sound. The attention has to be brought inside, and when it likes to rest there, like the wanderer coming home, it will find peace within."

"In the Light of God which is called the Kingdom of Heaven the Sound is wholly soft, pleasant, lovely, pure and thin ... God, who is a Spirit, has by and through his manifestation introduced himself into distinct spirits, which are the voices of his eternal pregnant harmony in the manifested Word of his great kingdom of joy: they are God's instrument, in which his Spirit melodizes in his kingdom of joy; they are angels, the flames of fire and light, in a living, understanding dominion. If you should in this world bring many thousand sorts of musical instruments together, and all should be tuned in the best manner most artificially, and the most skillful masters of music should play on them in concert together, all would be no more than the howlings and barkings of dogs in comparison to the Divine Music, which rises through the Divine Sound and tunes from Eternity to Eternity."  (Jacob Boehme, German Mystic)

Gospel of Thomas Spiritual Studies: What the Eye Has Not Seen, and What the Ear Has Not Heard

New reflections on the Gospel of Thomas, a collection of the sayings of Jesus, a wisdom gospel of Yeshua, where its source material comes from, especially the use of the Gospel of the Hebrews in Thomas. There's an exploration of the possibility that both the author of Thomas and Paul in First Corinthians 2:9 quoted from the Gospel of the Hebrews. This podcast features commentaries on sayings one through five from the Greek Gospel of Thomas, especially concentrating on saying two along with the parallel version of the saying in the Gospel of the Hebrews, background on the original discovery of "The Sayings of Our Lord" made in 1897 at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, also commentary on sayings twelve, seventeen, and twenty seven. I delve into the mystery of Tatian's Syriac-Aramaic Gospel Harmony and The Heliand (Saxon Gospel). I make use of apocryphal New Testament type texts, and writings from Syriac mystics associated with the Saint Thomas branch of Eastern Christianity. Then this lengthy deep dive into the Gospel of Thomas becomes a spiritual satsang discourse with selections from the teachings of Kirpal Singh on becoming an Initiate of the Mysteries of the Kingdom of the Heavens learning to rise above body-consciousness when "the eye becomes single" so that we may see "What the Eye Has Not Seen, and Hear What the Ear Has Not Heard".

@ Youtube: https://youtu.be/SLkUgwtDLQo

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"Look at God within yourself, how 'God is Light.'

For his Nature is a glorious, many-splendored Light.

He manifests the Light of his Nature to those

who love Him in all the worlds."

-- John of Dalyatha, Syriac Mystic

"Some time, therefore, after one has risen to the Sphere of Serenity, they will participate with God in the revelation of His Mysteries, and will in consequence see and hear everything there in a spiritual way, and their service and the glorification of their song will always be joined with those of the spiritual beings. Blessed is the one who has been found worthy of this gift and of this confidence, and seen this glorious Vision with the eyes of their mind, and heard with the ears of the heart the fine sound which, from the State of Serenity, is revealed to a spiritual person. Believe me truly when I say to you that whenever the mind hears the sound of the spiritual beings with its intelligible ears, all its work is performed high above the senses of the body and of its own faculties, which becomes silent and restful, as in sleep, through the happiness which it receives from the glorification of the spiritual beings." (from the mystical treatises of Joseph Hazzaya, also known as, Joseph the Visionary, translated from Syriac-Aramaic by Alphonse Mingana, in the book, Early Christian Mystics)

"What wonders has your love effected!

When someone is still alive

he has left this world:

though his bodily condition remains

with the world's bodily condition,

yet his spirit has been raised up towards You,

so that for a period of time

he is where he knows not,

being totally raptured and drawn towards You."

-- John of Apamea, in, from the Prayers of the Mystics section of:

"The Syriac Fathers On Prayer And The

Spiritual Life," translated from the original Syriac-Aramaic by

Sebastian Brock, Cistercian Publications

Kabir says:

It is the mercy of my true teacher [the Satguru]

that has made me to

know the unknown;

I have learned from Him how to

walk without feet,

to see without eyes,

to hear without ears,

to drink without mouth,

to fly without wings.