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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sant Mat and Radha Soami Books Online -- Recommended Reading

Sant Mat Books Online -- Recommended Reading:
a comprehensive collection of links to Sant Mat, Radhasoami, and Surat Shabd Yoga E Books from a diversity of sources, also, Audio/Talking Books. These have been uploaded by various individuals at Google Books or Documents, Archive.org, Gutenberg.org, many Sant Mat and Radhasoami Websites, Kabir Panth Websites, Sikh Websites, Scribd, and other third-party online libraries around the world – creating a kind of Sant Mat "Granth" or collection of spiritual discourses, satsang talks, hymns (bhajans, banis, shabds), scriptures, commentary, letters, mystic poetry and prose – Literature of the Sants – The Mystics of the East: http://www.spiritualawakeningradio.com/library.html