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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Guru Nanak: Spring

Guru Nanak: Spring

Meditation Sangat:
{"Do not live even a single day without inner
meditation." -- Baba Devi Sahab}

Bara Maha (The 12 Months)

The Month of Vaisakhi (April--May)

Lovely is the month of Vaisakhi,
When the bough turns green again,
And the bride awaits her Beloved,
With her eyes ever watching at the door:
Come, my Beloved, and show me your
It is Thee alone who can carry me safely across
The turbulent waters of life.
Without Thee I have
As little value as a shell.
Who can estimate my worth if I am pleasing to Thee?
My love, I see Thee and I make others to see Thee.
0 Lord, to me You are never far away:
I believe that Thou art living in me,
And I have realized Your presence within.
Says Nanak, she who realizes her Lord in Vaisakhi
has her soul filled with the meditation of the Name.

(Peace Lagoon, an anthology of the Sikh Scriptures -- Sacred Songs of the Sikhs -- Shri Guru Granth, Sardarni Premka Kaur, Published by G.T. International, Los Angeles, CA)