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Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Humanity -- Sant Mat Quote of the Day: 9-11

One Humanity

Sant Mat Quote of the Day:

Thomas Jefferson Read the Quran (not burned it) - Pass It On:

"Recognize the whole human race as one." -- Guru Gobind Singh

"Forget caste, recognize one light in all." (Guru Nanak)

"Truth is high, higher still is truthful living." (Guru Nanak)

"Practice truth, contentment and kindness; this is the most excellent way of life." -- Guru Arjun Dev

Rumi: "Come out of the circle of time, and into the circle of love."

"For Him all humanity is but a family of God. All beings , wheresoever, are pearls scattered far and wide, like so many beads on the string of love. All differences of caste, color and creed become dust and ashes when the Fire-of-God is lit in the human heart." (Darshan Singh, The Cry of the Soul)

Our Reason to Be Here:
"We are the pearls of the shoreless ocean,
Sometimes the waves and sometimes the sea,
We came into the world for this purpose --
That we might show God to His creatures."
-- Kamal, one of Kabir's sons