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Saturday, July 28, 2012

God and You, the Observer -- Light and Sound on the Path

God and You, the Observer -- Light and Sound on the Path

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"Despite all we've gained in this scientific age, we've lost something important. Even in a roomful of neighbors, it's highly unlikely that everyone will have the same mental picture of large-scale reality and even more unlikely that any of their pictures is based on real evidence. We're divided on the most fundamental question of any society: what universe are we living in? With no consensus on this question and no way even to think constructively about how we humans might fit into the big picture, we have no big picture. Without a big picture we are very small people."

"Scientific cosmology, unlike traditional cosmologies, makes no attempt to link the story of the cosmos to how human beings should behave. It is the job of scholars, artists, and other creative people to try to understand the scientific picture and to perceive and express human meanings in it. A living cosmology for 21st-century culture will emerge when the scientific nature of the universe becomes enlightening for human beings."

"To the extent that people around the world accept scientific reality, they argue, we have grounds for agreement for the first time on a shared creation story based on modern cosmology and biology." (images and quotes above are from New-Universe 'dot' org)

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* Sant Mat Library Online -- New Books Added, also includes links to Charts of Inner Regions, and Guru Lineage Charts: http://www.spiritualawakeningradio.com/library.html

"In the religion of the Saints [Sant Mat] the relationship between the Supreme Being and the soul is that of Ansi and Ansa*." (Saying of Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Prose, Book Two) *NOTE: An 'Ansa' is an emanation. 'Ansi' means the Source of 'Ansas'. As with other schools of spirituality, in Sant Mat Mysticism souls are drops from the Ocean of Love, or described as God-particles: sparks or rays of the One Light. Souls are part of the One.

"The One is the foundation of all other things and gives them, at one and the same time, existence and location." (Plotinus, the Father of Western Mysticism)

"It is by The One that all beings are beings." (Plotinus)

"Souls are responsive one to another because they all come from the same soul –- The Soul." (Plotinus)

Rumi says: "I am merely a guest born in this world, to know the secrets that lie beyond it."

The Many and The One

We may conceive of a complicated multi-verse of bubble universes and big bangs, higher planes, trillions of light-years of space and time, vast epochs or yugas, multiple realities or dimensions, lokas, lotuses, and khands, yet there is a Simplicity behind and beyond the multiplicity. There is a Formlessness behind and beyond all forms. There is the Lord of the Soul (Sat Purush Anami, Radhasoami). No matter where you perceive yourself to be in the physical realm, heavens, hells, dream states, astral, causal, universal mind, etheric or some other level of inner space -- wherever you may be, know that you are the observer (attention faculty of the soul, surat, atman) and know the Supreme Soul is there with you. Remember this! This is the message of remembrance, awakening, simran. This is the message of the Masters, the Sants, Sufis and Gnostics.

Rumi: "I once had a thousand desires, but in my one desire to know you, all else melted away."

"Look within your heart, for there you will find both Karim and Ram; All the men and women of the world are His living forms. Kabir is the child of Allah and of Ram: He is my Guru, He is my Pir." (Kabir)

"You are pervading and permeating all places and inter-spaces, O Creator. You made all that has been made. You created the entire universe, with all its colors and shades; in so many ways and means and forms You formed it. You are the support of the unsupported. In all places and inter-spaces you are the Giver, the Great Giver. Everywhere I look, You are. Lord, You have no end or limitation. You are pervading and permeating all places and inter-spaces; reflecting upon the Word of the Guru's Shabad, You are found." (Adi Granth, Sikh Scriptures, Gurbani)

"Beneath the great umbrella of my King millions of suns and moons
  and stars are shining!
He is the Mind within my mind: He is the Eye within mine eye.
Ah, could my mind and eyes be one! Could my love but reach to my
  Lover! Could but the fiery heat of my heart be cooled!
Kabir says: 'When you unite love with the Lover, then you have
  love's perfection.'" (Kabir)

"The Merciful Supreme Being and Sant Satguru reveal to their true parmarthi jivas [spiritual souls, initiates, disciples, chelas] that they are Chaitanya [Spirit, Consciousness], are the Ansas [particles, rays, emanations] of the Supreme Being. They should therefore establish their connection with their Father-Mother who is the Supreme Chaitanya and make this connection much more intimate, so that they may attain His Region i.e. the Realm of Pure Spirit, where there is no Maya [illusion], and attain the joy and bliss of His Darshan [divine Vision]. People have been advised to perform the practices of Surat Shabda Yoga Marg [the way of inner Light and Sound Meditation]. The practice of Surat Shabda Yoga, which has been mercifully revealed by the Saints in this age, is beneficial for all jivas [souls]." (Prabha Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit, DEI, Agra, from, "Spiritual Consciousness Studies" -- Spircon 2010 document)

Meditate. It's bigger on the inside!

"Shut your eyes and change to and wake another way of seeing, which everyone has but few use." (Plotinus)

"It is now time, leaving every object of sense far behind, to contemplate, by a certain ascent, a beauty of a much higher order; a beauty not visible to the corporeal eye, but alone manifest to the brighter eye of the soul, independent of all corporeal aid." (Plotinus)

"The Masters say that two things are essential for success on the spiritual path: first a genuine urge, a passion for it; and second, regular practice. If either one of these is lacking, our efforts will not be fruitful." (Kirpal Singh)

"Those who meditate on the Eternal, like the great ones have done, will discover the Eternal Teacher, residing in their own hearts." (Kabir)

Within this earthen vessel are bowers and groves, and within it
  is the Creator:
Within this vessel are the seven oceans and the unnumbered stars.
The touchstone and the jewel-appraiser are within;
And within this vessel the Eternal soundeth, and the spring wells
Kabir says: "Listen to me, my Friend! My Beloved Lord is within."

"The One does not strive to encircle us, but we strive to encircle it. We always move round the One, but we do not always fix our gaze upon it: we are like a choir of singers who stand around the conductor, but do not always sing in time because their attention is diverted to some external object; when they look at the conductor they sing well and are really with him. So we always move round the One; if we did not, we should be dissolved and no longer exist; but we do not always look towards the One. When we do, we attain the end of our existence, and our Repose, and we no longer sing out of tune, but form in very truth a divine chorus round the One. In this choral dance the soul sees the fountain of life and the fountain of Spirit, the source of being, the cause of good, the root of soul." (Plotinus)

"Unless we overcome the magnanimous challenge of procrastination and curb the ever-rising tide of mental activity during meditation, we cannot reach our Noble (arya) destination (state of unity with God). The un-vigilant practitioners usually become engrossed in thoughts or fall sleep. These formidable passes must be crossed for success." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji)

"We sit in meditation, fail to concentrate, and get upset or fed up. A pessimistic thinking sets in as to whether or not 'I would be able to do it.' No, we should not get nervous, or anxious, nor should we nurture any doubts in our minds. We must go on trying, with persistence and perseverance." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

From Darkness to Light, by Swami Bhagirath Baba

On closing eyes everyone sees the darkness inside no matter whether they belong to one creed, caste, country or another, be they young, old, male, female, scholar or illiterate. This darkness has not been created by humans or gods. This darkness has been created by the Supreme Sovereign God. There are three layers (coverings) over the Jeeva-atmaa (Individual Soul). Those are: darkness, Light and Sound. Darkness is the shadow of the Light. This darkness is the first layer that the Jeeva (Individual Soul) or all beings encounter. One who crosses this layer of darkness through a special kind of meditation sees the inner Light within oneself.

This inner Light is called Aatma-Aalok (Light of the Self) or Brahma-Prakash (Divine Light). On achieving this, the Divya-Drishti (Divine Eye, Third Eye) opens completely. While mentally gazing into the darkness that one sees with eyes closed, one should repeat the guru-instructed mantra. This process is called Maanas Jap [simran].

If the Jaapak (practitioner of Jap [simran]) repeats the Jap while doing worldly work as well as practices Jap sitting in a secluded place with love and faith, he/she begins to see divine visions, or hear auditions in the inner sky (the region within where darkness normally appears when one's eyes are closed). (Swami Bhagirath Baba)

One Love!

The Lord is in me, the Lord is in you, as life is in every seed.
  O servant! put false pride away, and seek for Him within you.
A million suns are ablaze with light,
The sea of blue spreads in the sky,
The fever of life is stilled, and all stains are washed away;
  when I sit in the midst of that world.
Hark to the unstruck bells and drums! Take your delight in love!
Rains pour down without water, and the rivers are streams of
One Love it is that pervades the whole world, few there are who
  know it fully:
They are blind who hope to see it by the light of reason, that
  reason which is the cause of separation --
The House of Reason is very far away!
How blessed is Kabir, that amidst this great joy he sings within
  his own vessel.
It is the music of the meeting of soul with soul;
It is the music of the forgetting of sorrows;
It is the music that transcends all coming in and all going
  forth. (Kabir)

When I am parted from my Beloved, my heart is full of misery: I
  have no comfort in the day, I have no sleep in the night. To
  whom shall I tell my sorrow?
The night is dark; the hours slip by. Because my Lord is absent,
  I start up and tremble with fear.
Kabir says: "Listen, my friend! there is no other satisfaction,
  save in the encounter with the Beloved." (Kabir)

bhai koi satguru sant kahawai

He is the real Sadhu, who can reveal the form of the Formless to
  the vision of these eyes:
Who teaches the simple way of attaining Him, that is other than
  rites or ceremonies:
Who does not make you close the doors, and hold the breath, and
  renounce the world:
Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit wherever the mind
  attaches itself:
Who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities.
Ever immersed in bliss, having no fear in his mind, he keeps the
  spirit of union in the midst of all enjoyments.
The infinite dwelling of the Infinite Being is everywhere: in
  earth, water, sky, and air:
Firm as the thunderbolt, the seat of the seeker is established
  above the void.
He who is within is without: I see Him and none else.

In the beginning was He alone, sufficient unto Himself: the
  Formless, colourless, and unconditioned Being.
Then was there neither beginning, middle, nor end;
Then were no eyes, no darkness, no light;
Then were no ground, air, nor sky; no fire, water, nor earth; no
  rivers like the Ganges and the Jumna, no seas, oceans, and waves.
Then was neither vice nor virtue; scriptures there were not, as
  the Vedas and Puranas, nor as the Koran.
Kabir ponders in his mind and says, "Then was there no activity:
  the Supreme Being remained merged in the unknown depths of His
  own self."
The Guru neither eats nor drinks, neither lives nor dies:
Neither has He form, line, colour, nor vesture.
He who has neither caste nor clan nor anything else -- how may I
  describe His glory?
He has neither form nor Formlessness,
He has no name,
He has neither colour nor colourlessness,
He has no dwelling-place.

Kabir ponders and says: "He who has neither caste nor country,
  who is Formless and without quality, fills all space."
The Creator brought into being the Game of Joy: and from the word
  Om the Creation sprang.
The earth is His joy; His joy is the sky;
His joy is the flashing of the sun and the moon;
His joy is the beginning, the middle, and the end;
His joy is eyes, darkness, and light.
Oceans and waves are His joy: His joy the Sarasvati, the Jumna,
  and the Ganges.
The Guru is One: and life and death, union and separation, are
  all His plays of joy!
His play the land and water, the whole universe!
His play the earth and the sky!
In play is the Creation spread out, in play it is established.
  The whole world, says Kabir, rests in His play, yet still the
  Player remains unknown.

"To whom shall I go to learn about my Beloved? Kabir says: 'As you never may find the forest if you ignore the tree, so He may never be found in abstractions.'

"O man, if thou dost not know thine own Lord, whereof art thou so
Put thy cleverness away: mere words shall never unite thee to
  Him." (Kabir)

"He who is within is without: I see Him and none else," says Kabir.

There is a strange tree, which stands without roots and bears
  fruits without blossoming;
It has no branches and no leaves, it is lotus all over.
Two birds sing there; one is the Guru, and the other the
The disciple chooses the manifold fruits of life and tastes them,
  and the Guru beholds him in joy.
What Kabir says is hard to understand: "The bird is beyond
  seeking, yet it is most clearly visible. The Formless is in
  the midst of all forms. I sing the glory of forms." (Kabir)

On Sant Mat Meditation Practice, Including Pratyahara, by Swami Achyutanand Baba

The practitioner should sit in a comfortable posture holding his [or her] body, neck and head motionless in a straight line, closing mouth and eyes. First practice manas japa ([simran] -- mentally reciting or chanting -- without using or moving the lips or the tongue -- the sacred mantra given by the Guru, repeatedly with the fullest attention and alertness). This should be followed by manas dhyana ([dhyan] fixedly gazing at the visualized form of the Guru within us, keeping our eyes closed). Practicing thus regularly and with sincere love, the mind gets purified.

Pratyahara: Bringing the Wandering Mind Back to Focus During Meditation

The mind is, by its very nature, fickle and prone to frequently straying from manas japa and manas dhyan. If that happens while meditating, it should be immediately brought back to focus on its due target. Thus perseveringly practicing pratyahara (the process of applying the mind back, again and again every time it drifts away, to the selected target), the mind slowly gains in strength and is able to hold or stick to its goal. With the mind getting focused thus, the inner Current, the Current of Light, is subsequently easy to grasp, facilitating the journey ahead. (Swami Achyutanand Baba, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound)

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sant Mat: Merging with the Nameless, Soundless God (Anami) - Light and Sound on the Path

Merging with the Nameless, Soundless God (Anami) -- Light and Sound on the Path

NOTE: To enjoy all the photos, art and icons accompanying the various spiritual quotes below, if you're viewing this via email, always click: "Display Images", or "Show Images".

Sant Mat Library, Recommended Reading
Kabir, Anurag Sagar, Adi Granth, Radhasoami, Kirpal Singh, Maharshi Mehi, Gnostic, Vegetarian, Vegan Books:

The Charts of the Heavens
Inner Regions -- 
Spheres of Creation According to Sant Mat Mysticism, Radhasoami, and Surat Shabd Yoga:

In the course of his missionary activity Nanak often visited foreign countries. According to local folklore, he is said to have visited Mecca in the guise of a Muslim devotee. But his not paying heed to Mohammedan etiquette nearly cost him his life. On his first night at Mecca he slept with his feet towards the Kaaba. He was rudely awakened by an Arab clergyman who said, "Who is this sleeping Kaafir (infidel) who lies with his feet towards God?" To this Guru Nanak replied, "Turn my feet in the direction where God is not".

"Lighting oil lamps in the temples, churches, and mosques, ringing bells, singing, praying out loud to extend our voice to God -- these are all outer symbols of the inner experiences of divine Light and Sound." -- Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, Harmony Of All Religions

"The soul-explorer is not alone, for there are those who have traveled the highways of the inner cosmos; far more than one may at first realize." (George Arnsby Jones)

"Masters have come in the past, are existing today, and will continue to come in the future for the spiritual benefit of man." (Kirpal Singh)

"That Supreme Being has created everything from one drop, out of which have emerged millions of fathomless oceans." (Soami Ji Maharaj's Commentary on the Morning Prayer of Guru Nanak)

Kabir Says...

satya purush chowthe pad basa, santan ka wahan sada nivasa,
so ghar darsaya guru pure, bin baje tahan achraj ture --

God dwells in the fourth state (superconscious), and that is where the liberated saints always dwell through meditation. The perfect guru has shown that abode where, without musical instruments, the miraculous divine Music (Anahad Nad) plays.

age alakh purush darbara, dekha jaye surat se nyara,
tis par agam lok ek nyara, sant surati koi karat vichara --

As you advance, there is the invisible God's royal court that can be seen in unique meditation. There is the unfathomable and marvelous abode that saints in meditation can contemplate.

tahan se darse atal atari, adbhut satguru mahal sawari,
surat hui sat karman gami, purush anami jai samani --

From there you will see the immovable palace, where the immortal Satguru dwells. When your karmas and meditation harmonize, then you will merge with the Nameless God [Anami Purush]." (Book of Prayers)

"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand." -- Rumi

Names Leading to the Nameless One (Anami) -- All About Transcendental Hearing of Divine Sounds and Merging with the Soundless God

Rumi: "O lovers, lovers it is time to set out from the world. I hear a drum in my souls ear coming from the depths of the stars."

Hatha Yoga Pradipika: "The practitioner may hear sounds like the sound of the Ocean, a Rain Cloud, a Drum, a Kettledrum, a Conch, a Bell, a Horn, a Flute, a Lute, or a bee [Hum]."

Peter Fripp: "The Music of the Shabd is distant and unsteady when first heard, but as it deepens, it lifts the listeners into a hitherto unknown peace.... The Sound of the Shabd is like a constant theme with variations on all levels [planes or heavens]. These variations are described as the rushing of a mighty wind, the sound of a lute, the deep resonance of a bell or conch, or the tinkling of glass in the wind. There are also wonderful lights and radiance to accompany the sounds...The sounds and lights progress in a definite order, corresponding to each stage of the journey inwards, and they clearly indicate the disciples progress."

Hazrat Khan: "It sounds like Thunder, the roaring of the Sea, the jingling of Bells, running the Water, the Buzzing of bees, the Twittering of sparrows, the Vina, the Whistle, or the sound of Shankha." (The Mysticism of Sound)

Padavali of Sant Namdev: "Pierce through the six chakras, and ascend upwards. Listen to the Melody Divine arising there. Through the Melody, the turbulent mind is quelled. Realize that only thus is thy practice made fruitful."

Padavali of Sant Namdev: "Listen to the heavenly Music and attain liberation while still living."

Maharshi Mehi: "The Original Divine Sound, which originated from the Supreme Sovereign, continuously without break reverberates throughout the hearts of the entire macrocosm and microcosm. The Sound will inherently go on for the duration of creation because the evolution of creation depends upon the existence of Sound. Should the Sound cease so would creation."

Maharshi Mehi: "Sound by its nature has the quality to draw one to its point of origin......... No other means is better than the Sound for transcending the concealments (realms) of creation."

Padavali of Sant Namdev: "It is your Music I hear O Lord. The rhythm of drums, jantar [a three stringed musical instrument], and Vina. The supreme moment has come."

Maharishi Mehi: "They are similar to the sounds of the Veena (stringed instrument similar to the lyre), the Murali (flute), the Nafeeri (horn instrument), the drum, the Mrdal (cymbals), the Singi (a horn), the Sitar (stringed instrument), or the Sarangi (similar to a lute). Other descriptions compare these Sounds to a peal of Thunder and a roar of a Lion."

Rumi: "We are as the flute, and the music in us is from thee; we are as the mountain and the echo in us is from thee."

On Surat Shabd Meditation, The Yoga of Sound, by Maharshi Mehi

"The Existence of the Supreme Sovereign is only realized by going beyond the Non-Conscious Realm of coverings. There are four Non-Conscious Realms:

* Sthula (Gross -- Material World)

* Suksma (Subtle -- astral plane. This and the following Realms are perceived through refinement of consciousness in the state of meditation.)

* Karana (Causal)

* Mahakarana (Supra-Causal).

"The ultimate human achievement is the realization (attainment) of the Supreme Sovereign God.

"The individual soul perceives according to that realm in which he is living. Just as yellow colored glasses make the world appear yellow, so also that realm in which the individual soul lives makes all of creation appear as that particular realm, owing to the shadow of the Non-Conscious Realms (coverings). The reality of the Supreme Sovereign is as though nonexistent.

"Any forms containing gunas (attributes) have a beginning and are finite. They cannot be the Ultimate Reality nor the Supreme Sovereign in Its entirety.

"Smell, touch, taste as well as the spoken and unspoken Sounds of the realms of the three attributes (sattva, rajas, tamas) can be called Saguna Nirakara (Qualified-Unmanifest). No matter how subtle or how great these attributes of the realms may be, they can never reflect the Supreme Sovereign.

"Pure Consciousness and the Original Word emanated from the center of Pure-Consciousness which is devoid of sattva, rajas, and tamas (three attributes). They can be called Nirguna Nirakara (Unqualified Unmanifest). However, Nirguna Prakrti (Unqualified-Nature, Pure-Consciousness) does not exceed the Supreme Sovereign. This is only logical, as nothing which is finite can encompass that which is infinite.

"Non-Conscious Nature with qualities or Lower Nature transforms itself into various forms. It is therefore called perishable and non-eternal.

"Pure-Conscious Unqualified Nature is unchangeable. Therefore, it is known as aksara (imperishable) and is sat (true). The Supreme Sovereign is beyond the true and untrue as well as beyond the perishable and

"Creation comes into existence through the Divine Vibration (Wave) brought forth in the Supreme Sovereign by Itself (not otherwise).

"An integral and inseparable aspect of the spiritual vibration is Shabda (Sound). The vibration must accompany Sound and the Sound must accompany the vibration.

"Before the creation of the Unqualified-Nature (Upper Nature) and before the creation of the Qualified-Nature (Lower Nature) there must have been manifested Adi Dhvanyatmaka Shabda (the Original Inarticulate Sound). This Sound is called Om, Satya Shabda (True Word), Sar Shabda (Essential Word), Satya Nam (True Name), Rama Nam (all pervading Sound), Adi Shabda (the Word of the beginning).

"The creation could not come into being without Vibration and Sound. Necessarily, Vibration and Sound pervade all of the creations.

"From the beginning, within the inner heart of creation, Shabda (the Sound) was vibrating ceaselessly. The Sound, all pervasive and true, is the essential basis of creation. Concerning this, there is no doubt.

"Out of the Unmanifest emerged the manifest; from the subtle came forth the gross. Naturally, the subtle pervades the gross. And it follows that the Original Sound is all-pervasive.

"Through the medium of Shabda (Sound), the Yogis attain the direct knowledge of the Supreme Sovereign, that is, realization of the Supreme Sovereign. This sound is called Rama Nama (all-pervading Sound). This Sound is the essence of all and is unchanging. It is also called the Sar Shabda (Essential Word), the Satya Shabda (the True Word), and Satya Nam (True Name).

"The natural tendency of the Word (Sound) is to draw the attention or mind towards its center. Sound carries the qualities which correspond with the center of the respective realm. For one who focuses on specific Sounds of the specific realms, Sound transmits Its subtler and subtler qualities.

"There are two major spheres of Creation:

*Para Prakrti Mandala (the sphere of Upper Nature), Saccidanada-pada (the State of Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss), the State of Oneness, the State of Pure Consciousness.

*Apara Prakrti Mandala (the sphere of Lower Nature), the domain of Non-Conscious Nature.

"The Non-Conscious or Lower Nature is divided into four realms: Supra Causal, Causal, Subtle and Gross. In its original intrinsic form, the Lower nature is an amalgam of the three gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas). In the beginning of creation, the gunas were equally balanced. That is the gunas were equally present throughout the Lower Nature domain. When all the gunas are in equilibrium, this state of balance is called Mahakarana (Supra Causal). However, whenever there is any movement among the gunas, an unbalanced situation occurs. The gunas are no longer in equilibrium. This imbalance causes the creation of the universe. In the original existence of Jaratmaka Mul Prakrti (Non-conscious Nature) this imbalance is the cause of so many Universes. Therefore, Non-Conscious Nature in its original form can be called the 'Ocean of Causes'. This imbalance of Nature in the form of 'Cause' flows downward and first takes the form of the subtle and then the gross. Thus the four realms of Non-Conscious or Lower Nature come into existence.

"In total there are five Realms in the whole of creation. There are four Realms of Non-Conscious Nature: Supra-Causal, Causal, Subtle and Gross and one realm of Upper Conscious Nature: the realm of Oneness (Pure Consciousness).

"As the whole of creation, the brahmanda (universe, macrocosm), is filled with the five realms of Nature mentioned above, so also is the pinda (body of an individual soul, the microcosm) filled with the same realms. When an individual soul lives in a particular realm of the microcosm, that same individual at the same time lives in the corresponding realm in the macrocosm. And when an individual leaves a particular realm of the microcosm, that individual simultaneously leaves the corresponding realm of the macrocosm. This is true just as we experience the states of dreaming and waking. Furthermore, if the Surat (consciousness-force, individual soul) will go beyond the five spheres of the microcosm, it will in the same instant go beyond the five spheres of the macrocosm.

"The existence of a realm is dependent upon its center becoming established. Otherwise, a realm cannot come into existence.

"The inescapable logic dictates that there must be five centers for the corresponding five realms.

"The center of the realm of Kaivalya (Oneness or Pure Consciousness) is the Supreme Sovereign Itself. The center of the Mahakarana (Supra-Causal) realm is the junction point of the Mahakarana and Kaivalya (Supra-Causal Realm and Oneness of Upper Nature). The center of the Karana (Causal) realm is the junction point of the Mahakarana and Karana (Supra-Causal and the Causal) Realms. The center of the Suksma (Subtle) Realm is the junction point of the Karana and Suksma (Causal and the Subtle) Realms. And finally the center of the sthula (Gross) Realm is the junction point of the Suksma and sthula (Subtle and the Gross) Realms.

"Creation comes into being through an outward flowing vibration from the Center. This outward flowing vibration is accompanied by Sound. Each of the five realms has its individual central Sound. The central Sounds of the five Realms naturally move from above to below, as that is their tendency. That is, the Sound moves downward from the center of the realm toward the realm beneath its own position. For example, the Sound moves from the Supra-Causal to the Causal. Each of the Sounds of the centers of the five realms possesses an attribute to draw surat (the consciousness) upward to its center. The Essential Sound or Pure Spiritual Sound has the attribute to draw one's consciousness up to the Supreme Sovereign. The other mayavi sounds (material Sounds mentioned above) of each of the respective five realms have the attribute to attract the person who hears it (or focuses on it) and to draw that person's surat (consciousness) to the Sound of the realm directly above. Further, for the practitioner, the realization of the Essential Divine Sound is impossible without first attaining the Sounds of the lower realms. Sar Shabda (the Essential Divine Sound) beckons a return to the Supreme Sovereign. The progression of Sound in all centers of the realms is upward, carrying one's consciousness from the lower centers to the higher centers ultimately reaching the Supreme Sovereign God.

"The Sound of the higher realm naturally reaches to the lower realms. And the Gross is pervaded by the Subtle. Further, the Sounds of the higher realms are more pervading (powerful) than the Sounds of the lower realms. The sounds of different realms are each distinctive. The Sound of the center of a specific realm above is perceived from the center of the next lower realm. This is a logical fact. Once the Consciousness experiences the Sound of higher realms, it will not fall back to the lower realms.

"The Upanishads and various saints of India elucidate the practice of Surat Shabda Yoga (Yoga of Sound). Through the progressive experience of all the Sounds, one realizes the Supreme Sovereign. All the Sounds of the realms draw surat (consciousness) upward. As it progresses, the consciousness goes beyond all the realms of creation where the Supreme Sovereign is found; that is, it achieves the direct experience of the Supreme.

"In summary, one grasps the central Sounds of the lower realms and progressively is drawn upward to the Sounds of the higher realms. Ultimately, one reaches the center of the Original Sound, the Essential Divine Sound, and thereafter attains the Ultimate State, Sabdatet Pad (the State beyond the Sound). The Yoga of Sound must be practiced in order to attain the Nameless State. This is fully elaborated and described in the Upanishads and literature of the saints. The Yoga of Sound is the only medium to reach this State, no other. The greatest good is in the attainment of the Ultimate State, the Nameless State..

"It should be understood that in this Yoga, one should first be devoted to the Gross Qualified Manifest Form, and then to the Subtle Qualified Manifest Form, and then to the Qualified Unmanifest Form and finally to the Unqualified Unmanifest Form.

"Manas Japa [simran] and Manas Dhyan are the practices of devotion to the Gross Qualified Manifest Form.

"The practice of being in one-pointedness or attaining the subtlest form is devotion to the Subtle Qualified Manifest Form. The practice of focusing on all other internal sounds except the Essential Divine Sound is devotion to the Subtle Qualified Unmanifest Form of Causal and Supra-Causal form. The meditation on the Essential Divine Sound is devotion to the Unqualified Unmanifest Form. All devotional practices end here. When all devotional practices are completed, then and only then does one reach the Nameless State or the Supreme Sovereign and thus attains Moksha (liberation) or final Peace."

"As the Sound originates from the Soundless or Nameless State, by grasping the Sound, one is drawn naturally to the Soundless State (the Supreme Sovereign, God).

"To move spiritually upward within one's self, through and beyond the realms, is to progress towards union with the Supreme Sovereign. This practice is devotion to the Supreme Sovereign and is unfailing. This spiritual practice is for attaining the perfect Knowledge of the Self and is also called the Antarik Satsang (inner effort to meet the Supreme Sovereign)."

-- Maharshi Mehi, Philosophy Of Liberation:

When Sadguru Baba Devi Sahib was nearing the time of his departure from this ephemeral world for his true destination, satsangis humbly requested him to bless with his parting words. To their request, Baba Devi Sahab had obliged by saying, "This world is an illusion -- practice meditation."

Our Path Back to the Source -- The Inward Journey Back to God -- The Essence of Dharma

"Sant Mat (the path and teachings as taught and practiced by saints) delineates the path of union of soul with the Divine. The teachings of the saints explain the re-uniting as follows:

"The individual soul has descended from the higher worlds [the Realm of the Divine] to this city of illusion, bodily existence. It has descended from the Soundless state to the essence of Sound, from that Sound to Light, and finally from the realm of Light to the realm of Darkness. The qualities (dharmas, natural tendencies) of the sense organs draw us downward and away from our true nature.

"The nature of the soul (atman) draws us upwards and inwards and establishes us in our own true nature. Returning to our origins involves turning inward: withdrawal of consciousness from the senses and the sense objects in order to go upward from the darkness to the realms of Light and Sound. [We experience this phenomenon of withdrawal as we pass from waking consciousness to deep sleep.] Another way to express this is to go inward from the external sense organs to the depth of the inner self. (Both of these expressions are the metaphors that signify the same movement). The natural tendencies of the soul (atman) are to move from outward to inward. The current of consciousness which is dispersed in the nine gates of the body and the senses, must be collected at the tenth gate.

"The tenth gate is the gathering point of consciousness. Therein lies the path for our return. The tenth gate is also known as the sixth chakra, the third eye, bindu, the center located between the two eyebrows. This is the gateway through which we leave the gates of the sense organs and enter in the divine realms and finally become established in the soul. We travel back from the Realm of Darkness to the Realm of Light, from the Light to the Divine Sound, and from the Realm of Sound to the Soundless State. This is called turning back to the Source.

"This is what dharma or religion really intends to teach us. This is the essence of dharma."

-- Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, Harmony Of All Religions

Rumi says: "Listen with ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love!"

"Love rests on no foundation. It is an Endless Ocean, with no beginning or end." (Rumi)

"Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death." -- Rumi

"Because of love, I have become the giver of Light." - Rumi

Wisdom and Meditation Practice: "Can the knowledge devoid of yoga afford salvation? Never. It is definite. So yoga without knowledge can't be helpful in the attainment of salvation, therefore an aspirant is required to firmly practise both knowledge and yoga." (Guruprasad Baba)

Recently In India It Was Guru Purnima (Commemorating Satgurus)

In Praise of Competent Masters

With gratitude to the Competent
Qualified Teacher,
The Living One.

In a Sea of Samsara,
of falsehood,
and posing,
there is a bright Light in the darkness.
A silent Music becomes audible.

Jai Guru. Hail to the One
Who takes the darkness away.
Hail to the Competent Living Master,
Qualified Teacher, a True One,
Genuine Mentor of souls,
Righteous and Worthy Guide,
Fearless Being,
Leader of a spiritual community.
Praise of the Sant-soul of Love
Who has reached the fifth plane or above,
Merging in God.

At the feet of such a loving, Radiant One,
the soul can not help but find inner Light
and slip into deep samadhi meditation.

In the eyes of the Sant are love, wisdom, light, compassion, grace, a reflection of God. (JB)

"I like that relative who prevents me from going into evil ways, and guides me into the righteous path;
He is wise who remains on the righteous path;
he makes others search,
and never forgets himself;
He is a false guru if he does not show the real path to his disciple.
If the disciple gets the grace of Satguru then he will worship God." (Kabir)

"Go thou to the company of the good, where the Beloved One has His dwelling place:
Take all thy thoughts and love and instruction from thence.
Let that assembly be burnt to ashes where His Name is not spoken!
Tell me, how couldst thou hold a wedding-feast, if the bridegroom himself were not there?
Waver no more, think only of the Beloved;
Set not thy heart on the worship of other gods, there is no worth in the worship of other masters.
Kabir deliberates and says: 'Thus thou shalt never find the Beloved!'" (Kabir)

Dedicated to the Sant Satguru

Rumi Says...

"You come to us
from another world

From beyond the stars
and void of space.
Transcendent, Pure,
Of unimaginable beauty,
Bringing with you
the essence of love.

You transform all
who are touched by you.
Mundane concerns,
troubles, and sorrows
dissolve in your presence,
Bringing joy
to ruler and ruled
To peasant and King.

You bewilder us
with your grace.
All evils
transform into

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love
in earth and sky
in heart and soul
of every being.

Through your loving
existence and nonexistence erge.
All opposites unite.
All that is profane
becomes sacred again."

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