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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kirpal Singh, Letters to Initiates, from the Original, Unedited, and Unabridged Edition of Spiritual Elixir,

Kirpal Singh, from Letters to Initiates, from the Original, Unedited, and Unabridged Edition of Spiritual Elixir, Published by Sawan Ashram, Ruhani Satsang

"The precious moments of earth-life spent in spiritual practices count creditably toward one’s eventual emancipation from the wheel. Be regular and lovingly devoted to your holy meditations, as that is the central pivot around which the whole sacred teaching revolves and therein an all around development of the soul is granted."

"I am glad you are enjoying the rare bliss of spiritual meditation. The precious moments of earth life spent in meditation are superbly best utilized and count creditably for one’s ultimate emancipation from the wheel."

"The Light within should be penetrated while fixing your gaze intently in its centre when it will grow stronger and burst to give you further way up. Similarly, the Sound Current as coming from the right side should be listened to with rapt attention, preferably by sitting on your feet. The scattering of mind will be subdued if you will please learn to devote single-minded attention for looking and listening within.

"The Light and Sound are so efficacious that if absorbingly attended to, the mind will be stilled. You may say some prayer before your meditation creating an aura which would serve as hemming all around you and you will feel the presence of the Master to your great joy. Please remember that mind itself is inert and takes life from spirit, which, when attuned to the inner manifestations, becomes calm."

"I am glad that you are blessed with stabilized meditations and that you see within celestial Lights and hear melodious bell-sounds. The Sound does not lessen as you have stated, but the attention slackens and if it is centred, without any worry or thought of the body below or the outside world, you will find that this Sound Current will become stronger, draw closer and ultimately draw your soul within to the radiant form of the Master. The scattering of mind may be overcome by one-pointed attention and absorption in the holy Shabd."

"I am glad that you are lovingly devoted to your holy meditations with the result that you are blessed with Divine Light and holy Sound Current of big bell. Your face becoming partly numb in your meditation is natural as the sensory currents from the body below are withdrawn to the eye focus by the repetition of the sacred words."

"Just repose in His will and pleasure and await with patience for the Grace which is quite at hand. Please be assured every-thing is being recorded behind the veil and the inner Master is eager to receive you within."

"I note your faith and your resolve to proceed on the path and your struggle to find time to be on the way regularly. Just make another attempt to move steadily on the path and snatch a little time from your busy hours to re-start the practices, increasing it gradually when you are regular. Once begun, you will find that the time thus devoted rarely interferes with one’s ordinary duties in life, health or welfare."

"I am glad to know that you have been successful in devoting about two hours in meditation and that you are planning to increase it. For exercising control over mind, meditation is the best remedy. The very early morning hours are best suited for meditation, as all thoughts subside during the night’s rest and the food has been digested. The humming sound you hear is a lower sound. When you listen with attention, you will have higher and sweeter uplifting sounds."

"You state you have no other aim or purpose except to breakthrough the Light that you experience within. The proper way to break through the Light is to gaze penetratingly into the middle of the Light or whatever you see. Do not depend upon your own efforts to pierce through the Light, but repose yourself in the Master Power to grant you the way. In this way, your mind will also be controlled. Mind runs away only when you slacken your inner gaze."

Photo Courtesy of Ruhani Satsang