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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Countless Are the Earths, Spheres, and Devotees

Countless Are the Earths, Spheres, and Devotees

Countless are the gospels, sutras, odes, Upanishads, gathas, quatrains, abhangas, gitas, granths, vanis and Vedas. As Guru Nanak says in his Morning Prayer (Jap Ji):

Endless are the harmonies played by the minstrels; the players prepare endless tunes and measures to sing to Thee, 0 bountiful Creator. Thy Light is within the beings and the beings are all within thy Light...countless are the countries, earths and spheres.
Millions assign to Him ever new names, 0 Nanak.

Countless there are that remember Thee, and countless those that love Thee;
Countless there are that worship Thee, and countless those that seek Thee in austerity and penance;
Countless there are that recite from sacred books Thy praises; and
Countless those that, absorbed in Yoga, stand indifferent to the world;
Countless those Thy devotees who contemplate Thy attributes and wisdom; and
Countless those that practice truth and charity;
Countless are the heroes that boldly face the foeman's steel; and
Countless those who have vowed silence, meditate on Thee with unceasing love.
What power have I to conceive of Thy wonderful nature?
Too poor, am I, to make an offering of my life to Thee.
Whatever pleaseth Thee is good:
Thou art forevermore;
O, Formless One.

-- Guru Nanak, from, The Jap Ji (Morning Prayer)