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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kabir - Meditation: The Tenth Door Above the Thousand-petalled Lotus Within


Sant Mat Fellowship:


From the Brahm Nirupan of Guru Kabir and Sant Dharam Dass:

The tenth door is above the thousand-petalled lotus and reaching there the
devotee hears the unstruck melody in meditation.

A devotee who controls the mind and practices hearing the divine melody, reaches the difficult to obtain state of union of the right and left nerve currents in the central channel in meditation. These three meet at the third eye. In deep silence the devotee sees the intense eternal light of reality.

Above the trikuti (third eye) there are three states of silences -- the beginning, middle and end. These three states of silence merge or dissolve into the eternal light. He who does not know the secret of these cannot be said to be a Vaishanava.

When consciousness in meditation reaches the thousand-petalled lotus, it then rises to the eighth lotus of above. This is called unmani chakra. In this state the devotee sees the divine light without there being a lamp and hears the divine melody without
musical instruments.

Sat Guru Kabir said that the yogi who practices meditation will rise above all of these (the chakras) and going above the eighth chakra, reaches a region where the lotus has countless petals. The yogi then sees the light of millions of moons and suns, and becomes silent.

When the yogi reaches this state of realization, he becomes aware that the Self is free of the support of the body, space, heaven and earth. His consciousness rises above the physical and astral forms, and then even death becomes his servant. This state of consciousness is one of unity with God.

The eternal abode is Truth. Truth is the only religion. Truth is the name of God. Truth is the true guru. Truth is Enlightenment.

When one, through realization, reaches the eternal abode, he hears beautiful music that is played without hands, and sees elegant dancing performed without feet. This is a transcendental state in which bliss is experienced.

In this transcendental state one hears heavenly speech and heavenly singing without the use of ears and mouth. The divine melody is always resounding when one becomes attuned to it through diligent practice.

In that state one sees countless, beautiful, divine forms but without the use of eyes. And there one sees and feels soothing waves rising constantly when there is no water.

In that state one sees countless pure and resplendent gems. Their glittering light is infinite and eternal. This is an inner state of Enlightenment.

About the Text

Some of the Brahm Nirupan was translated into English by Dr. Jagessar Das of the Kabir Association of Canada, and is based on, the Brahm Nirupan, published by Mahant Shri Ramsaroop Dasji of Kabir Ashram, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India in 1955.