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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Satsang Quotes: Life is Short -- Meditate, Pray for Grace and Progress Within

Satsang Quotes: Life is Short -- Meditate, Pray for Grace and Progress Within

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

What is to be done tomorrow, do it today. What is to be done today, do it now. (popular saying of Kabir)

This world's existence is limited to two days of 'today' and 'tomorrow'. Do not develop attachment to it, because everyone will separate from you. If you want your well-being, you must concentrate your mind on the lotus feet of your Satguru. Act in accordance with his teachings of True Knowledge and this will bring true happiness and peace to your life. (Kabir 1008 Vani)

I pay homage in all humility at the feet of my Master, whose grace has revealed the Mystery of Light (Nirat) and Sound (Surat). (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, "Ghat Ramayana")

Do not live even a single day without inner meditation. (from the last words of Baba Devi Sahab)

Living in this world for a short period is good, but instead of wasting one's life doing meaningless things, it is advisable to dedicate it to remembering God. What is the use of living for millions of years if one did not dedicate his time to self-introspection and remembering God, i.e. such life is a total waste; who will keep an account of it?

My real happiness lies in the supreme 'Self.' And the rest in this world is nothing but distress. With one's mind, voice and deeds, one should remember RAM with a pious heart. Kabir Saheb says: 'The essence of life is in remembering God only.'

The mind is very unsteady. It is not the type that would remember God just like that. It will remember God only when it is poked with the goad of true Knowledge [Gnosis, direct experience]. Kabir Saheb says: '...and then know for sure that this mind will not deviate and will engage itself in remembering God.'

Concentrate your mind and remember the Supreme Being without saying anything. Close the outside doors, i.e. quieten your sensory organs and detach yourself from everything. Open the inside doors of your heart, i.e. open yourself internally and concentrate on meditating on God and remembering him.

Remembering God is the simplest and easiest path which has already been shown by the Satguru. With the help of this device I remember God with each and every breath of mine, and I am sure this will enable me to see him one day, i.e. uttering the name of God continuously. Simply remembering God all the time is the easiest process (Sahaj) of leading a spiritual life which leads the devotee to his goal.

You are remembering God in your heart. God resides in the same heart. You will get a huge store of true Knowledge in this very heart, i.e. you will find God and his transcendental Knowledge where you will find your supreme 'Self.'

Devotion through remembering God brings every happiness to life and removes every distress of mind. Kabir Saheb says: 'Remember God! It has a wonderfully powerful attraction. By continuously remembering God, a time comes when the devoted servant (devotee) and the master (God) become one, i.e. he attains self-realization.

Utter the name of RAM (God) continuously. Kabir says, 'Only devotees can understand the Mystery of the fact that there is nothing as compared to remembering God.'

It is a bliss remembering God even for a moment. But only those, who practice it, know it. Remembering God is so easy that one does not have to spend a single penny on it. In fact one does not have to make any extra efforts to have the best results.

Prayers of Guru Kabir

"'0 Supreme Being! I have become like You by remembering You all the time. There are no more self-conceit, attachments and desires of the world in me. I sacrifice myself on the true Knowledge of Your name, remembering which enables me to see You all around. There is nothing that exists other than You.'

'0 the Eternal RAM of the temple of my heart! I lost 'my' existence in remembering You continuously. I have become one with You. I exist not without You now. My mind does not wander about any more. I and You are one now.' RAM." (Guru Kabir from Kabir 1008 Vani, compiled by Lalchand Doohan Jigyasu, translated by Kunwar Anil Kumar, Manoj Publications, Delhi, India)

Very exalted is the status of the Satguru and very sublime His religion. He has shown the Inaccessible Region. Surat [the soul] ascends to the gateway to Sat Lok [Eternal Realm of Truth] and witnesses a spectacle which is beyond the reach and comprehension of ascetics. Every day she visits the region of Shyam Set, i. e., the Third Eye. Ascending above the senses of perception, she sees the path within, and gains a vision of that region. She is dazed on seeing the Refulgence of the Beloved. Her attention remains riveted on Him, and she is oblivious of her body and mind. All the barriers on the way to the Beloved are removed. She quickly ascends one mansion after another. She rids herself of all her troubles by bathing at the Ghat of Triveni [confluence of three sacred rivers]. Says Tulsi, from the time she became acquainted with the Beloved she, enjoying the bliss of mansions after mansions, reaches her Beloved Lord. (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, Shabd 72, Shabdavali)

0 Radhasoami! [Radhaswami, the Lord of the Soul]. Kindly shower your grace on me and 0 Anami, favour me by making a gift of devotion and its modus operandi to me! My mind and my surat [attention-faculty of the soul -- inner seeing] have joined together in coming to you (imploring you for your grace), and with your Refulgence (noor-i-qahir) in their heart of hearts (hiya). Kindly take both of them under your benign protection and shelter and make them perceive the path to your Inaccessible Sphere. 0 Lord! Enable me to behold your Luminous Form in the Jyoti (flame) at the Third Eye and to raise my surat to the One Thousand-Petalled Lotus (Sahas-dal Kanwal) so that I may go up beyond, and get into the Crooked Tunnel and perceive the Sphere of Trikuti [Causal Plane] with great jubilation and liveliness. (Prayer of Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, II, Gupta Translation, M.G. Publishers, Agra)