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Friday, April 09, 2021

Light and Sound on the Path: May You Always Find Genuineness in What's Presented Here As We Explore A Spiritual Path Called Sant Mat


Light and Sound on the Path: May You Always Find Genuineness in What's Presented Here As We Explore A Spiritual Path Called Sant Mat

This Light 

Astonishing, this light, so different -- 

even with eyes closed you see it.

It was never lit, nor does it ever go out

-- the luminous soul makes it shine eternally.

No colour yet all colours,

this light is illumined by life itself.

Nila says, Today God in his grace

used my offering of the lamp of devotion

simply as an excuse

to let me experience this light.

-- Niloba of Maharashtra

Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur: "If someone's mind is inordinately attracted towards some particular worldly affairs, or towards some particular person, or entertains strong feelings of enmity or grudge against anyone, then also he will have little love in the Holy Feet of the Supreme Being, and for this reason, his mind will not apply itself to devotional practices, and he will find little pleasure in them. To sum up, therefore, a true satsangi should as far as possible, detach himself [or herself] from worldly affairs every day, and should increase his love and attachment in the Feet of the Supreme Being. The extent to which his mind gets relieved of worldly attachments, is love in the Feet of the Supreme Being will increase and the bliss of Bhajan and Dhyan [meditation including inner Sound Meditation] will also be felt in a greater degree, and he will experience internally greater Daya [Grace]."

Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar: "The Lord thoughtfully spoke this word to Dariya: 'Boundless indeed is My Naam. Let one hold fast to Naam with one-pointed attention -- Kal [lord of time and illusion, the negative power] can never go near such a person. Let one merge one's attention into Naam while standing or sitting, and let one direct one's love to the Divine inner sight. If one bears the Satguru's imprint, his authentic passport and his spiritual coin for transaction, one will certainly go across the ocean of the world (samsara). Such a one discards the deception of gods and goddesses and, being engaged in the true practice [surat shabd yoga], is steeped in the Lord's love [bhakti]. Giving up delusion, he endearingly holds fast to the Beloved, nurturing the true love obtained from the Satguru. While standing or sitting he thinks of the Lord and remains absorbed in the Sound Current. He takes shelter under the Truth and thus brings Kal to defeat.'" (Book of Gyan Deepak)

Beyond the Material Five Senses are Subtle Spiritual Senses: Spiritual Seeing, Spiritual Hearing, etc...: "Since the exterior senses, by hearing, by sight, by the sense of smell and of touch, are not able to search out the innermost mysteries of the natures, on this account God conceals within the inner members a nature having senses more subtle than all the bodies. Now because of the subtleness of its stirrings, this nature searches out the hidden wisdom of the things created by the Lord of all." (John the Solitary, "John the Solitary On the Soul", Syriac mystic -- I have a great fondness for the depth of the Syriac mystics)

"Within This Body" --

Mystic Poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib

Within this body

breathes the secret essence.

Within this body

beats the heart of the Vedas.

Within this body

shines the entire Universe,

so the saints say.

Hermits, ascetics, celibates

- all are lost

seeking Him

in endless guises.

Seers and sages perfectly parrot

the scriptures and holy books,

blinded by knowledge.

Their pilgrimage,

and fasting,

and striving

but delude

Despite their perfect practice,

they discover no destination.

Only the saints

who know the body's heart

have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.

Realize this, and you've found your freedom

(while teachers trapped in tradition

know only the mirage

in the mirror).

Inner Sound Meditation Leading to Anami Oneness: "The ascension of the soul in the reverse direction of flow of streams of sounds can thus be compared to the swimming of fishes. Hence the Yoga of Sound has also been referred to as "mina marg" (mina meaning fish and marg meaning path). Thus, climbing further and further, leaving all the five spheres behind one after another, the soul finally transcends even the domain of the Quintessential Unstruck Sound and merges into the 'Anami' (Nameless/Soundless) or 'Kaivalyatita' (beyond Kaivalya or the Conscious) State to be one with [merge with] the Supreme Godhead, to be God Himself. Thus yoga or union or bhakti (devotion) gets completed."

-- Swami Achyutanand Baba, The Yoga of Inner Light and Sound

Excerpts from a Satsang Discourse by Baba Somanath Commenting on Verses of Soamiji Maharaj  (from Sar Bachan, Bachan 19, Shabd 13)

Soamiji Maharaj: "The Guru says all the world is blind. No one grasps the secret of the inner way."

Baba Somanath: "This is the bani [hymn] of Param Sant Satguru Hazur Swami Ji. He says that all the world is blind. Why? In the beginning, the Almighty Lord put the Path to meet Him within us and then He sent us into this world. And if that inner eye opens, then we will reunite with the Lord. But through millions of yugas [vast epochs of time] and incarnations, we have been running outward. Lord Kal [the negative power] has placed the curtain of mind and Maya [illusion] over the soul and has cast it into the outer world. And becoming extroverted, the soul is always hurrying forward, never looking back to realize the True Home that it left so long ago."  

Soamiji Maharaj: "Everyone is wandering outside aimlessly.  No one catches hold of the Shabd [Sound] within."

Baba Somanath: "It is just like the water and the waves. Our entire lifespan is consumed counting the waves. Millions of yugas have passed in this way. But what is the nature of a wave? It is composed of water. But if we are under the illusion that the wave is something substantial in itself, if we forget the wave is only water, if we think of the wave as something separate from the water, then we do not understand its real nature.

"In the same way, all the jivas [souls], becoming infatuated with the pleasures created by mind and Maya, rush about in the external world and waste their allotted span of life. Under this illusion, the jiva says, 'Who is equal to me? What shortcoming is there in me?' We may think this, we may think that, but when the breaths finish what remains? Only a heap of earth, nothing more. We have become so identified with this heap of earth that we think it is our true self. And in our ignorance, we assert: 'Who can compare with me?'"

Soamiji Maharaj: "The Guru proclaims ceaselessly: 'Search for the Shabd within.'"

Baba Somanath: "The Satguru constantly tries to make us understand. What does He tell us? 'Brother, take your mind away from the disturbance of this world, from 'I and mine,' from enjoying the sense pleasures, and fix it within at the point between the two eyes [third eye]. When the mind becomes concentrated, that Inner Power will call you of itself. That Power is the Sound Current, the Word, the Akash-bani (Etheric Sound). Concentrate your attention on that Sound Current -- do not look this way and that."

Soamiji Maharaj: "Only some rare worthy one stands firm on the support of the Master's words."

Baba Somanath: "As soon as the rare, worthy disciples hear the Guru's words, they take them to their hearts.  The instant they hear those words they act upon them. But the unworthy disciples take the Guru's words as ordinary and carelessly discard them.

"Who are the worthy disciples of the highest order? 'They meet with the True Guru if emancipation is written in their destiny.'  Whoever has once attained the inner darshan [vision] of the perfect Satguru, whoever has learned the inner secret, their work is accomplished. This is the highest grade of worthy disciple. Such a disciple is like the pearl oyster who swims to the surface of the water and opens its mouth to receive the raindrops that fall during the swati nakshatra. As soon as it catches that swati raindrop, it closes its mouth, and from that drop, it creates the priceless divine pearl in its within.

"So, Swami Ji Maharaj says that as soon as those rare worthy disciples hear the Guru's words, they mold their lives according to His instructions. They act on His words and do not allow their minds to wander here and there. They never listen to the advice of the mind."

Soamiji Maharaj: "Everything of the world appears flawed and false.  Only the devotion to the Guru is True."

Baba Somanath: "Those souls who remain absorbed in the Naam day and night regard the world as a debased place. They understand the bonds that keep us shackled, and they see clearly the nets that Kal has spread. Now our love and affection for this outer world is so strong that we cannot leave it, so how can our love become attached to the Lord? Love is only way. Either you can attach it to the Naam, or you can attach it to the world.

Soamiji Maharaj: "Going into the shelter of Radhaswami [Lord of the Soul], the jiva swims across the ocean of existence."

Baba Somanath: "Whoever does the practice of Surat and Shabd* will cross over the ocean of existence."

* Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation

Vegetarian Saying of Jesus: "Now beware in yourselves that your hearts do not become heavy with the eating of flesh and with the intoxication of wine and with the anxiety of the world, and that day come up upon you suddenly; for as a snare it will come upon all them that dwell on the surface of the earth." (Jesus, Syriac-Aramaic Luke 21:34, edited out of the Greek manuscripts but remaining in: Evangelion Da-Mepharreshe, The Curetonian Version of the Four Gospels, With Readings of the Sinai Palimpset and the Early Syriac Patristic Evidence, Volume One)

PODCAST: Why Vegetarianism Was Edited Out Of Early Christianity: Today we explore: Why Vegetarianism and Veganism? Thy Will Be Done; Thou Shalt Not Kill; Vegetarian Verses of Namdev; Poem of Darshan Singh; Sayings of Pythagoras; Vegetarian Sayings of Jesus; The Vegetarianism Adopted by the Apostles; The Acts of Philip; Saint Paul; Gospel of Thomas; the Vegetarianism Edited Out of the Unity School of Christianity Statement of Faith; A Glimpse Into the Mainstreaming, Succumbing, the Accommodation Process: As the Ranks Swell With New Converts Bringing Their Meat Diets With Them, the Vegetarian Teachings Eventually Get Edited Out -- Spiritual Awakening Radio PODCAST 

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