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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Importance of Initiation

The Importance of Initiation
Spiritual Elixir
Book Two,
By Sant Kirpal Singh
Page 52
Sawan Ashram

Q. Please explain the importance of Initiation.

A. Initiation by a perfect living master assures an escort in
unknown realms by one who is himself a frequent traveller to those
regions. He knows the presiding deities or powers of the planes,
conducts the spirit step by step, counsels at every turn and twist
of the Path, cautions against lurking dangers at each place,
explaining in detail all that one desires to know. He is a teacher
on all levels of existence: a guru on the earth-plane, a Guru Dev
(Astral Radiant Form) in the Astral Worlds and a Satguru in the
purely Spiritual Regions. When everyone fails in this very life, at
one stage or another, his long and strong arm is always there to
help us, both when we are here and we quit the earth plane. He
pilots the spirit into the Beyond and stands by it, even before the
judgement seat of God.