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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Light Brighter than Billions of Suns and Moons-Anurag Sagar

Light Brighter than Billions of Suns and Moons-Anurag Sagar

Sant Mat Fellowship:

Meditation Sangat:


Unto servant Nanak, the Lord has shown grace and has rescued him from drowning in the Ocean of Poison.....O mortal, by the guidance of the Guru, meditate on the Name. Showing His grace, the Lord God leads souls to the Guru and he merges into the Lord God's Name.....The Unknowable Lord's Name, I have received easily by the Guru's guidance. The treasure of the Name abides within my heart and my tongue sings the Lord's praise. By imbibing love for the One Name, day and night, I ever remain in bliss. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib -- Adi Granth, Volume Four, page 1,265)

(Click on the image above to access a translation of the Anurag Sagar of Sant Dharamdas and Kabir online.)

Light Brighter than Billions of Suns and Moons
from, Anurag Sagar (Kabir's Ocean of Love), Volume One
(one of three volumes),
Spiritual Discourses -- Commentary on the Anurag Sagar
by Maharaj Baba Kehar Singh,
Tarn Taran

Explaining 'Word' or Sound Current, Kabir says that for practical purpose the Sound Current assumes the form of Guru in this world and reforms the souls. The Satguru carries a message from God and ties us to the thread of Nam Simran (i.e. concentration on the Word). If this Nam Simran [Remembrance of the Name and the inner Sound] is interrupted or given up, then we can never reach that Ultimate Power. We will be left behind and below.

Take the example of a hand pump. After it is installed, the water from the ground can be pumped only after some water from outside is first put in the pump. This outside water creates the necessary vacuum for the ground water to move up. Similarly the Nam or 'Word' given by the Guru connects us to the Word already present inside us. If we practise with devotion, we can taste the nectar of Nam.

In the beginning we do Simran of Nam with the tongue. Slowly when we transcend to go inside, then this Simran goes on without the tongue. We get hands and feet of the inner world to proceed further on the journey of inner worlds. When Kal is confronted, he surrenders and salutes and further requests to place our feet on his head to go further [in other words, the mind is transcended].

Ajapa jaap i.e. repetition of the Nam from the heart without the movement of tongue now starts and one hears the Sound Current in a very normal state. Thus one proceeds further on the path shown by Guru. The mind, which moves with the speed of wind, now becomes calm, and one transcends the mind and further one does not care for worldly things. The Sound is heard without the movement of tongue.

For this Ajapa jaap one does not require rosary [beads]. In this way the soul catches the sound current and reaches the everlasting Anami Lok [the Nameless Plane, Eighth Heaven] where there is neither death nor birth.

Dharam Dass, on reaching Anami Desh one sees Satpurush [God, True Original, Eternal Being] and one finds that the light of a micropart of Satpurush is greater than that of billions of suns and moons. His glamour is beyond description. Here the light of the soul becomes greater than the light of sixteen suns. The soul's own light is equal to 12 suns in Daswan Dwar [the Third Plane].

Kabir's Anurag Sagar (Ocean of Love), 4 Satsang MP3s Online

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tales of Future-tense Kingdoms in the Sky vs being in the Present Moment

Tales of Future-tense Kingdoms in the Sky vs being in the Present Moment
by James Bean

There are some very real apocalyptic scenarios such as a nuclear electromagnetic pulse detonation over North America sending us back to the 17th century by destroying electricity as we know it, frying circuitry of computers, cars, trucks, planes (how food is transported to your local grocery store), all power grids, etc..., a nuclear exchange and the nuclear winter that would follow, climate change effecting the ecosystem, to list a few.

However, when it comes of magic numbers on the calendar, dates for end-times, I see that way of thinking as part of the problem, not the solution. What we need is people-power and true democracy in China, Iran, Russia, the US -- everywhere, since all of those scenarios are caused by corporate greed and demented policies about attacking others, even though the end result would be to attack one's self. I forget the exact number, but I have heard scientists such as Carl Sagan and Michio Kaku talk about how even small number of nukes dropped on one country would be enough to cause the "winners" of a war, assuming only side uses their weapons, to experience nuclear winter, and unacceptable levels of radiation.

When it comes to prophecy I take great pleasure in the approach of the Gospel of Thomas, one of the Nag Hammadi books discovered in Egypt. The book of Thomas seems to advocate a present-tense Kingdom of God or spiritual dimension which can be seen or accessed in the living present. Prophecy however is portrayed as one of many diversions and intoxication's of humanity that needs to be overcome so that people might move on to seeking the real Kingdom of God that is already available, like radio waves within and all around us.

Those that copied and contemplated the Nag Hammadi books were monks affiliated with one of several monasteries founded by Saint Pachomius in Egypt. For them seeing the spiritual dimension was through mystical practices, chant, prayer, silent meditation leading to visions and altered states. Not far from where the Nag Hammadi books were found are some caves used by monks during the 4th century AD. The Nag Hammadi books remind me of Buddhism, Hinduism, and some of the teachings of the medieval mystics of Europe, Hildegarde of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme and many others who reinvented some of the same ideas later in history, a mystical approach of seeing the "Unseen" spiritual part of the spectrum.

Tales of Future-tense Kingdoms in the Sky vs being in the Present Moment

52. His disciples said to him, "Twenty-four prophets have spoken in Israel, and they all spoke of you."

91. They said to him, "Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you."

He said to them, "You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine the present moment."

113. His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?" "It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the Father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it."

3. Yeshua said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky, ' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea, ' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father's) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

"When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

5. Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed."

The sayings above remind me of a saying of Rumi: "Some persons, relying on the promise of 'tomorrow', have wandered for years around that door, but 'tomorrow' never comes. My friend, the Sufi is the child of the present moment: to say 'tomorrow' is not our way."

I favor the mystic approach of finding God right now via contemplative meditation and don't find much wisdom in the whole prophecy book promotions tour thang, the latest marketing of the next big date on the calendar. What's most revealing about prophecy is to read, not the current books, but the old books from the 1970's talking about Henry Kissinger's name adding up to "666". I have an old book on prophecy written the 1920's -- THAT I found to be most extreemly informative about the psychology of prophecy!

In 1999 many were writing about a quatrain of Nostradamus predicting major stuff happening in the world, one of the few actual dates mentioned by Nostradamus in fact! Things looked ominous, and yet .....nothing, not even Y2K. A few people were disappointed back then when the world did not come to an end, LOL. Oh well..............we get to live and complain yet another day. Yay! :)

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Here's two thousand words, two images from a book on "end-times" prophecy published in 1926.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hedonists and Gnostic Cave-dwellers Somewhere in Time

Hedonists and Gnostic Cave-dwellers Somewhere in Time
By James Bean
SantMat Fellowship:

The classic Gnostic soul struggled against the cruel hand of fate, astral archons (rulers), principalities, powers, emperors, and bishops. The Gnostic teachings from the Coptic/Greek period have quite an ascetic tone. "The material universe is evil", "be not of this world." Holy texts were studied by Pachomian monks living in caves not far from Nag Hammadi, Egypt. The discovery site of the Gnostic Gospels was near those caves. On the walls of some of those caves are examples of graffiti: crosses and fish symbols. After the Fourth Century, Gnosis mostly disappears from the scene in the Roman Empire due to extreme persecution from those who paid lip-service to phrases like "love your enemies", and' "turn the other cheek", but they had no concept of democracy and freedom of religion -- freedom for all religions. The Library of Alexandria was burned, the Nag Hammadi Library, buried.

In the East however, Gnosis continued to develop and evolve, taking on more of an ecstatic, poetic ethos during the medieval period. The type of Eastern Gnosis I follow isn't so ascetic as Nag Hammadi mysticism. After all, the lower material universe is no longer a "prison" for those who can freely come and go as they please. This changes everything. I know of some mystics that are very otherworldly and yet can also enjoy looking at the stars, feasting on great Indian food, love the ocean or a beautiful sunset. Very out-of-this-world during meditations, and at the same time, we come to see the Light of God everywhere, within everyone, in this outer plane of existence as well, all as a result of those advanced meditation experiences. "His Presence fills the Three Worlds". (Adi Granth)

Such extremists we humans are, either hedonists or cave-dwellers. We were meant to go from state to state, from the world of action to the world of contemplation, from the waking state to the dream state to the unconscious state of deep sleep, and there is also the Fourth State beyond. This too can be divided into several levels or states: astral, causal or akashic, mental, etheric, and spiritual, the True State (Timeless, Sat, Haq, "Spirit and Truth". Full circle we come. The spiritual state can also be perceived as four different stages, ranging from the "drop" (the soul) remaining separate, to "nearness", and all the way to that of Oneness or merging into the Divine Ocean (Kaivalaya, Anadi, Anami, Ra-Dha-Swam-I, the "Nameless One in the Eighth").

Know also that the Reality
has described Himself as being
the Outer and the Inner,
Manifest and Unmanifest.
He brought the Cosmos into being as constituting
an Unseen Realm and
a Sensory Realm,
so that we might perceive the Inner though our unseen
and the Outer through our sensory aspect.
(Ibn `Arabi, "Ibn Al `Arabi - The Bezels of Wisdom", Paulist Press)

Not an easy balancing act, this concept of having one's feet upon the earth and yet one's third eye-soul ascending through various realms going toward the Great Light during practice each day, yet everyone will make it back there eventually. It's simply a matter of "time" and how receptive we are to this experience during the present life. Some are in a hurry to return while others travel much much much more slowly.

It was for the sake of the God-conscious beings
that our True Lord created this earth, and began
this play of birth and death.
(Guru Nanak)

To Him We Shall Return

I died as mineral and became a plant;
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was a man.
Then why fear disappearance through death?
When was I less by dying?
Next time I shall die
To soar -- with angels blessed,
But even from angelhood
I must pass on;
All except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel soul,
I shall become what no mind ever conceived.
What you cannot imagine,
I shall be that.
Oh! let me not exist, for non-existence
Proclaims in organ-tones,
'To Him we shall return.'

-- Rumi

"We have come from the Light and will return there again." We're already in heaven if we did but know it. A great Master by the name of Huzur Baba Sawan Singh was once asked, "How long does it take you to go to Sach Khand (the spiritual realm, Sat Lok)"? He closed his eyes for fifteen seconds, and then opened them again, saying, "just that long". This is the real Secret.

Thy Light is within the beings,
And the beings are all within Thy Light.
O supremely Incomprehensible Lord,
Thou Art perfectly filling all things.

It is the Light that lives in every heart,
And Thy Light that illuminates every soul.
It is only through the guru's teachings that
Light comes to be shown.
(Guru Nanak, Peace Lagoon translation of the Adi Granth)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do Not

Do Not

Do not talk with those who do not wish to listen.

Do not move with those in whom you have no faith.

Do not eat with those who do not have any respect for the kind of food you enjoy.

Do not live with those who have no understanding of you.

Do not advise anyone who will not take your advice.

Do not mix with those who have no respect for your life.

Do not love those who will not accept you as their lover or beloved.

Do not meditate that which will not bring good to the present.

Do not think of those who will bring fear and worries to your life.

Do not follow those who have no love for you.

Do not sleep with one who is not completely one with your own being.

Do not work at anything that brings imperfection and lack of success.

-- Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buddhism, Quan Yin, and Sound Current Meditation (Sant Mat)

Buddhism, Quan Yin, and Sound Current Meditation (Sant Mat)

An example of Sound Current meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga, my practice) from a Buddhist perspective:

Buddhism and Sound Current Meditation

Ajahn Sumedho, a bhikkhu of the Theravada school of Buddhism, from, "The Sound of Silence":

"As you calm down, you can experience the sound of silence in the mind. You hear it as a kind of high frequency sound, a ringing sound that's always there. It is just normally never noticed. Now when you begin to hear that sound of silence, it's a sign of emptiness - of silence of the mind. It's something you can always turn to. As you concentrate on it and turn to it, it can make you quite peaceful and blissful. Meditating on that, you have a way of letting the conditions of the mind cease without suppressing them with another condition. Otherwise you just end up putting one condition over another."

"A Buddhist Bible," Surangama Sutra:

"Avalokiteshvara Buddha [Quan Yin], the hearer and answerer of prayer, has visited all the Buddha-lands of the ten quarters of the universe and has acquired transcendental powers of boundless freedom and fearlessness and has vowed to emancipate all sentient beings from their bondage and suffering. How sweetly mysterious is the Transcendental Sound of Avalokiteshvara! Is is the subdued murmur of the seatide setting inward. Its mysterious Sound brings liberation and peace to all sentient beings who in their distress are calling for aid."


James of Maine

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Spiritual Journey According to Sant Dariya Sahib and the Dariya Sahib Satsang

The Spiritual Journey According to Sant Dariya Sahib and the Dariya Sahib Satsang
By James Bean

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

(The Satsang/Sangat/Sant Mat Path Founded by Dariya)

The Wisdom of Sant Dariya Sahib and the Dariya Panth

Sant Dariya Sahib was born in 1674 and supposedly passed on in 1780. Both he and Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, Sant Mat Master, and author of the "Ghat Ramayana", would have been alive at the same time, and Dariya passed on only 38 years before the birth of Swami Ji Maharaj,
the Saint of Agra.

According to the introduction of the book, "Dariya Sahib - Saint of Bihar," by K. N. Upadhyaya, the Dariya Panth of Sant Mat alive & well in Bihar as well as Dharkandha, India at the present time. These groups apparently have many branches and living Masters, "hundreds of Sants" according to the webmaster of the Dariya website. Dariya appointed two successor Satgurus. One of those eventually died and was succeeded by another Master. Thus, that Master, along with the other Satguru appointed by Sant Dariya, were alive at the same time Param Sant Tulsi Sahib had his satsang at Hathras.

Sant Dariya said that his satsang would continue to live on in the world so long as the Path of the Sound Current continues to be taught and experienced in the satsangs of his lineage of Sant Mat. When the inner Gnosis or spiritual Knowledge gets lost and replaced by organizational politics, rites and rituals, Dariya said that he will come again, reincarnating and re-establishing Sant Mat in the world again with a new lineage of Sant Satgurus.

Some in the Dariya Panth believe that Sant Dariya was the
reincarnation of Guru Kabir. Indeed, the style and vocabulary of Dariya's hymns and mystic poems reminds me very much of the Anurag Sagar and other literature used in the Kabir/Dharamdasi branch of Sant Mat.

As far as I know, this translation by Upadhyaya published by RS Books is currently the only book in the English language featuring the teachings of Sant Dariya. There is also one English website: The Sant Dariya Sahib Website: http://www.geocities.com/santdariya/home.html

An Introduction to the Teachings of Dariya and Sant Mat

Satpurush [God] sends his son to the world to save the living beings from the clutches of Kal [universal mind, lord of time]. Sant Dariya Saheb came to the world under the instructions of the Lord to save Jivas [souls]. Satpurush came to Dharkandha (a village in Bihar, India) to instruct Dariya Saheb. The Lord enthroned Sant Dariya and assured him to save the souls that followed his teachings [he became a Sant Satguru].

Sant Dariya preached ahimsa (non-violence) against all living
beings. According to him, unless lamp of kindness is lighted, the soul cannot find the path that leads to the Lord.

The teaching of Dariya Saheb is above sects, castes and religions. People belonging to any race, religion and caste can be benefited from His teaching. According to the teachings of this Sant [saint], all the men and women are the creation of the Satpurush. One should love and respect others as one expects love and respect from others. Harsh words should not be spoken. One should see his own image in others. Sant Dariya preached love and devotion to Satpurush only. According to Him no purpose is served by visiting places of pilgrimage if true devotion to the Lord is missing. Sant Dariya preached against ritualism. The human body has all the sixty eight tirthas (places of pilgrimage). It is the true mandir/masjid [temple of God] in which the Lord could be discovered and worshipped.

Satpurush is unborn, eternal, all-powerful, creator of everything. He does not take birth and meet death. He is beyond description. The soul [jiva] is the resident of Satlok [the True, Eternal Realm]. It has got entangled into the snare of Kal and is wandering in samsara (material universe, world of changes) in different forms. Satpurush sends Satgurus to the world of samsara to teach the misguided souls. Only the Satguru knows the path that liberates souls from the snares of Kal. The soul by following the teachings of the Satguru, gets liberated and goes to his permanent abode, that is Satlok.

Devotion to Satpurush alone can free the souls from the clutches of kal. Worship to poly-gods, ghosts and other celestial objects have been discouraged by the Sants (saints). Observance of rituals and wandering in places of pilgrimage without true devotion to the Lord serve no purpose. One should take vegetarian food only. Eating of meat is completely prohibited in his order [the order of Sant Dariya Sahib].

Sant Dariya has advocated two paths only for attainment of nirvana:

1. Thr Path of Knowledge (Gnosis)

2. The Path of Bhakti (Devotion)

This human birth is most precious and it should not be lost in mere satisfaction of sensuous pleasures, accumulation of wealth and wielding power. Human birth should be utilised for the realisation of Pad-Nirvan (God). If this opportunity is lost, none can say when one would be fortunate to get the human birth again. The getting of human birth is rare. One does not become high or low from his origin of birth. By acquiring virtues and doing good deeds only, one becomes high.

Like all other saints of Nirguna School [devotees of the Formless Lord of Love], Dariya Saheb discarded Avatarbad (belief in incarnations). He did not believe in the theory of Divine creation of four classes of people as Brahman. Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra .

The soul and God are two different entities. The soul takes
different forms (Rupas) in Samsara whereas God [Anadi Satpurush] is beyond Samsara. God is one while souls are many. Souls get tainted by the load of deeds and reaps the fruits of his actions [karma]. God is nirlep ( beyond getting tainted).

The Teachings of the Saints [Sant Mat] could be summarised in the following three:

1. Right Gahani (Understanding)
2. Right Rahani (Living)
3. Simran (Mindfulness, Repeating God's Name, Meditation)

Some Mystic Poetry of Sant Dariya Sahib, Saint of Bihar, India

Be not intimidated by any fear.
Hold fast to the Naam [The Light-Sound, Lifestream]
which is always there to help.
Having come to this world
I will emancipate the souls
By giving them the mark of the Sound Current.
That Living Lord who shatters pride
And dissolves sin is always there to help.

The holy places of Mecca and Madina
are within this heart,
Look within it and you will find them there.

The Lord is my Beloved,
Who is close to the heart of the lover.
He is seen in each heart,
In each heart His palace is alike.

I have told you again and again,
He is seen close by, although seems far off.
The One who has built this house (body),
Dwells within it and is ever present there.

See the manifestation of the Lord within the heart,
says Dariya,
By using the collyruim of the Guru's wisdom.
By contemplating his holy feet within the heart,
One can have easy access to the goal
of the Inaccessible Path.

The inner moon is the luminous lamp,
In the Light of which the lover finds the Beloved.

A great rejoicing goes on within the inner Garden,
And the sight of the dear Beloved pleases the heart.
One thus enters the Abode of the Lord,
And serves at his door as a true Saint.

Let your heart be the mirror,
Within it will be seen your unparalleled Home.
Your true Home is visible in this mirror,
And therein is seen a Refulgent Form.

God shines clearly as the polar star,
His splendor is spread behind the inner veil.
Search for the Saint, the remover of the rust,
Then cleanse all the rust of your mirror.
As the mirror of your heart is gradually cleansed,
Its light and luster will increase day by day.

The technique of love is truly the root of spirituality.
Follow this technique as imparted by the Master.
When with his grace the inner lamp is lighted,
The true Naam [inner Light & Sound], the support of all, comes to sight.

Without love there can be no devotion and wisdom.
With love arisen, they can be experienced
with the Guru's grace.
With intensification of love, one comes in contact
with the True Sound,
And like a lotus in water, abides in its peace and bliss.

The true Lord resides within this body,
Recognize Him through the manifestation of true love.
By entering within yourself,
See the manifestation of the true wisdom.

Entering the cave of the inner sky,
See the manifestation of the boundless Sound.

By dwelling upon the Unstruck Divine Music,
the inner experience opens up.
And with the realization of the Truth,
one reaches the other shore.

This realization is beyond the experience
of the three worlds.
It is the realization of the Primeval Lord,
the very goal of our love.

This is the Fearless Realm where fear is destroyed,
One becomes immortal and rejoices forever.

It is the Primeval Sound which carries one to this Abode,
And it is the Satguru who makes it known.

There the passage is made through the eye of the needle.
Gems glitter there in the refulgence of Light.

Our path is through subtle regions,
There the inner sight illumines our way.

He, who carries on the practice of the true Sound,
Beholds the Truth from the beginning to the end
within his body.
By realizing the true Sound with rapt attention,
He attains the status of a pure swan.
Such a devotee reaches the Immortal Abode,
And there he sees mysterious and wondrous sights.
With the bright sun of the Satguru's Sound [Shabda]
arisen within,
He becomes pure and can never be touched by blemishes.

Without love there can be no devotion and wisdom.
With love arisen, they can be experienced
with the Satguru's grace.
With intensification of love, one comes in contact
with the True Sound,
And like a lotus in water, abides in its peace and bliss.

When love and endearment are firmly engrained,
One attains the elixir of Nam, and enjoys its bliss.
Being firmly entrenched in love and endearment,
And being well-steeped in devotion,
one obtains the true love.

Have love for the lotus feet of the Satguru, 0 wise men.
This life is short.
Give up needlessly extended discussions.

With love and wisdom arisen,
One moves with detachment in the world.
He who finds a Satguru,
Has the true recognition of the path, says Dariya.

So long as the lover is not immersed in love,
His sins and evil thoughts are not washed off.
If one's attention is not absorbed in the inner sky,
How can he see the wondrous inner sights?

So long as the intense longing for the Beloved
does not arise,
And the heart is not filled with love;
The spiritual goal cannot be attained
By mere observance of religious practices,
vows and rituals.

Whatever be the bulk of one's charity and virtuous deeds,
One can find no foothold anywhere without devotion.

Have firm faith in love and devotion.
Love is the essence of spiritual truth.
Reflect on this saying of the Saints,
By this alone, one is saved from the ocean of the world.

Without love, one goes to the abode of Yama,
But being endowed with love, one attains the immortal fruit.

Blessed is the eye which is permeated with love.
Without love it is like a pebble or stone.
Like a gardener without a garden,
the eye remains empty without love.
What is the state of a human being without love?
He is like one who is denied all delicacies,
and whose mouth is filled only with dust.
Without love one does not find the flow
of the Sound Current.
But when the flower of love blossoms,
its fragrance is praised by all.

Many are the paths prevalent in this world
Knowing the proper wisdom, work out your own salvation.
He who obtains a wise and discriminating Saint,
Recognizes the path of salvation.

The technique of love is truly the root of spirituality.
Follow this technique as imparted by the Master.
When with his grace the inner lamp is lighted,
The true Nam, the support of all, comes to sight.

Just as the lotus resides in water,
It does not come to bloom by water.
Only when the light of the sun appears,
Does the lotus open its petals,
As the contemplative (inner) eye opens to see.

The spiritual lotus likewise resides in the human body
which is like a pond.
Its sustaining water is close to the lotus.
But only when love for the Satguru arises,
Does the inner lotus bloom,
And one becomes a devotee of the Lord's holy feet.

Without love, there is no spiritual path.
The path lives in love.

With intensification of love, one comes in contact
with the True Sound,
And like a lotus in water, abides in its peace and bliss.

When love and endearment are firmly engrained,
One attains the elixir of Nam, and enjoys its bliss.
Being firmly entrenched in love and endearment,
And being well-steeped in devotion,
one obtains the true love.

Without love one does not find the flow
of the Sound Current.
But when the flower of love blossoms,
its fragrance is praised by all.

-- Sant Dariya Sahib,
"Dariya Sahib - Saint of Bihar"
by K. N. Upadhyaya

Friday, May 04, 2007

We Are Influenced by the Company We Keep -- Satsang

We Are Influenced by the Company We Keep -- Satsang
Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}


In the company of the negative, one loses love and devotion for God along with their entire spiritual qualities, whereas in the company of devotees or Saints one develops love, devotion and spiritual wisdom, and enjoys the fruit of divine bliss. To increase love and devotion for God, and to wash off the impurities of the mind, are the basic functions of Satsang (spiritual gathering for instruction and meditation at the feet of a living Master, association in the name of Eternal Truth or God).

Verses About Satsang by Sant Dadu Dayal, the Compassionate Mystic

Bhajan of Dadoo

Something becomes sweet when mixed with sugar,
it becomes salty when mixed with salt.
Such is the nature of humanity, 0 Dadu.
This is our trait, indeed.

In the company of the unholy,
a barrier is created,
and the taste of piety and devotion disappears;
In the company of the holy,
bliss is generated, and overfilled is one with joy.

If the company of the holy one is obtained,
the divine fruit of immortality does it bear.
But if the company of the unholy is obtained,
the fruit of poison does it yield, sayeth Dadu.

In the assembly of a Saint, noble thoughts arise.
Whereas by sitting in the assembly of worldlings,
knowledge parts company with the body, 0 Dadu.

The company which does not arouse piety and devotion,
wherein the Lord is not talked about,
whereby blemishes of sensuality are not shaken off,
by what measure can that be called a true Satsang?

-- Sant Dadu Dayal, the Compassionate Mystic
"Encyclopaedia of Sants of India, Volume 25: Sant Dadu Dayal"

The Body is the Temple of God -- Meditation is Entering Within the Temple

The Body is the Temple of God -- Meditation is Entering Within the Temple

The body is the Lord's seat.
It is a temple.
It is the vehicle and it alone determines one's caste.
Burn the incense,
light the candle
and make offering of food to the Lord
within the body itself.
Worship Him within thy body.
Seeking within the body [meditation],
one finds priceless treasure.
One neither gains nor loses anything here.
One should sing the Lord's Name.
Whatever is in Brahmand (the macrocosm) exists
in the Pind (the microcosm [of the body]),
and whoever seeks, will find it.
Pipa pays obeisance to the Supreme Being
whose secret the Satguru alone can give out.

-- Pipa (from Rajashthan)
"Sants, Sadhus, Mahatmas and Devotees of the Past"
S. D. Maheshwari
Agra, India