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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Love, Yearning and Gradual Progress Within

Love, Yearning and Gradual Progress Within

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

The mind has forgotten its real Abode ages ago. Having clung to Maya [illusion] and its objects, it act perversely. Unless it is fully purified, the Inner Eye will not be opened. However, elevation of the spirit shall continue in a subtle form. The Path will thus be opened and cleared. When the mind has been completely corrected, and the surat (spirit) has acquired the strength to partake of the bliss of Higher Regions, Radhasoami Dayal [The Merciful Lord of the Soul] will graciously open the Inner Eye to some extent, and vouchsafe sufficient strength. He will augment Prem (love) a great deal. This will accelerate the inner progress of the spirit. Thus the Path will be easily traversed. It is only then the Jiva (soul, spirit) will understand fully the eminence of Sat Purush Radhasoami Dayal, His Shabd and the mode of devotional practices. He will attain Freedom-From-Care, and intense bliss.

Till such a stage is attained, an Abhyasi Satsangi should go on patiently applying himself to his Abhyas (devotional and meditation practices) with love and faith, and watch his gradual progress. The sign of progress consists in his mind acquiring ever-increasing love for and faith in Radhasoami Dayal, His Shabd and the modes of devotion taught by Him. Conversely, his attachment with the world and its pleasures, his kith and kin, is reduced.

All Sants, and Soami Ji Maharaj in particular, have, in their Bani [hymns], laid great stress upon engendering love. The idea is that the task can be accomplished quickly and easily with the help of love. Mere renunciation cannot afford so much advantage, nor can mere comprehension of the Faith confer such a benefit. All activities in the world are going on because of love and desire. If one does not have any feeling of love or he has no interest in a matter, he can do nothing. For the real spiritual welfare of their soul, it therefore behoves all Jivas to develop true love for the true Supreme Being.

-- Huzur Maharaj,

The surat regularly engages in spiritual practices with patience and calm.

Cherishing love and yearning within, she comes to the Guru's Abode.

On hearing Guru's instructions, she feels extremely delighted and daily augments her love for Him.

Understanding the inner secrets from Guru, she applies her Surat to Shabd.

By performing Sumiran [repeating God's Name], she undergoes internal purification. In Dhyan, she has Darshan [Vision] of Guru's form.

Illumination within goes on increasing day by day and Shabd [inner Sound] creates greater and greater tumult.

She regularly makes spiritual endeavours with patience and calm. She awakens love within her with yearning at heart.

She hears the Ringing of the Bell, the blowing of the Conch, the beating of the Drum, the tuneful music of the Violin and the melodious note of the Flute.

Hearing the Sound of the Bin (Harp), she gets intoxicated and reaches the Abode of Sat Purush.

Relying upon the grace and mercy of Radhasoami, she proceeds further and repairs to her True Home.

-- Prem Bani Radhaswami, Volume Two