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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sant Mat Satsang Newsletter/Blog: Light and Sound on the Path: More Light

Light and Sound on the Path: More Light! ("Mehr Licht") -(Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

These Solstice-related holidays have the theme of the return of Light or miracles associated with the Renewal or Incarnation of the Light in the physical plane. Happy Holidays of Light and May the New Year Bring Much Wisdom.

Jai Guru, Radhasoami,
Jai Sat Naam, In the Light and Sound of the Beloved,

Sant Mat Fellowship
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The universe within is infinitely larger than the universe without. And if the universe without is over 40 billion light-years and expanding, and yet is merely a tiny drop in a Divine Ocean, this implies much about the Heavens or Dimensions that are waiting for us within.

Rumi: "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."

"On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure. Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear." (Bhagavad Gita)

"The knowledge of the soul and Supreme Soul is the highest level of knowledge for human beings. It uplifts us from earthly suffering, births and deaths to the State of Salvation (i.e. Moksha, Nirvana)." (Swami Ashutosh Baba)

The December 2011 Sant Mat Satsang Podcast at Blog Talk Radio: The Dharamdasi-Tulsi Sahib Connection: The Five Names and Anurag Sagar

To stream, click this link: http://bit.ly/tAWWmi or to download: http://bit.ly/va43hB

Sant Mat History is the focus of this edition of the Sant Mat Podcast. What is the family tree of Sant Mat? Where does this spiritual path come from? Who used the Five Names (Panch Naam) before the time of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras? Who was Tulsi Sahib's Guru (one of the successors of Sant Dariya Sahib in Bihar)? Who are the People of the Anurag Sagar? Who used the Anurag Sagar (Kabir's "Ocean of Love"), a sacred text of Sant Mat, before the time of Tulsi Sahib and Radhasoami? I make the case that the lineage of Masters begins with Guru Kabir, goes to Sant Dharam Das (the Dharamdasis), then perhaps to one of Dharam Das's successors, such as Churamani Naam, to Dariya Sahib's Guru, to Dariya Sahib of Bihar, then to one of the successors of Dariya (Guna Das or Teka Das), to Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, and branched out from there.

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Let them try to imprison Him in temple, mosque and church!
The Seeing Eye finds the Beloved's signs in every mote.

Very near your heart are seekers of your Vision;
Those who look at the surface are exiled from the Beloved's Light.

What can I say of the grace He showers on me within?
Darshan, the moment I close my eyes, the Beloved's Light begins.
(Love's Last Madness, Darshan Singh, Hohm Press)

I Hear Your Wordless Song

Light that shines from inner skies,
we watch together.
I hear your wordless song,
of bliss and peace.
Skies illumine with you,
hearts burst with joy,
at your wordless song
of Truth.
No longer tied with earthly ropes
of illusion,
Now free .....freed by your song
of silence! (Jennifer Latham)

The more we meditate,
the more we communicate with our inner selves,
the more we contemplate the Light and the Sound,
the more lighthearted and energetic we will be to help others.

If your Eye becomes Single, your whole body shall be full of Light: "The meditator sees a dark void ahead when he closes his eyes. Light is seen when attention is focused in the center of that darkness. Sant Tulsi Sahib articulates this thus: 'Attention is stilled in the inner sky and remains seated day and night at the portal of the til (Point).' That is, the spiritual practitioner who focuses his [or her] attention in the inner void enters into the Gate of Bindu or the Tenth Door." (Swami Achyutanand, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound)

Seeing the Inner Light of God, by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh

Although the "Drishti Yoga" (Yoga of Inner Light or Vision) is more difficult to accomplish than the "Shabda Yoga" (Inner Sound Meditation), it is important to practice first the Yoga of Light to attain Single-pointedness....

Having attained Single-pointedness, the attention should be focused on the inner Sounds. The consciousness will, naturally, be drawn towards the inner Sounds, leaving the bindu (the Radiant Infinitesimal Point) behind. The extreme bliss experienced when hearing the inner Sounds completely absorbs the consciousness....

While meditating on the inner Sound it is possible for the practitioner to also see the Divine Light. Just as while attending a concert, one cannot help but see (the stage, artists etc.), so also the spectacular scenes of the various Non-Conscious Realms also are seen inevitably when engaged in the practice of the Yoga of Sound. Hence, it has been remarked that 'the Light is within the Sound'. Not surprisingly, the practice of the meditation upon the inner Sound may transport its practitioner into the Domain of Divine Light. The Sound, nonetheless, is of utmost importance, is the essence of the practice, and not grasping the Sound, therefore, would be the greatest loss."

"If one is whole, one will be filled with Light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness." (Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas) "If your Eye be Single, your whole body shall be full of Light." (Gospel of Matthew) "There is Light within a Person of Light, and it illuminates the entire cosmos." (Yeshua, Gospel of Saint Thomas) "The Light of one soul is equal to that of sixteen suns."(Anurag Sagar) "Thus as a result of recollecting all these things the impulses of the mind are extended from the sphere of material things towards those impulses which are without limit, that is to say, wonder at the New World, and the faculty of vision which belongs to contemplation [of God]. For when the vision of the mind is mingled with the Light...., all its impulses become infinite. For none of the Visionaries or 'Gnostics' is able to distinguish the identity of the mind as a result of the vision of that glorious Light that is seen ..... for all the innermost chambers of the heart are filled by that blessed Light....". (Joseph the Visionary, Syriac Mystic quoted in, The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, translated from the Aramaic by Sebastian Brock) "Blessed are those who have approached the divine Light, who have entered it and been absorbed by it, mingled in its brightness." (Saint Symeon)

The Nameless God (Anami): "Come, that I may teach you about secrets no person has ever seen. For there exists a Great and Boundless Realm, whose extent no generation of angels has seen, in which there is a Great Invisible Spirit, which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has ever comprehended, and it was never called by any name."(Yeshua, Gospel of Judas)

"It is impossible to confine love to the temporal and transient levels of life, and it is impossible to confine the grandeur and majesty of God to the dimensions of the mind. When I had come to a partial realization of this fact, wise adepts of the inner realms provided me with guidance through the fragrant mystic universe, the spirito-mental region. They showed me their many magnificent planets of light and wonder. It was they who ultimately persuaded me to roam and explore untold realms of gold within myself. I had no fixed starting place in time and space, for I dwelt in a multi-verse that was co-extensive with all the ages. But my inner world was still limited by the boundaries of creation; I needed the guidance of a spiritual adept, within the physical world itself, to give me new birth into the freedom of eternity." (George Arnsby Jones)

He has awaited me for countless ages. Yet I did not know the bliss that was so near to me, for my love was not yet awake. But now, my Lover has made known to me the meaning of the note that struck my ear: Now, my good fortune is come. Kabir says: "Behold! how great is my good fortune! I have received the unending caress of my Beloved!" -- Guru Kabir

The moral code appertaining to Radhaswami Faith is comprised in two sentences:

All acts including spiritual practice which tend to free the spirit from matter and raise it towards its source are good work.

All acts which tend to degrade the spirit be weighing it downwards deeper and deeper into matter are bad work. Again any action done with a view to help the needy from unselfish motives is good work; and the contrary, bad work in this world.

Radhasoami Dayal says that the highest aim and object of every spirit should be to gradually throw off the coating of matter with a view to return to the Supreme Source. This is what He defines as "Good". To seek worldly objects, to set the heart entirely on worldly affairs, is a retrograde movement; and this is "bad". The next aim of every human being should be to do good to his fellow creatures by thought, word and deed as far as practicable, and to avoid injuring them except in the interests of society or for the good of many. (Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Prakash)

"This world is perishable and so also is all that pertains to it. A wise person is he, who, having closely examined the nature of existence here, has realized that it is all transitory and illusory, and consecrated his human form by devoting himself to Bhajan and Sumiran (listening to inner Sounds and repetition of the Holy Name of the Supreme Being) and who, taking the fullest advantage of the various faculties which the Supreme Father has graciously endowed him with, has translated the invaluable jewel within him, which is Surat (spirit, the soul) or the essence of his being, to its Original Abode." (Opening Paragraph of Sar Bachan Radhasoami Prose)

"Who am I; what is the reality of my existence; what is the Truth are some of the questions that agitate a spiritual seeker's mind. None of these questions can be answered fully, since these questions as well as their answers arise at the level of mind, whereas the truth thereof can only be realized, not by the mind but at a level beyond the mind, at the level of the Self. All the scriptures attempt to provide answers to these questions in their own way, but no explanation or description can be fully satisfactory, as the Truth cannot be comprehended completely in words....."

"To realize the Truth, one has to first realise the Self, because the essence of the Truth is the same as the essence of the Self....." (R.K.Gupta, The Science and Philosophy of Spirituality)

"The great philosopher Socrates was asked by Crito 'in what manner should he be buried?' It is said that Socrates had replied: 'In any manner you like, but first you must catch me, the real me. You can bury only my body and not the real me.' Being the irradiation of the all-shining luminous Sat Purush, the soul is also luminous." (R.K. Gupta, The Science and Philosophy of Spirituality)

Always, always meditate day and night: When you rise, when you lie down, when you breathe in, when you breathe out. Waking or sleeping, relish the taste of meditation -- meditation will bring union. Meditation will remove all your burdens; meditation upon Ram's name [God's name] will become your support. Kabir, says, "He is limitless." (Songs of Kabir from the Adi Granth, Nirmal Das, SUNY Press, NY)