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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Freedom of Soul and Religions -- Sant Mat Radhasoami Blog

Freedom of Soul and Religions

"Most people in this world belong to some religion or other. This depends upon their birth, company or outward education. But my dear Souls, God is not bound to any one particular religion, sect or creed. All religions give you some information about God, Soul, good and bad actions, the NAME of God and the Kingdom of God. Otherwise one has no knowledge. There is the Hidden Treasure in all religions. In them are pearls but few can dive to the bottom to obtain them. The body deteriorates but the Soul is imperishable. Our advice is to your Soul, which is free from religions. Nature treats all religions alike. The method of a Soul entering a Christian body is the same as in the case of a Mohammedan, Hindu, Parsi or Jew. In the same way, at the time of death the Soul of a Hindu leaves the body just as it leaves a Mohammedan body. The pain of teething and other ailments are suffered alike by people of all races.

"In short, whatever your religion, race or sex, if you lift your Soul from her present seat in the body and spiritually cross the intervening Heavens as directed by Saints, you will surely reach Him. So let no religion hinder the progress of your Soul. You may take any help from your religion if it can help to open the Hidden Door through which you can pass into the Heavens. Otherwise, leave it respectfully alone. When you are unfettered, you will rise up easily. Religion gives you the hint and a Saint or Spiritual Master will help you to obtain it."

-- Swami Ram Bihari Lal, The Way Out.......Is IN

Looking Within

"When you have controlled your mind a little and begun to catch the spiritual Sound internally, you will notice a ray of Light in the dark chamber just above the eyes. A little further practice will take you to a sky, light pale in color, studied with white stars or a blue or cloudy sky. You pierce through this screen, reach the Tenth Gate of this body and the main entrance. Inside, you will see an Unseen realm [invisible to material eyes but is visible via the Third Eye]."

"You will further notice a blue screen. Pierce through this screen and behold a Lotus with many lights and a candle Flame in the midst. This is the Eternal Candle.

"The sight of this Spiritual Lotus Flower with many reflections of the blazing, wickless Flame, the continuous but light shower of rain without clouds, lightning and thunder, the continuous ringing of bells and shells with music without instruments will bewilder you. This sight will give you a thrill of joy you could never have experienced in this world. A visit to this Heaven will give you some real knowledge about this world which you would not otherwise believe. The noble Spiritual Master must now show the secret passages that lead to the next Heaven..."

-- Swami Ram Bihari Lal, The Way Out.......Is IN

"In the higher spiritual regions, Heavenly Music is the spiritual food for souls."

-- Swami Ram Bihari Lal, The Way Out.......Is IN

-- Free E Book/Spiritual Classic Online @ Scribd: "The Way Out.......Is IN" (An Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation), by Swami Ram Bihari Lal, disciple of Baba Gharib Das, a Perfect Saint and disciple of Param Sant Soami Ji Maharaj of Agra, Founder of the RADHASOAMI Spiritual Science. This booklet was originally printed by Sarai Rohilla, Delhi, India, under the title "True and Practical Divine Knowledge"