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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Mystic-Journey According to J.L. Chaudhari and Mata Ji

The Mystic-Journey According to J.L. Chaudhari and Mata Ji


Sant Mat Fellowship:
{"This mysterious path is described in the holy books,
but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts.
It is found by the grace and guidance of an accomplished teacher."}
Sant Mat Fellowship

The guru-lineage of Yogani Mata Ji: Swami Ji Maharaj (Sant Radhaswami Sahab) of Agra to Huzur Maharaj (Rai Saligram) to Shiv Brat Lal to Baba Faqir Chand to Yogani Mata Ji

The Path of Inner Light & Sound According to J.L. Chaudhari

An email I received a few years back from J.L. Chaudhari, an assistant and spiritual successor of Yogani MataJi, sums up the Path of the Masters (Santmat mysticism) quite well:

"The real message of man's life is "Be Man". The question is how to follow this principle and what should we do to adopt this principle and formula for finding a way to God which is nothing but salvation.

"The only way is to surrender oneself in the Lotus feet of Spiritual Master. After this surrender the disciple and Master become one because a true surrender makes a man free from the bondage of senses, dilution, affection, etc, etc. So far we are under the control of worldly desires the surrender is not possible. So the first step is to be free from worldly desires. But that does not mean that the needs for worldly living should not be fulfilled. In fact needs should be fulfilled and not the desires. If we have taken birth as a human being some food (energy) is necessary for the body to work, but it is not necessary that we always aspire for multi cause meals, it is necessary to put on some cloths to cover the body but not necessary that silk linen is put on, it is necessary that there is a small shelter for living but not necessary that a marble fitted house is with us.

"As a human being we have to survive in this world without caring for ourselves much, without looking to the ills of others rather looking towards ills of ourselves purifying ourselves first and then do something for the purification of others. This is the living of a "lotus" in a pond and that is why the Goddess Saraswati the Goddess for knowledge, wisdom and intellect sits on the Lotus. The Lotus flower blossoms in muddy pond, but any one looking at the flower exclaims wow! How beautiful the flower is? The whole world is a muddy pond and we have to survive in the midst of mud like a lotus flower which does not care for mud but it blossoms for the pleasure and happiness of others. Every morning with sunrise the lotus blossoms. This is what we should also follow. The divine power and light emanated by the Spiritual Master makes us to blossom like the lotus flower provided we have full trust and faith in our spiritual master.

"Sant Mat does not look at the race, the cast, the sect or any other identification for a person rather it looks into the true sense of service, sacrifice surrender, devotion, determination, trust, belief of person towards the Master and those who have these characteristics they may be belonging to any cast, race, country, direction or of any identification can join this Yoga, but for that a true spiritual Master is a must. I don't know whether you have adopted some spiritual Master or your are under the shelter of someone as a spiritual Master. If so, please do surrender yourself to him or her for all what you desire to attain and achieve. The spiritual Master is not the body rather it is the Divine Light the Divine Sound and your own wisdom your own conscious and your own perception which is selfless and without any expectation from any one on this earth."

Yours in Him,

-- J.L. Chaudhari

THE MOTHER -------- Yogini Mataji
[from the book, Enchanted Land, published by the MSAC Philosophy Group]

Since Baba Faqir Chand's death in September of 1981 a number of his disciples serve as gurus. Outstanding among these is a middle-aged woman respectfully called Yogini Mataji who currently lives in a small room on the third floor of the Manavta Mandir ashram in Hoshiarpur.

On my second trip to India in the winter of 1981-82 I was not informed beforehand that Mataji was living within the temple compound. So it was a pleasant surprise when I arrived at Manavta Mandir to learn from Dr. J. L. Jaura, the present administrator of the ashram, that one of Faqir Chand's most advanced disciples was living only a few yards away across the courtyard. I could tell by Jaura's expression that he regarded her as a remarkable woman. Knowing that saints seldom talk about themselves, I asked Jaura to tell me her life story.

I learned that Mataji had shown saintly qualities even as a young child. Although she was married at an early age, as is the custom in India, she did not consummate the relationship because of her singular devotion to God. Nevertheless, as befits a genuinely good person, Mataji personally chose another wife for her husband, who desired to raise a family. When the second wife died several years later, Mataji, not forgetting her responsibility, sought out another wife for her husband.

During all this time Mataji applied herself to intense devotion to God. Her spiritual quest came to fruition when she visited Baba Faqir Chand, the renowned shabd yoga master. At their first meeting Baba Faqir Chand declared that the young woman was already a saint. And on that very day Faqir also appointed her a guru for a number of his women disciples. She has since then been affectionately addressed as Mataji ("Mother dear").

On the night of my arrival at Manavta Mandir, Dr. Jaura invited me to visit Mataji. I readily agreed to the Doctor's kind invitation and was startled when I first saw Mataji as she opened the door to her cloister. I had met her before! Her face also bore an expression of surprised recognition. We had met three years earlier in the home of our mutual friend Swami Yogeshwar, an elderly Christian monk. At that time I had not been informed of Mataji's exalted status but I clearly remembered her exuberant smile and loving eyes. Mataji immediately gave me a strong hug, welcoming me as if I were one of her children.

Mataji exuded a sense of joy and happiness. We talked for more than three hours about a variety of subjects, but I was most intrigued with Mataji's experiences on the inner spiritual planes. I asked her what it was like to leave the body. Mataji responded with a beautiful description of how consciousness can be released from the mortal frame by attaching itself to the stream of celestial music radiating from the top of the head and beyond. To do this, she said, one first must be initiated by a genuine mystic who has gained access to the higher realms. The practice itself, although it may take years to master, sounds relatively simple. The body should be kept perfectly still with one particular posture held for at least three hours. One may choose a cross-legged position (like the yogis in the lotus pose) or a more comfortable, relaxed position in a chair. Keeping the back erect and the mind alert, one continuously repeats God's name as given by his/her guru. This simran, as Mataji termed it, should be done with one's attention centered behind closed eyes.

Coupled with this physical stillness and ceaseless repetition of God's name, the next step is to contemplate the light within. At first, Mataji pointed out, there will be only darkness but eventually light will appear in the form of either small flashes or small star-like points. In any case, one should focus on the radiance, keeping one's simran intact and allowing the light to draw the soul inward. The third and most important step, Mataji said, is to listen to the sound that issues forth from the light. It is this internal music which will numb the body and allow the consciousness to leave its ordinary dwelling. By riding this current of light and sound, like a fish going upstream, the soul will be able to go back to its original home. On the journey within, however, the soul must be guided by a true master so as not to be detained in any of the lower illusory regions. According to Mataji, what near-death patients experience is only the beginning of a vast sojourn into great universes of light, love and beauty.

Personally I was overcome with the profundity of Mataji's account. Although it seemed plausible, especially given the findings of near-death patients who have been resuscitated, the soul's journey in the beginning stages appeared too difficult. How can one sit so still, repeat only holy names and think of God constantly? "By falling in love," Mataji answered serenely. "Because when one is truly in love nothing but the beloved can enter one's mind. So the secret of surat shabd yoga and of mysticism," she goaded, "is not necessarily practice and more practice, but love. To be so devoted to one's Lord that nothing can stand in the way-this and nothing else is the truth of Sant Mat," Mataji stressed.

It was hard for me to leave Mataji that night after such a peaceful and delightful visit. I did, however, see the "dear mother" one more time before my departure. Early in the morning I was ushered into her room to pay my respects and also to thank her for the previous night's delightful conversation. However, I was a bit surprised when I saw Mataji. She was smoking a small Indian cigarette. Now I must confess that I didn't imagine that yogis, especially female yogis, smoked tobacco. But here was Mataji doing exactly that and puffing away nonchalantly, completely oblivious to my childlike notions of how gurus should behave. But, after a few moments I realized how stupid I was in being surprised by the simple act of Mataji's smoking. In the West we sometimes wrongly assume that masters and sages are non-human, as if they didn't get hungry, didn't get sleepy, or didn't urinate. This is not the case, of course, and every mystic I have met is thoroughly human. Each have their own peculiar tastes and dislikes. Each are very normal in their own way. What makes these individuals distinctive is their steadfast devotion to discover the truth within themselves. Instead of searching outside for peace, these mystics focus the majority of their energy to seek the truth within. Spend any time with such enlightened sages and you will automatically feel the pull to do the same.

I think this is perhaps what impressed me the most about Mataji. She put on absolutely no "airs" about her attainment. She was down to earth, personable, affectionate, and not self-conscious (in the bad sense of that term) in the least. She was simply delightful and I found myself won over by her graceful, natural charm. It was also at that moment when I realized the extent of Mataji's enlightenment. As I bowed my head to say good-bye to the "smoking" mother, Mataji said, with a smile, "You are my maharaj, my guru." At first I was a bit thrown off. I reflected to myself, "What could she possibly mean by that statement. I don't even know how to get train directions from Delhi to Hoshiarpur, much less know the inner secrets of the universe." Then it struck me and I understood her meaning. Instead of seeing God in only one form, Mataji sees God in every form, even in someone as completely ignorant as myself.

To Mataji, the beautiful saint of Manavta Mandir, there isn't just one God and many sinful creatures, or a God of Light and a World of Darkness; rather there is only one God manifesting throughout a myriad of forms.

Simran -- Repeating God's Name

Simran leads to happiness,
Through simran pain departs;
Says Kabir, do simran
And you will merge in the Lord. (Kabir)

Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night,
again and again. With care in thought, word and deed,
you will cross to the other shore. (Sant Dadu Sahib)

In the classic bhajans and banis of the classic Sants of India appear numerous names of God. One can read verses exhorting devotees to repeat many names of the Formless One:

"Repeat the Name of Raam".
"Repeat the Name of Radhaswami".
"Repeat the Name of Hari".
"Repeat the Name of Govinda".
"Repeat the Name of Vitthala".
"Repeat the Name of Allah".
"Repeat the Name of HOO (HU)".

Chanting the Name Radhasoami (RadhaSwami: "Ra-Dha-Swammmmm-e")

You have to walk with Me, with My spirit, with My radiation. Receive My radiation first, then you can enjoy every radiation with right understanding and without being submerged and drowned in the current of attraction and repulsion they call Maya [illusion].

Always carry My reflection. My aura or reflection is the sum total energy and My spirit of the universe. I am all strength and courage. I am all love and mercy. I am the potential of all talents. I am the source of all riches. I am the light of all wisdom. I am that truth of all truths.

All exist in Me as they are part of Me and I exist in all of them. They are nothing but Me. You will see that I am vibrating everywhere, not only as light waves but also as sound waves, as the creative force, as the procreative force, as the force of all expansion.

I am the creative force, 'Raaa'.

I am the expanding force, 'Dhaaa'.

I come back with all the vibrations, 'Swammm'.

I become again one with you all and you feel one with Me as 'EEEE'.

Ra Dha Swam i.

(Radhaswami, Ra-Dha-Swam-i, Radhasoami).









Chant this Name, this is Me in sound form.

Enjoy Me in sound form, as the magnetic field of love.

(Discourses of Sree Mentu Maharaj, Volume One)

Prem Bani Radhasoami of Huzur Maharaj

The Supreme Father Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul] loves you dearly.

He will redeem you in a moment.
Believe what I say is true.

Know that Radhasoami is your True Beloved.
His heart is overflowing with compassion for souls.
He imparts them his own strength and redeems them.

Have no anxiety or worry in your mind now.



........ every moment.

Always utter 'RADHASOAMI',
the Name of the Merciful Supreme Being.
Then only will mind and Kal become powerless against you.

Radhasoami is my most Beloved Lord.
None other than Him comes to mind.

I sing praises of Radhasoami again and again
and shall remain at His holy feet ever alert and vigilant.

I discard all the evil tendencies of the mind
and enshrine RADHASOAMI Nam in my heart.

I sing 'RADHASOAMI', 'RADHASOAMI',......every moment.

(Huzur Maharaj, Prem Bani Radhasoami, Volume One)

The Sar Bachan of Swami Ji Maharaj

Radhaswami has imparted a unique message.
The moment I utter the Holy Word 'RADHASOAMI',
all my doubts and misgivings are dispelled.
Radhasoami has taken me in His lap.
Radhasoami will also redeem you.
Repeat the Holy Word 'RADHASOAMI' all the time.
Recite 'RADHASOAMI' all the twenty four hours.
Radhasoami dwells in my heart every moment.

(Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume One)