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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Light and Sound on the Path - June 7th

Light and Sound on the Path - June 7th 

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"We must constantly remember our aim is God. And we must not be concerned with anything that makes us forget Him." - Kirpal Singh

"Surat Shabd Yoga is the Path of the Merciful Lord. I will hold fast to it, I will never give it up."  -- Swami Ji Maharaj, Sant Mat Master

"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing Light of your own being."  -- Hafez

"Those who meditate on the Eternal, like the great ones have done, will discover the Eternal Teacher, residing in their own hearts."  -- Guru Kabir

"One should engender love for the Supreme Being and take shelter (saran) in His divine will (mauj). Hazur Maharaj said that 'a heart devoid of love or affection is as hard as a stone and does not form a suitable receptacle for the Light of Heavenly Grace and Compassion. .... The Supreme Being loves and takes special care of those who love Him with all their heart and soul and gradually draws them towards Himself -- the Center of Pure Light and Attraction.'" (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"Jeeva-atmaa (the Individual Self or Soul) is the indivisible part of the Supreme Being (i.e. the Universal Soul). In the bondage state it is called the Jeeva. Only the individual soul (Jeeva-atmaa) is capable of recognizing itself. When the Self will be realized, only then it will be merged into the Supreme Sovereign God. Then it can be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Besides knowing itself, no other method has been articulated in the holy books and scriptures."  (Swami Sant Bhagirath Baba)

"Practice the Yoga of Inner Light and 'Nada-anu-sandhana' (Yoga of Sound, Surat Shabd Yoga). This will remove the layers of Darkness, Light and Sound (that conceal your Soul from the Supreme Sovereign Soul, i.e. God). You will, thus, get to know 'Who You Are'. And, when you know yourself, you will also know God." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

"You can experience the sound of silence in the mind. You hear it as a kind of high frequency sound, a ringing sound."  -- Ajahn Sumedho

Relentlessly Rise Further and Further into the Subtle Sounds of Heaven

"A human being's ATTENTION is the most precious treasure he possesses. .... It is essential for the seeker to understand the importance of his attention in all his spiritual struggles, both in the search for the answer to the enigma of his existence and in his process of transformation."

"When meditating with this Nada [Inner Mystic Sound], it is essential that the aspirant always seek and follow the particular aspect of it that is most subtle and 'ultra' in pitch as well as in brilliance. Even when the Sound becomes very shrill and loud in moments of deep concentration, he [or she] must not be tempted to be satisfied with it merely because it is sharp and resonant. He should relentlessly attempt to rise further and further into ever more subtle spheres of its mysterious Invisible Kingdom." (Edward Salim Michael, "The Law of Attention - Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance", Published by Inner Traditions books of Vermont)

"The Sound of the Gross Realm is sweet and harmonious. The Sound of the Subtle Realm is even sweeter and more harmonious than the Gross Realm. As one progresses from the Causal toward the Supra-Causal Realm, the experience is of ever increasing sweetness and harmony of the Sound. In the state of Oneness, the plurality of sounds ceases to exist, and only then can the Essential Divine Sound be experienced. Other sounds of the various Realms are not experienced at this level of the State of Oneness. ... The State Beyond Sound [Anadi, Anami Purush, Radhasoami, The Lord of the Soul, God] is acknowledged in the teachings of the Saints as the Goal of the practice. (Maharshi Mehi, The Philosophy of Liberation - Moksha Darshan)

"One grasps the central sounds of the lower realms and progressively is drawn upward to the sounds of the higher realms. Ultimately, one reaches the center of the Original Sound, the Essential Divine Sound, and thereafter attains the Ultimate State, Sabdatit Pad (State beyond Sound). The Yoga of Sound must be practiced in order to attain the Nameless State (Anami, Anadi)." (Maharshi Mehi, The Philosophy of Liberation)

"Receive initiation from the Guru in the true secrets of Shabd. Practice the modes of Surat Shabd Yoga with love and affection. Listen to the reverberations of Anhad Shabd within you. Regularly practice Surat Shabd Yoga. Contemplate the Guru's form. Behold beautiful scenes and spectacles within. When Radhaswami Dayal [the Merciful Lord of the Soul] is pleased to shower His grace, He will elevate your soul along the Current of Shabd. You will then ascend to your True Home." (Huzur Maharaj, Prem Bani)

Buddhism, Sant Mat, Inner Light and Sound Meditation, also, the Question of God and Buddhism: Chapter Three of the Book, The Harmony of All Religions, By Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj - PDF File: http://spiritualawakeningradio.com/Harmony8-ChapterThree.pdf

You Are A Drop of Soul

"God was a wondrous ocean of Light called love. In this Great Ocean of God there were millions and millions of drops of light that were all fast asleep. And because they were asleep they had no idea how magnificent and shining God was. Each and Every drop was a tiny part of the great ocean of God. Each little drop of Light was called a soul. One of those little drops is you! 

"After awhile God willed the creation. He sent forth a wondrous luminous wave of sound and light from his own being and made the entire creation from it. The creation was majestic and beautiful but there were no living things in it to enjoy it. The sound is what makes the body alive and able to jump and run and swim and fly: when the soul's part in the play is finished, the sound leaves the body costume, then the body dies, and no longer lives, breathes or moves. But the soul never dies! Your soul is a radiant drop of God, so the real you lives for ever.

"When the Lord wants one of his souls to come back Home He makes that person feel lonely deep inside, like something is missing. This is the Great Lord's special way of reminding the soul that its Real Home is not in this world but back in the ocean of Light. God has placed an invisible secret door in every human being. God sends his own Great Power, Mercy and Love down into our world to find the marked soul drops and bring them back Home. This Great Power is called a True Living Master and lives inside a human body that looks like yours and mine. He makes a faithful promise to take the soul back Home. He shows that person how to close his eyes, sit very still and lovingly remember the Great Lord. His mind becomes so peaceful and quiet that he is able to hear the wondrous wave of sound and seek the shining light of the stream that flows all the way back to Ocean of the Lord.

"One day the secret opens, revealing the hidden path within: Thrilled, the soul steps across the threshold, into the starry sky of an amazing new world. The Master's dazzling Form made of nothing but the stream of sound and light! Off in the distance ...... the welcoming lights of Home! Overflowing with love and longing for God, the soul rushes on, until it arrives on the very door step of God." (Journey of the Soul, by Victoria Jones, from a webpage)

Sant Mat Radio

June Sant Mat Satsang PODcast -- The Heavens Are Filled With Music -- There is Sound Beyond Silence: The Audible Life Stream: Hearing Inner Music During Meditation: Readings from Sufi, Several Buddhist and Sant Mat Sources -- Click To Listen Anytime

Dadu is one of my all-time favorite classic Sants of India. He was a great poet-mystic and spiritual Master of Divine Light, Sound, and Nirguna Bhakti from Rajasthan in the lineage of Guru Kabir. Anyone who studies his teachings will encounter a very genuine, no-nonsense, pure version of Sant Mat with the perfect balance of God and guru bhakti, love and mysticism (Surat Shabd Yoga, meditation). "The One alone dwells within my heart, day and night I repeat His Name. The Name of God alone is true; keep that within thy heart. Forsake all hypocrisies and cumbrous practices; this is the teaching of all Saints, 0 Dadu."  Mystic Poetry from India: Dadu Dayal -- Click To Listen:

"Ram is my life. Other gods are empty and useless, says Namdev." "I wandered through the cosmos in search of the treasure but found it within me." (Namdev) 
Mystic Poetry from India: Sant Namdev -- Click To Listen:


O Mind, Meditate on the Lord's Name: "Simar Manaa Raam Naam Chitaarey", Kirtan sung by Bhai Niranjan Singh Jawadi Kalan:

Sacred Text at YouTube, Chant, Gurmuki with English Translation: Guru Nanak's Morning Prayer (Jap Ji): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpPJUjebWo8

Brian Eno - How Many Worlds - Time Lapse - Four Seasons -- Have always loved this video. It leads the viewer out of a sense of normal space-time and imparts the wisdom that only a different angle of vision can reveal, as the seasons rapidly pass you by:

Dream Theater - I Walk Beside You:

Lyrics: There's a story in your eyes
I can see the hurt behind your smile
For every sign I recognize
Another one escapes me

Let me know what plagues your mind
Let me be the one to know you best
Be the one to hold you up
When you feel like you're sinking

Tell me once again
What's beneath the pain you're feeling
Don't abandon me
Or think you can't be saved

I walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far

Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you
I walk beside you

Summon up your ghosts for me
Rest your tired thoughts upon my hand
Step inside the sacred place
When all your dreams seem broken

Resonate inside this temple
Let me be the one who understands
Be the one to carry you
When you can walk no further

Tell me once again
What's below the surface bleeding
If you've lost your way
I will take you in

I walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far

Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you
I walk beside you

Oh when everything is wrong
Oh when hopelessness surrounds you
Oh the sun will rise again
The tide you swim against will carry you back home
So don't give up
Don't give in

I walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far

Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you
I walk beside you