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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kabir Books at the Library of My Website

Collections of Kabir at the Spiritual Awakening Website


At the library of my website is: The Anurag Sagar, divided into four PDF files, also, Songs of Kabir translated by Rabindranth Tagore, and a link to the online library of the Kabir Association, where you can read the first two volumes of the Bijak, along with the Satsang Book of Prayers, also published as the book, The Path of Spiritual Realization, plus there are many editions of the Kabir Voice newsletter.

Spiritual Awakening Library:



Radiant Form of the Master

Radiant Form of the Master

(Translated by a satsangi in India.)

Guidance and help of Guru is inevitable and indispensable for progress in one's spiritual pursuits. Without his help it is impossible to move ahead in the spiritual sojourn. Hence, all the saints have underscored the importance of Sadguru and glorified the role and noble virtues of the Guru in their numerous hymns. Below is presented an English translation of a verse taken from "Mehi Padaavali" composed by Maharshi Mehi Paramhansji Maharaj, one of the greatest exponents of Santmat.

O exemplary and Honourable Guru! Kindly bless me so that my consciousness may ascend/rise in the inner (spiritual) sky. Please be generous enough to enable me catch hold of (perceive) the current of the all-pervading eternal Divine Sound. Holding on to your benevolent ray, may I be able to behold your refulgent subtle form. There is none other so lacking or destitute in spiritual means and meditation as am I. So, O Lord! Kindly cast aside these weaknesses and deficiencies inherent in me. Please be forgiving and merciful and destroy or demolish the huge stockpile of evil samskaras I have amassed during my numerous previous births owing to my own improper actions or deeds. O Guru! It is in your basic nature to liberate the disgraceful, sinful souls (mortals). Kindly emancipate me, too, beseeches Maharshi Mehi, in keeping with your true & natural disposition.