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Monday, November 04, 2019

Radhasoami: The Mystery of Soamiji's Well, Lost and Surviving Letters of Soami Ji Maharaj

“One thing which Chachaji did and which will be always remembered was that one day, heaven knows what brainwave he had, he tied up into a bundle many letters of Soamiji Maharaj in His own handwriting, His other papers, as well as many articles of His use, and dropped the bundle into the well at Soami Bagh sanctified by Soamiji Maharaj. He then went to Lala Tote Ram and told him what he had done. Hearing him, Lala Tota Ram gave out a shriek and said, ‘O Chachaji Saheb, what have you done?’ (Bhaktmal of the Radhasoami Faith, by S.D. Maheshwari, pages 25 and 26)

The Surviving and the LOST Letters of Swami Ji Maharaj & the Mystery of Soamiji's Well! Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast: https://tinyurl.com/TheMysteryOfSoamiJisWell