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Thursday, February 03, 2022

Inner Sound Meditation: "Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Acts of John)


Inner Sound Meditation: "Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Acts of John)

Baba Ram Singh Ji, from a Satsang Discourse Titled, Whatever Attracts The Mind, It Runs Towards That -- And There Is Nothing More Attractive Than The Naam

"Paltu Sahib says, 'As long as you do not lose yourself from this world and focus within, you will not be able to go within. You have to stay aloof in this world. You have to lose yourself to this world and get your love and affection towards the Master....'"

Baba Ram Singh: "There is no true enjoyment and peace in anything outside — be it wealth, be it status, be it relations, nothing will give you true happiness and true peace. If there is one place that you can get true peace and happiness, that is within yourself because that is there in the Naam within and the mind is a lover of that attraction. Whatever attracts it, it runs towards that. And there is nothing more attractive than the Naam. And, therefore, the mind immediately detaches from the world and attaches with Naam.

"When the mind merges with the Sound Current, when it feels the intoxication of the Sound Current, that is the intoxication which cannot be offered by anything in these three worlds. And when the mind gets that intoxication, it immediately kicks away the rest of the world — everything that it has been pursuing till then — it kicks off all of that and merges itself with that Sound Current and enjoys that intoxication.

"The burden of karmas which the mind is carrying, all the filth of karmas which it carries, all that is burned in a fraction of a second when it gets connected to the Sound Current. And it becomes crystal clear, like a glass.

"That Sound Current is very pure, and if we have to aim to merge into that Sound Current, then we have to purify our lives. We have to live a pure life and we have to refrain from doing things that will put a burden on us.

"As soon as the Sound Current is manifested, the mind is intoxicated in that and wants to leave everything else and, even for second, does not want to leave that Sound Current. It understands its true self — that it is an essence, an element, of Brahm. And then it feels the pangs of going back to Brahm.

"So, Mahatmas say, 'No other means — there are no other means — you may try a million different ways, but you will not be able to control the mind. The mind can only get controlled by manifesting the Sound Current within.'"

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"Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Acts of John)

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