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Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Sant Mat Satsang Podcast: Chand Mat

January Sant Mat Satsang Podcast: Chand Mat

Baba Faqir Chand's Commentary on the Esoteric Instructions of Swami Ji Maharaj (Hidayatnama)

Program Length: 41 Minutes

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"The sages of India discovered the truth of man's potential perfection and his ability to actualize it in their thousands of years of spiritual experimentation. They wrote down the steps for this attainment for their followers. The tradition of passing, from master to disciple, this spontaneous achievement of living in God in our waking life has continued in almost all the cultures of the world, but the secrecy and mystery of this mysticism have often led to confusion even until the present day.

"Some paths and techniques of meditation are indirect, vague, complicated, and difficult.

"The uncovering of this secret and the simplest explanation of this universal way of man's union with God is the fundamental purpose of this book.

"The epitome of the pathway of God-realization is expounded in Surat-Shabda Yoga, or Union with God through the technique of Light and Sound. This path has been present, although concealed, in all major religions of the world. Recently however, its direct revelation and practical application have openly emerged." (I.C. Sharma, from the Introduction to, Instructions For Seekers-Surat Shabda Yoga-The Yoga of Light and Sound)

Baba Faqir Chand, Radhasoami Satsang Hoshiarpur (Manavta Mandir Ashram)

The theme this month is "Chand Mat", that is to say, the teachings of the Baba Faqir Chand branch of the Radhasoami Faith, with readings from: The Sar Bachan Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj, including from the Esoteric Instructions (Hidayatnama) of Swami Ji, a prayer from Light On Ananda Yoga by Shiv Brat Lal, readings from Dr. Ishwar C. Sharma and Baba Faqir Chand from Instructions For Seekers-Surat Shabda Yoga-The Yoga of Light and Sound (Chand's Commentary on the Sar Bachan), Baba Faqir Chand from Jeewan Mukti (Liberation In Life), Enchanted Land from the chapter dedicated to Yogani Mata Ji, and a satsang discourse from J.L. Chaudhari.

Swami Ji Maharaj: Sadguru Khojo Ri Pyari, Jag Main Durlabh Ratan Yahi."My dearest aspirant! Continue your research for a true and perfect master, because he is rare like a precious diamond."

Baba Faqir Chand: "The masses adopt a Guru, merely on reputation, without making thorough research themselves. That is why they do not find real Gurus. If such rare saints are difficult to find, one should associate with those saints who are on the way to perfection. Only those persons are capable of uniting with God, or Truth, who consider other human beings equal to themselves and hold no jealousy, hatred, or other negative ideas in their mind....

"Disciple: But, most of the disciples have been associated with their Gurus for a very long time. Why then, have they not attained anything that is granted by a saint? Also, the Gurus have been engaging their disciples in different kinds of services. Why do they advise some disciples in one way and others in a different way?

"Faqir: In fact, a true master knows very well why a special disciple has come to his refuge. Some Gurus, who are keen to recruit as many disciples as they can, to exploit those people who are in trouble. But a true or perfect master never exploits his dear disciples. He loves them and advises them according to their respective backgrounds and capabilities, which are different for different people. He tells his disciples to be engaged in different kinds of activities, which either help them to fulfill their worldly desires of material things, or to rid themselves of those desires after a good deal of experience. A person can never realize Truth, or attain peace, as long as he is a slave to passions and desires. That is why Hidayatnama clearly says that first a devotee should resign his desires for wealth, prosperity, and family to the will of God and then go to the saints for guidance. In this way all his problems will be solved. Those who do not follow these instructions take a longer time to resolve their problems. The order of the perfect master and the path suggested by him should be considered as supreme. The seeker would experience peace and bliss by applying the instructions of his master to his practical daily life....

"Many Gurus are concerned with accumulating wealth and fame and their disciples are equally motivated by worldly desires. So instead of being enlightened and liberated, seekers are more and more involved in material things and thus subjected to the cycle of birth and death. When a Guru who is the true practitioner of The Yoga of Light and Sound is found by a disciple who is truly desirous of being freed from the spatio-temporal world, then and only then the relationship of the disciple and the master has some significance."

Yogani Mata Ji

Jai Guru Radhasoami,