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Friday, July 23, 2021

Subscribing to My Sant Mat Radhasoami Blog via Email After Feedburner Email Disappears

James Bean of the Sant Mat Radhasoami blog here (Light and Sound on the Path, Spiritual Awakening Radio). Since subscribing to my blog via Feedburner email is about to disappear -- it's being phased out -- I am inviting you to join my Groups IO site (newsletter, e-mailing list). It receives the same blog entries as Blogspot, Wordpress, Medium, and Live Journal, and will be a way for you to continue subscribing via email if you like. One can join the Groups IO site with whatever email address they wish, and then join this group there: Sant Mat Fellowship. It's a bit like the old Yahoo Groups, only nicer. It is another way for people to keep track of my blog entries and podcast announcements.

To Sign Up For Groups IO, go here: https://groups.io/register

Then Join Sant Mat Fellowship @ Groups IO: https://santmatfellowship.groups.io/g/main