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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sant Mat: The Mark of Recognition of a Sant Satguru

Sant Mat: The Mark of Recognition of a Sant Satguru

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

(See notes below for all the mystic-terms used here such as Sat Lok, Shabda Swarup, Shabda Guru, and other words of the Masters.)

From, "Catechism of the Radhasoami Faith" (Prashnottar), by Huzur Maharaj

Q. 39. What is the mark of recognition of a Sant Satguru?

A. 39. The first mark of recognition is that the saints can only be those who have their Abode in Sat Loka and who preach the path of the Shabda (Word, Sound Current) and point out its Secret and who are themselves Shabda Swarup within.

Secondly, when any devotee or a deserving seeker appears before Them, his spirit and mind may of themselves begin to concentrate and get elevated and enjoy the bliss thereof.

Thirdly, Their discourses are very precise, deep and effective and the listener may get satisfied and convinced according to what he deserves and the stage at which he is.

Fourthly, in case anybody begins to have faith in Them without argument, They grant him some internal experience and bliss.

Fifthly, They live according to what They teach.

Sixthly, They take care of Their Satsangis internally and externally.

Mystic-Terms of the Masters --- Notes:

Sant Mat: Teachings of the Saints or Masters; Religion of Sants, Radhaswami Faith; Surat Shabd Yoga,

Sant: (1) Good, virtuous, pious; excellent; steady, respectable, venerable; a pious or venerable person, a saint, (2) Embodiment of Truth. A special and beloved Son of the Supreme Being. One who has access to the purely spiritual regions beyond Brahmand and Par-Brahmand.

SAT: (1) Eternal Truth -- That which really is, entity, existence, essence, the self-existent or universal spirit; reality, fact, truth, essence, cream, marrow, (2) Immutable Truth, (3) Imperishable, Real, Eternal, Changeless, (4) Absolute and Immutable, (5) Sat Purush; True Being,

SatGuru: True and Perfect Spiritual Guide

Sat Lok: True Sphere, Heavenly Region, Above Time, Pure Spirit, Home of the Soul,

Shabda or Shabd: (1) Sound; Voice; Word; Name, (2) A song, a hymn, (3) Prime manifestation; the sound which accompanies the current of energy,(4) Word, Name, internal voice or sound, (5) Shabd is the cause and sustainer of the whole creation, Its force and vitality permeate the whole creation. Its currents are giving life to the body and all sense-organs. It is present within all. He, who meditates and diverts his attention inwards, in accordance with the teachings of Sants, can hear the sound, accompanying that current, and by its contact realise its bliss. (6) The regenerative spiritual current, (7) Force or energy, when it becomes kinetic or active, produces sound, which is called Shabd or Naam or Name, (8) Emanation from the Supreme Being -- God,

Shabda Swarup -- Shabda Guru: Inner Master, natural character or appearance, true countenance or form of the Sant Satguru, Spiritual Form, Holy Form,

Satsangi: One who attends Satsang: associate or follower or disciple of Sant Sat Guru; one who, having full belief and confidence in the Sant Sat Guru and His words is practising Surat Shabd Yoga under His immediate direction, and having traversed some distance is pushing upwards; A Sadhu or Satsangi is he who has traversed some distance and is engaged in the performance of the spiritual practices with love and ardour, and is to get access to Daswan Dwar and Sat Lok. (mostly based upon, The Glossary of the Radhasoami Faith)

Remember the thousands of heretics and lovers of God

Remember the thousands of heretics and lovers of God


The Mirror of Simple Souls

Love: This Soul has within her the mistress of the Virtues, whom one calls Divine Love, who has transformed her completely into herself, is united to her, and which is why this Soul belongs neither to herself nor to the Virtues.

Reason: But who are you, Love? says Reason. Are not you one of the Virtues with us even though you be above us?

Love: I am God, says Love, for Love is God and God is Love, and this Soul is God by the condition of Love. l am God by divine nature and this Soul is God by righteousness of Love. Thus this precious beloved of mine is taught and guided by me, without herself, for she is transformed into me, and such a perfect one, says Love, takes my nourishment.

-- Marguerite Porete (?-1310)

We know very little about Marguerite Porete, only that she was a beguine from Hainaut who was burned at the stake as a relapsed "heretic" in 1310. She might have been a solitary itinerant beguine who expounded her teachings to interested listeners. She wrote, "The Mirror of Simple Souls", in Old French sometime between 1296 and 1306. (The Mirror of Simple Souls. The Classics of Western Spirituality series, Paulist Press)

Remember the thousands of heretics and lovers of God

"Most social religions are of recent origin," said the mystic adept, "but love and God existed even before the creation of the world. And so, if you find any person who becomes a victim of love, you should never call him an unbeliever. It is impossible to confine the concept of love to the human and temporal levels. Remember the thousands of so-called heretics and lovers of God who have been condemned as 'unbelievers' because of their all-embracing approach to the supreme Lord of Love."

"All beautiful forms and tones of this world are mere reflections of some aspect of that ultimate Love-Music of the Great Creative Word. Within the vast complex of creation, each individual spirit is himself/herself a spark of that Eternal Song of Love."

"There are those who have wandered among the darting comets and the shimmering orbs of sounding fire. The soul-explorer is not alone, for there are those who have traveled the highways of the inner cosmos; far more than one may at first realize."

-- George Arnsby Jones, from his visionary mystical book, The Pilgrimage of James -- An Odyssey of Inner Space, Peacehaven Press