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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Gratitude For Divine Grace, also, A Collection of Syriac and Gospel of Thomas Podcasts


Gratitude For Divine Grace, also, A Collection of Syriac and Gospel of Thomas Podcasts

“When evening comes, collect your thoughts and ponder over the entire course of the day: observe God’s provincial care for you, consider the grace which he has wrought in you throughout the whole span of the day; consider the rising of the moon, the joy of daylight, all the hours and moments, the divisions of time, the sight of different colors, the beautiful adornment of creation, the course of the sun, the growth of your own stature, how your own person has been protected; consider the blowing of the winds, the ripe and varied fruits, how the elements minister to your comfort, how you have been preserved from accidents, and all of the other activities of grace. When you have pondered on all this, wonder at God’s love towards you will spring up within you, and gratitude for his acts of grace will bubble up inside you.” (John the Solitary, Moran Etho: Spirituality in the Syriac Tradition, by Sebastian P. Brock)

Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts @ Youtube on the Syriac Mystics, Gospel of Thomas, Odes of Solomon and Acts of Thomas, Favorites of the Syriac East

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