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Sunday, December 10, 2017

PODCAST: Shri Bhagirath Baba on Meditation Practice -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast

PODCAST: Shri Bhagirath Baba on Meditation Practice -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast


PODCAST: Shri Bhagirath Baba on Meditation Practice -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast with James Bean -- Listen @ Youtube: https://youtu.be/NuukdlF1p9E

Notes About Today's PODCAST

Mystic poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib titled, "Behold Thy Beloved Within";

Simran (Manas Jap, Mantra, Sacred Name Recitation) Done With Love is the Most Effective;

How to Have Spiritual Dreams and Satsang in the Dream-state;

A Discourse by Shri Swami Sant Bhagirath Baba on Where to Find God;

Swami Vyasanand has written about Why We Do Simran (Repeat Names of God) Mentally in Sant Mat Instead of Vocal Chant;

Shri Bhagirath Baba on Spiritual Practice: the Stages of Sant Mat Meditation; and,

The Day That Counts is the Day That Includes the Repetition of God's Name(s): Mystic Verses of Kabir;

God is the Ocean of Love.

Jai Sat Naam, Sat Naam Satguru, Jai Guru, Radhasoami, Satya Raam, Bandagi Saheb, Namaste', In Divine Love, Light and Sound, Peace Be to You,
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