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I worship only God-within, nothing else, says Namdev

I worship only God-within, nothing else, says Namdev

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{"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." -- Sant Dadu Dayal}

Sant Namdev

Below is from, The Hindi Padavali of Namdev, translated into English by Winand. M. Callewaert, published by Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi.

The name Ram [God]
has entered my heart
placing a golden scale

I worship only
nothing else
says Namdev.

Love of Ram
is hard, Father
till you see the self
pervading everything.

Your fine exterior
filthy within
cannot be washed
with water, idiot.

God is no idol
nor the proffered leaves.
Namdev does not worship
in this manner.

False worship
cannot please Ram.
It may fool
the shallow
and the blind.

My eyes have turned
My heart clings
to the feet
of Ram.
says Namdev.

Who can be tainted
once he says Ram?
Sinners become pure
when they cry Ram.

Those who live
in the truth of Ram
should they fast
or visit holy sites?

In remembrance
I found
the right thing to do
says Namdev.

They will surely
find moksha [liberation],
those who say Ram.

Sing Ram.
Narhari, Sri Banvari.
Constantly worship
the feet of Murari.

The guru's word
is a stairway to heaven.
The heart is Prayag*
where sweet love flows.

I wandered
through the cosmos
in search of the treasure
but found it within me.

Do not come or go
stay at home and
sing of your Ram
says Namdev.

I have pleaded with Ram
I shall not ask another.
My life grows shorter
I cannot waste another birth.

I will not implore another god.
My tongue will taste only the elixir of Ram.

Ram is with everyone,
whether a worm
or a moth
or still.

Ram is my life
other gods are empty and useless
says Namdev.


--- Sant Namdev

*Note: "Prayag": Prayag is the ancient name for the city of Allahabad. In Prayag the river Yamuna meets the Ganga. Another river, called the Sarasvati, is also said to meet the Ganga here, although it remains invisible and is believed to follow a subterranean path. The confluence (Triveni) of these three rivers is a very holy site, and millions go to bathe there. In Sant literature Prayag or Triveni is the name for the confluence of three mystic channels in the body, called ida, pingala and susumna. This was an important concept in Tantrik yoga and in Nath lore and it greatly influenced the Sants.

Sant Namdev