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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kabir Poems: Lily-Like Soul, and, Ocean-Heart of Mercy

Kabir Poems: Lily-Like Soul, and, Ocean-Heart of Mercy

Sant Mat Quote of the Day:

O Lily-Like Soul!

O lily-like soul!
Why are you withering? 
Your stem is in water,
The water is in the pond, 
The pond is God.
It is while in the water that you grow,
And in it that you live
You ARE always in the water! 
There is no heat below you, 
And no fire above you.
So what flame is afflicting you, 
That you are withering so?
Kabir says, "Those who remain in the water, 
And continue to absorb and be absorbed by it,
Kabir knows they will not die."

Ocean-Heart of Mercy

Keep on doing your work. 
Keep on reciting God's name,
And you will live pleasantly in the world.
With true love as your master,
Your life-map will change. 
Remember the promise you made [in the womb], 
That you would use your body wisely?
How easily you have forgotten it. 
You have earned no merit.
You have become quite intoxicated with the world, 
And lost the true wealth you possessed.
At the end of life you will be compacted,
Into innumerable birth forms. 
You obtained human form,
After enduring sufferings and difficulty,
So set your vision straight ahead, 
Walk the path of life.
Your feet have become delicate,
And at anytime, they could give way. 
Abandon treachery and deceit, 
Lose attachment and illusion, 
Avoid strenuous effort.
Instead, develop love for God, 
Seek refuge at God's feet.
The ocean heart of mercy is like wax, 
As soon as conditions are right, 
It melts with love for you.