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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mystic Poem of Baba Devi Sahab: Guru is Indispensable for Self-Realisation!

Mystic Poem of Baba Devi Sahab: Guru is Indispensable for Self-Realisation!

Sant Mat Fellowship:
{"This mysterious path is described in the holy books,
but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts.
It is found by the grace and guidance of an accomplished teacher."}

Guru is Indispensable for Self-Realisation!

- Baba Devi Sahab

[Very little of what Baba Devi Sahab said is available in written form and the poems composed by him are still rarer to find. Given below is English translation of one such poem taken from the book "Satsang Bhajanaavali" compiled & edited by Swami Achyutanand ji. Swami Achyutanand ji is a direct disciple of Maharshi Mehi, still very actively involved in propagation of Santmat even at his ripe age of about 80 years. He was the founder editor of the spiritual monthly "Shanti Sandesh" started by Maharshi Mehi. ]

- poem translated by Pravesh K. Singh

Phonetic Version (in English) of the Original Poem:

"Hamaaraa Maalik sabake maanhi.
Sabame hai aur sabate nyaaraa, aisaa adbhut saain.
Jo guru mile to bhed bataawe,bin guru daras na paaee.
Sabate badaa chhot sabahee te, ghat-ghat rahaa samaaee.
Jaa ghat me pargat hoy darase, taakee bali-bali jaahee.
Roop rang aakaar na jaake, ved netikar gaaee.
'Devi' kas-kas waahi bakhaane, kahan sunan me naahee."


[Our Lord resides in all (of us).
He, our Lord, is so wonderful that though He pervades everything, (
yet) He is separate from and transcends everything.
It is not possible to see Him (
in His true form) without meeting, and learning the secrets from, (the accomplished) Guru.
He is blessed and adorable within whose body He reveals Himself (
i.e. who can see His true form within himself).
He is without form, colour and shape, (
so that) Vedas sing "neti neti" (meaning, 'nothing in this creation is like, or resembles Him') in His praise.
Baba Devi Sahab wonders as to how and in how many ways he should describe Him, as He (
God) is indescribable, beyond the faculties of speaking & listening.]