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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Happy October Guru Purnima (Full Moon Satsang) -- Words of Kabir, Sant Dharam Das, and Monthly Message from the Acharya of the Dharamdasi Kabir Panth

Kabir: "Without Bhakti [love] and devotion, nobody can swim across the vast and deep Ocean of this Samsara [World of Changes] even if one makes use of lakhs of ways and means; but if one takes to the Word and develops love for the Shabd, one will one hundred percent go to their eternal Abode." (The Essential Kabir, Translated by M. G. Gupta, Huma Books, Agra) 

Bhakti bina naheen nistarae, laakh karae jo koye
sabad sanehi hvae rahae, ghar ko pahunchae soye

Guru Purnima (Poornima, Full Moon) Satsang Message Translated Into English from Acharya Ardh Naam Saheb of the Dharamdas Kabir Panth 



OCTOBER 7th, 2014 

My well wishes to you all on the auspicious occasion of Poornima of the month of Kuwaar. Each Poornima is the occasion for us to remember and reaffirm the words and messages of the Satguru. 

“Guru aagya nirwahe nema, tab paawe sarwagyi prema”. 

(One who is obedient and true to the words of his Guru wins love and affection of the world.) 

Following the words of his Guru, Dhani Dharmadas Saheb established the importance of Poornima. Bhakti and bhajan are making our lives pure and pious. The night of Poornima is the night of bliss for us. May this bliss be constant in our lives. Darshan of the Sant and satsang on Poornima has special significance. One must make time for this to benefit. 

“Ja pal darshan sant ki, taa pal ki balihari, Sant darash jimi patak tarhi." 

(I am delighted of the moment when I behold a Sant, for the moment will uplift the sinful.) 

In this perspective one shall make this auspicious occasion useful and understand the importance of Poornima. 

Dhani Dharmadas Saheb writes in his entreaty, 

“Kawaar kaul karta se karke karar kar aayen, daan punya tap teerath karan tumko bhijwayen 
Wahan ki yaad bhi rakhna, yeh sansar maya ka phanda isme nahi phasna 
Guru Guru kehna sabki sahna tan ko jan kancha, naam ek Saheb ka sancha." 

(You made a promise to the Almighty and hence you were sent to do charity, pious acts, penance and pilgrimage. Don’t lose sight of the contract, for this world is nothing but a net of illusions [maya].) 

Keep the Naam, as revealed by your Guru, close to heart. Purity of thought, words and action are the greatest means; Poornima inspires us to follow this path. 

I wish happy and healthy life for all of you. 

Best Wishes, 
Panth Shree 1008 Hajur Ardhanaam Saheb