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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rising Above the Darkness -- Light and Sound on the Path

Rising Above the Darkness -- Light and Sound on the Path -- Newsletter of Spiritual Quotes & Satsang Discourses

"I am merely a guest born in this world, to know the secrets that lie beyond it." (Rumi)

"Men have journeyed to the physical moon, but they know nothing of the regions of the blissful music within themselves -- regions which lie beyond the moon, beyond the sun, beyond the most distant stars and galaxies." (George Arnsby Jones, The Pilgrimage of James, An Odyssey of Inner Space)

"No mission is of greater importance to a person than the awareness of his own consciousness, the profound significance and purpose of his existence on earth and to find out the path for ultimate bliss, eternal happiness and cheerfulness i.e. the quest for truth." (quote from the Shabd Pratap Ashram website)

"By giving proper place to spirituality in your life, you will be happy and peaceful in all circumstances whether they are favorable or unfavorable. You have to give more attention to this and enrich your life." (A Spiritual Seekers Guide, Dayal Sahab, Dayalpuri Radhasoami publication)

Serving, Helping Others During This Life: "The advantage of being in the human mode of existence lies in giving and serving only, i.e. helping others as much as possible. Because, possibly you will not get this body [human form] again. This time you have been given this body, and so do not hesitate; serve others and that is all." (Guru Kabir, Saakhi Granth of Kabir, “1008 Kabir Vani”)

"The saint helped the scorpion over and over again and the scorpion each time returned a sting. Some said, 'Do you not know it is the nature of the scorpion to sting?' And the saint replied, 'It is my nature to save.'" (Kabir)

Not Everyone is Ready to Receive the Help They Need: A Man Trapped in a Well Arguing with the Person Above (the Master) Holding a Rope

"Saints do not wish to satisfy Their audiences by empty words. They offer to take the inquirer to the other end, and thus give him first-hand knowledge. One beauty of it is that, at that end, these questions do not arise. So, if the curious questioner would exercise a little patience and faith, most of his questions would be answered automatically as his experiences increase.

"Suppose a man finds himself at the bottom of a deep well where he is very lonely and uncomfortable. Another man happens to pass that well. He carries a long rope. Finding this man in the well, he lets down his rope and offers to pull the man up, if only he will catch onto the end of the rope. But our man in the well enters into argument with the man above, and demands to know just how he came to fall into that well, and what is the guarantee that he may not fall into the well again, if he is pulled up. The utmost that the man with the rope can say is that he will take him out of the well and then he can study the situation for himself. But if the man in the well does not take advantage of this opportunity, it only means that his time has not yet come to escape from his imprisonment." (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

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A Satsang Without Walls: This is the AUGUST 21ST, 2016 Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation Satsang Newsletter (Blog, Digest, Document, E-Booklet,) of much poetry and prose -- words of light and love from various spiritual Masters, spiritual classics or scriptures. Enjoy all of the readings below. May they provide you with some helpful satsang reading material wherever you are in the world, near or far, and lead to a further in-depth exploration of the teachings of the Masters, including from lesser-known or newly translated material you may not have encountered before in English.

This Sant Mat Radhasoami E-Newsletter is dedicated to the Path of the Masters (Sant Satgurus of the Past, the Living Present, and Future), and to the Supreme Being, the Lord of the Soul Who is the Ocean of Love and All-Consciousness, and explores the poetry, prose, spiritual discourses, books, scriptures, letters, prayers, ahimsa ethics, audio, videos, philosophy, cosmology, gnosticism, meditation, mysticism, and history of the Masters from a traditional Indian perspective that's non-sectarian, and might also include quotes from various world religions in harmony with the Way of the Saints, the Path of the Masters and Mystics.

NOTE: This newsletter is for educational purposes only. Fair Use of Quotations: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research..."

NOTE: This newsletter is supportive of, The Murar Declaration -- the universal principles of peace, affection, harmony and cooperation as outlined at the Sant Mat conclave known as Spircon 2010, a historic event held in Agra attended by the leadership and representatives of several branches of Sant Mat & Radhasoami lineages.

NOTE: The Usage of the Term "Sant Mat": "Sant Mat" means: "The Teachings ('Mat') of the Saints or Sages" or "Path of the Masters". In India it's common knowledge that the term "Sant Mat" was coined or adapted by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras during the 19th Century. "Sant Mat" was adopted and popularized by Tulsi Sahib as a new name for this spiritual path or genre of mysticism, but the Sant tradition, with its many guru-lineages or branches, is a spiritual movement that dates back many centuries to ancient India.

"What's the use of receiving this human form if we do not serve others in thought, word, and deed. If we hold our thoughts only on worldly material things and refuse to think of that which is higher and more subtle, then our faith in the Transcendental will inevitably diminish." ("Quintessence of Yoga: Secret of All Success", a Sant Mat publication)

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"We usher in a new era, Sat Yuga -- the Age of Truth." (Universal Proclamation)

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"In all truth it can be said that the fall of the human being took place when he began to forget himself. That is to say: to forget his Supreme Being, the mysterious Source whence he emerged." (The Law of Attention -- Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance, Edward Salim Michael)

"The three worlds are a cage, virtue and vice a net. Every creature is the prey, and one hunter: Death. They don’t listen to wise words and won’t think for themselves. Kabir continues to scream. The world goes by like a dream. Within the five elements a secret thing. A rare one finds the mystery, the proof, the guru's word. If you know you’re alive, find the essence of life. Life is the sort of guest you don’t meet twice." (Kabir, The Bijak)

"The perfecting required by the disciple must be gained there where his karma has placed him. But he must progressively learn the value of renunciation of perishable things and find, even in success and terrestrial happiness, that bitter savour by which he recognizes he is but an exile in the world and to experience even in the sweetest hours the poignant homesickness for a lost native land." (Julian Johnson, Path of the Masters)

Waking from the Dreams and Nightmares of Humanity

"Either they are fleeing somewhere, or they lack strength to escape when pursued. They are involved in inflicting blows, or they themselves receive bruises. They are falling from high places, or they fly through the air with no wings at all. Other times, it is as if certain people were trying to kill them, even though there is no one pursuing them; or they themselves are killing those beside them, and they are stained by their blood. Until the moment when they who are passing through all these things -- I mean they who have experienced all these confusions -- awaken, they see nothing because the dreams were nothing. It is thus that they who cast ignorance from them like sleep do not consider it to be anything, nor regard its properties to be something real, but they renounce them like a dream in the night and they consider the knowledge of the Father to be the dawn.  It is thus that each one has acted, as if asleep, during the time of ignorance, and thus a person comes to understand, as if awakening. And happy is the one who comes to himself and awakens." (Valentinus of Alexandria, Gospel of Truth, one of the Nag Hammadi Library texts)

"When the pearl is cast down into the mud, it becomes greatly despised, nor if it is anointed with balsam oil will it become more precious. But it always has value in the eyes of its owner. Compare the Sons of God: wherever they may be, they still have value in the eyes of their Father." (Valentinus of Alexandria, Gospel of Truth)

"In the spirit I see all suspended,
In the spirit I know everything held:
The flesh hanging from the soul
The soul held aloft by the air
The air suspended from the ether
Fruits manifest themselves out of the Depth
A child emerges from the womb."

-- Valentinus, Summer Harvest

"I saw a newborn child, and questioned it to find out who it was. And the child answered me saying, 'I am the Word'".

-- Valentinus, Valentinus' Vision of the Word

"The desire of an individual to be free from sufferings and to attain the happiness of absolute peace is naturally present in the hearts of all. The purpose of Sant Mat [the Teachings of the Masters] is to provide a system which fulfills the desires of attaining absolute peace." (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, Philosophy of Liberation)

"Peace of mind is a sign of God’s presence." (Sant Tukaram)

"The love of Maya (illusion) is sweet to the world, but in the end, this delusion is dispelled. So perform devotional worship, link your consciousness to the Lord, and dispel anxiety from your mind. Nanak speaks the Truth; focus your consciousness on the Lord, O my stranger soul. Rivers and streams which separate may re-united sometime. That rare person who centers his consciousness on the True Guru, knows intuitively and realizes the Lord. Nanak speaks the Truth; through the True Word of the Shabad, those long separated from the Lord, are united once again."

-- Shabad (hymn) of Guru Nanak in Raag Aasaa on Ang 438 of the Adi Granth (Sikh Scriptures)

From the Surangama Sutra, a Buddhist Scripture:

"I will appear as a Buddha to teach them the Dharma to liberate them."

"World Honoured One, as I (followed and) made offerings to the Tathagata Avalokitevara, He taught me to use my illusory hearing and sublimate it to realize the Diamond (Vajra) Samadhi which gave me the same power of mercy of all Buddhas and enabled me to transform myself into thirty-two bodily forms for the purpose of visiting all countries in samsara (to convert and liberate living beings).

"World Honoured One, if there are Bodhisattvas who practise Samadhi to attain the transcendental, when there is a chance for them to realize absolute Wisdom, I will appear as a Buddha to teach them the Dharma to liberate them.

"If there are solitary students seeking (only) self-enlightenment, who practise the stillness of Nirvana, when there is a chance for them to realize it, I will appear as a teacher of self-enlightenment to teach them the Dharma to liberate them.

"If there are students of the Four Noble Truths who, after realizing the unreality of suffering and its accumulation, tread the Path leading to the extinction of passions, when there is a chance for them to achieve this, I will appear as a hearer (sravaka) to teach them the Dharma to liberate them..."

-- Surangama Sutra  -- Shurangama Sutra  --  大佛頂首楞嚴經 (Leng Yen Ching), Scripture of Esoteric Buddhism

"Just as the lotus blooms after getting the light of the sun, in the same way the sufferings of the souls from ages and ages are finished after having darshan [vision] of Sat Purush [True Eternal Being, God]." (Anurag Sagar)

Being Rescued by the Light

"All the rulers (archons) of the height have tried to deceive me into believing that I am a body of matter without Light in it. And after this the merciless powers surrounded me, and tried to take away all the Light that was in me.

"But Thou appearest to me out of the darkness and I trusted Thee, O Light, and said: 'Thou art my Savior. I thank Thee oh Light for having compassion on me. And Thou hast saved me, O Light, with thy Gnosis.'" (The Book of Faith-Wisdom -- Pistis Sophia, a Gnostic Gospel from Egypt)

"'Sawan Jindagee Thore Din Ki Gumaan Mat Karna.
Kya Balak Kya Jawan Ek Din Sabhi ko Marna.
Jaan Tan Dhoke ki Tati, Ur Gaye Pran Pawan Nahi Tan Mein Mile Maati Mein Maati.'  (Sant Dharam Das)

"Human life’s journey is momentary. Dharmadas Saheb says not to feel pride/arrogance for this momentary phase. Child, young or old, everyone has to go, none has permanency. It’s a matter of time, each one of us are ready, progressing towards the moment of departure, so be humble, do good deeds and spread love and help the needy if you have to spare. Spend your life in bliss and contentment at the lotus feet of Sadguru.

"I feel that each one of us are waiting for our turn, this period can be spent in prayer, love and bliss. Perform your daily chores and routine in bliss and contentment, life will become simple and uncomplicated.

"Satguru Kabir Saheb's revealing message for life:

'Maali Aawat dekh kar, kaliyan kare pukar,
Phoole phoole chun liye, kal Hamari baar.'

"Meaning: 'Buds call out upon approaching Gardener. Today He picked up the bloomed tomorrow will be our turn.'

"Definitely my turn is tomorrow, but today is with me. Righteous application of this time has significance. The full moon night is bathed with moonlight; similarly our life shall bathe in the light of devotion and revelation of the Satguru. This is a journey to do justice to one’s life. A determined sight of goal simplifies everything. A humble and uncomplicated human being is the true seeker and devotee, his sight and company fills us with bliss.

"Sant Dharam Das says: 'Isi Darshan Ki Balihari, Guruji, Tumhare Darshan ki Balihari,
Tumhare Darash se paap Katat Hai, Awagawan Niwari Guruji, Tumhare Darshan ki Balihari.'

"Meaning: 'Guruji I am offering myself for your Darshan, Darshan that erases bad deeds and will break the cycle of rebirth.')

"To be in presence of Saheb [God] on the auspicious occasion of poonam is a blissful experience." (Shri Hajur 1008 Ardhanam Saheb, Acharya Kabir Panth, commenting on some verses of Sant Dharam Das)

The Soul is Being Called From Above

"How else would a person hear, if that person's name had not been called?... Whoever has gnosis (acquaintance) is from above: and if called, hears, replies, and turns to The One who is calling; and goes to Him." (Valentinus of Alexandria, Gospel of Truth)

The Practice of Remembering God's Name (Simran) That Leads One to the Real Name: Divine Sound

"The efficacy of Naam (the Name) consists in that if one calls a man while he is asleep, by his name, he wakes up. Then why should not the Awakened Being hear, if He is called by His Name (Naam)? It is, therefore, incumbent upon all, that for their spiritual welfare, they should learn the secrets and whereabouts of the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal [Compassionate Lord of the Soul], and repeat His real Name methodically and listen to its Dhun (Reverberation) within themselves." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume Five, Agra)

Transcending All the Realms via An Ancient Form Of Meditation

A Sabbath Rest From the World of the Five Senses (via Meditation): Beyond the confines of body and mind, the mystic seeks a vision of God and the heavens on the spiritual level:

"If the soul is to see God, then it must see no temporal thing, for as long as the soul is conscious of time or space, or of an idea, it cannot know God." (Meister Eckhart)

"Whatever little is possible, do meditation everyday. But never ever give up or discontinue meditation. You will definitely meet with success." (from, The Last Words of Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj)

"Through the practice of meditation one can progressively move the consciousness inward within oneself. In the beginning, the practice of subtle meditation is difficult to accomplish owing to its unfamiliarity. Through the initial practice of Manas Japa (repetition of mantra [simran]), the mind begins to focus. Then one progresses to the subtler practice of Manas Dhyan (visualizing the form of Deity or Satguru) and prepares for the subtle meditation. Subsequently, through Drshti Yoga one practices one-pointedness [Inner Light Meditation). Finally, through the practice of Surat Shabda Yoga (Inner Sound Meditation) the transcending of all the realms is achieved." (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, Philosophy of Liberation -- Moksha Darshan -- A Manual of Sant Mat Spirituality)

"This practice can be conducted easily and comfortably if the devotee has a little love for the Supreme Being. Without love it will be too hard and difficult to practice Surat Shabd Yoga [inner Light and Sound Meditation] with any good result to be obtained within a short time.

"The Supreme Being, being a boundless Ocean of Spirit or Love and the human being, being a drop or current of spirit or love from this Ocean, and love being the very essence and means of existence of the whole creation, it follows that no effort in any direction, temporal or spiritual, unless actuated by love or affectionate regard, can be crowned with success, and the work or labour rendered easy, sweet and harmonious.

"Love is most sublime, having its origin in the highest region, the abode of the Supreme Being. In whatever heart it springs up, it will gradually raise and carry the fortunate possessor of this lofty and noble passion to the highest region." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, Radhasoami Mat Prakash)

"Soar high on the wings of love." -- Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry

"Meditation without love is useless." -- Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra

"This spiritual path and its destination is divine love... The remover of difficulties is the one spiritual teacher who has given you the secret knowledge (spiritual guidance and experience)." (Baba Devi Sahab)

"Unlike other worship methods popular in religions and sects with different names, these two methods [Seeing the Inner Light and Hearing the Inner Transcendental Sound] are not man-made. God himself is the founder and operator of these methods. Since the beginning, God has kept these two methods inside human beings with full qualifications. The way of redemption of jivas (i.e. bounded souls) is available within all human beings." (Baba Devi Sahib of Moradabad)

"Clear your karmas with the true Sound Current.
You will obtain the profound wisdom of the Guru.
Destroying all karmas and delusion,
You will reach your Immortal Home."
-- Sant Dariya Sahib, Book of Gyan Ratan

"The real greatness is in Shabd Dhun and Naam. Therefore, fix your 'surat' and 'nirat' and 'nij man,' with devotion, in the Shabd Dhun. If you listen for ten minutes, or five minutes, or four minutes, or two minutes, or even one minute, with love and devotion, millions of sins and obstacles will be removed." (Baba Jaimal Singh)

"The waves or vibrations of Sound permeate the whole of the body through light, darkness, the brain and the tiny blood vessels (arteries/veins), in that order. It exists in the body in the form of vitality or Life-Current. It exists in the mental sky in the form of Light, while it exists as Sound in the void. This Sound is an immensely valuable entity. In ancient times Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Hindus had authored several books on Sound. That is why, I say that it is the highest duty of every individual to acquire experiential knowledge of this Sound and to investigate or explore the Origin or Source from where this Sound flows out." (Baba Devi Sahab)

"The Sound heard internally is a Current which has originally emanated from the Supreme Being and is the means not only of concentrating the will but also of raising the spirit to the Source from which it emanates. At the time of initiation, a novice receives instructions as regards the particulars of the Shabd [Sound] of each sub-division by means of which he has to raise his spirit upwards." (Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Prakash)

"Hearing the Divine Melody, the mind remained absorbed. Obtaining samadhi, it remained devoted at the Master’s feet, and all its mental sufferings have been removed. Grasping the rope of the Divine Melody, the soul has climbed to liberation. At the mountain peak of the Void the decorations are resplendent. There the Nectar rains, and Divine Love keeps flowing. Kabir says: '0 brother sadhu, listen to me! Tasting this Nectar over and over, the mind has become intoxicated.'" (Kabir Bhajan Amritam, Devotional Bhajans of Satguru Kabir, Dr. Jagessar Das, Kabir Association of Canada)

Darkness Before Light: Where the Inner Darkness Comes From

"We are in the grip of sensory desires because of our earlier karmas. Our past impure actions have taken the form of the sheath of darkness (that is seen when we close our eyes in meditation) and ignorance, and have obstructed the Divine light and knowledge of the truth." (Swami Vyasanand, The Inward Journey of the Soul)

Veiled by Realms of Darkness, Forms, Light and Sound, God is at the Center of Being, the Divine Ground of Being: "Through Diligent Meditation My World Will Merge in the Mind, the Mind Will Merge in Me, and Then I Will Merge in the Divine", by Swami Vyasanand Ji Maharaj:

"When we close our eyes and do not see any objects, this does not mean that there exists nothing that can be seen. In other words, the shapeless darkness is also an object. Unfortunately, we cannot even see pure darkness because we are constantly thinking about the images of the world, and instead of seeing darkness we see the imaginary sights projected on the screen of inner mind. Without practicing the meditation of focusing in the darkness, it is not possible to see the subtle light that lies deep within. The experience of Divine light in the meditation brings joy, and the progress then becomes rapid. Consequently, one's faith and conviction becomes stronger. Goswami Tulsi Das says: 'This form of meditation of the Divine is easy and gives joy; who will not enjoy it.'

"However, until the sheath of darkness is in front of us, it seems that this is a very difficult path to realize the Divine. The fountain of joy has not yet opened, and progress in meditation is slow. Furthermore, if the conviction of practitioners is weak; their faith is also not mature. Gradually, the practitioner may become doubtful of the meditation technique because progress is not in sight. Some even leave meditation and become fake sadhus. Some abandon the path and expound meditation to others to save face. Some open ashrams and indulge in satisfying the sensory desires. This apparently impermeable vast realm of darkness is capable of destroying the enthusiasm of many great seekers, making them disheartened and turn toward the world. However, keep in mind that a coward leaves the battleground but a fighter continues to struggle to the end. The courageous practitioner battles the realm of darkness and diligently engages in the yoga of drishti or focused gaze. This is the juncture. It is essential to be firm in moral rectitude. At this time it is important to dedicate day and night to the practice. It is necessary to discipline your daily lifestyle and study the scriptures. It is essential to focus the mind and gaze, follow the practice according to the instruction of the guru. Therefore, it is necessary to surrender oneself to the guru, and serve the guru with the mind, body, and life-breath, in other words, diligently following the teachings of the guru. For this, it is important to surrender to the holy feet of the guru.

"When we gaze at a scene in the middle, our mind becomes focused and we only see the center of the scene, which is the source of the scene. This focal point can be likened to a seed. At the very center of the seed lies the invisible energy, which is the source of the visible tree. Even though the source of the tree lies in the seed, many are not able to understand the mystery. The implication of this analogy is that the cause of darkness lies in the light, the cause of the light lies in the sound, the cause of the sound lies in the material subtle sounds, the cause of the subtle sounds lies in the Infinite Divine Reality. In other words, the primal seed, the cause of this whole world -- both seen and unseen -- is the Divine Being. Until we realize the direct experience of the Divine, we are engrossed in the delusion of the material world. As soon as we have complete knowledge of the Divine, the other forms of material and subtle reality dissolve.

"As discussed earlier, the center of our energy is the Divine Being. However, as our consciousness is bound in the physical body, its visionary center is considered to be the Ajna Chakra (tenth gate). As soon as the consciousness becomes focused on the bindu (point) in the center of the realm of darkness, it realizes that its source is beyond this center. Thus, consecutively transcending the centers of lower realms and ascending upward within, the consciousness goes beyond the world of material name and form and merges into the root center of the Supreme Being, the original source of all creation.

"As we discussed earlier, the imaginative center of our consciousness energy is the Ajna Chakra or third eye. The attenuated form of the conscious energy is categorized under four names: mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), thought processes (chitta), and ego or 'I' principle (ahamkara). These four create this world, which is transitory and conditional. In essence: As we progress toward our center, then these created images of the world slowly begin to dissolve in the mind, because this is all created by the mind. Then the mind and intellect become dissolved in me. I created my world and I am created by the Supreme Being. Logically, the creation becomes dissolved in the cause. In the same way, through diligent meditation my world will merge in the mind, the mind will merge in me, and then I will merge in the Divine.

"Thus holding onto this deepest conviction you should meditate (sadhana). You should consider that all the darkness you see is illusory and it is inevitable that illusion will be destroyed. In this way, first you should disassociate yourself from the names and forms of the world created by the mind. Then with full intense concentration you should gaze at the darkness within. Gradually begin to concentrate scattered thoughts and gaze into the darkness. Slowly, by concentrating your sight, focusing your gaze (concentrated seeing within), establish yourself in the center of the darkness. In other words, focus on the middle of the darkness.

"Remember, do not hasten to get success in this endeavor. With great patience and earnestness withdrawing your mind constantly, try to prevent your gaze from wandering up or down or left to right. When the gaze moves away from its focal-point, then concentration disappears. When the gaze is unstable, the mind becomes restless. When the mind becomes restive then again, the thoughts of name and form of this world begin to arise in the mind. During this practice, it is very important to concentrate both the gaze and the mind so no disturbance arises between the sight and the focal-point. However, as one begins to have success reaching the state of concentration, some physical, material, and supernatural obstructions emerge."  (Swami Vyasanand, Inward Journey of the Soul, Amazon Kindle e-book)

Couplets of Swami SantSevi Ji on the Stages of Sant Mat Meditation Practice

"Begin meditation with internally chanting or repeating the Guru-mantra-incantation (the charged words given by the Guru). And then try to visualize the radiant form or image of the Satguru in the still darkness of the inner sky (with eyes closed). Follow that with focusing your attention at the seat of the soul within, i.e. at the Third Eye or the Inner Eye or the Til Dwaar, by making the two streams of consciousness in your two eyes converge in a Point.

"When the two currents of consciousness meet in a Point, Divine Light appears within. Then, practice Surat Shabd Yoga (Yoga of Divine Sound) i.e., try to shift your attention to listening to the Divine Sounds or myriads of melodies (Anahad Naad) ringing inside. Listening to the Divine Sound destroys all the perversions, agitations and fickleness of the mind.

"Ascending beyond or transcending myriads of sounds, try to identify and tune in to the Quintessential Unstruck Melody, called 'Saar Shabd' or 'Anaahat Naad' which alone is capable of taking you and merging you into oneness with the Supreme Lord; this is the ultimate deliverance, emancipation, or liberation."