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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dr. Chand Bhardwaj of the Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society on Spiritual Awakening Radio

Dr. Chand Bhardwaj of the Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society of Delhi, India on Spiritual Awakening Radio: Two Programs on Inter-Faith Harmony, Spirituality, Evolution, Science, Scriptures, Sant Mat, Saints, and Meditation


About the Photo Above, from the book, "Towards Eternity", published by the Sawan Adhyatmic Society (with headquarters located in Delhi): "Sant Rajinder Singh Ji came to visit Maharajji [Sant Chander Prabha Ji Maharaj] and gave darshan to the sangat at the ashram."

Dr. Chand Bhardwaj, Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society, Delhi, India

*Click the Link To Hear Part One (Program Length: 60 Minutes):
*Click the Link To Hear Part Two (Program Length: 60 Minutes): 

Below is a "Gist of the Teachings", by Dr. Chand Bhardwaj, a very nice summery on evolution and the spiritual journey from a Sant Mat perspective. Bio-data is below that.
All for the love of Wisdom and radio,
James Bean
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Gist of the Teachings
The spiritual origin of universe is EKAM BAHU SHYAM fragmentation of PRAKASH emanating of SHABAD. We are all souls as fragments of Light and ever connected to our Source through the Shabad. We as souls belong to the source: GOD - the jyoti swarup at the center of the universe where TIME AND MATERIAL do not exist.
One of the souls known as KAAL requested the Source regarding his wish to create a TIME BOUND material universe. With the wish granted, KAAL created basic elements as per Mendeleev's chart by emitting different colours of lights converting into mist and clouds further solidifying and EXPLODING in to nuclear explosions. Thus the molten LAVA and the elements such as hydrogen and helium fused to create SUNS. These scattered in a rhythmic movement to form billions and trillions of STARS and galaxies.
This expanding universe is bound by the quantum field to revolve in predestined movements from the beginning of time till its END. Some of the comets hit the molten earth to form seas and mountains to evolve life on earth. One of the SOULS known as KAAL requested the GOD to send the souls to his TIME BOUND MATERIAL WORLD to visit and feel his creation. The paper deals with the journey of the SOUL - how it acquired the MIND from the UNIVERSAL MIND OF KAAL as laws of nature: how soul and mind used the MATERIAL created by TIME to form life on earth in the form of single cell amoeba that had the capacity to become from one to many.
The soul as intelligence with its outer expression of ATTENTION is connected to its SOURCE (GOD) with SHABAD, NAAD, KALMA, the WORD explained in all the religious scriptures. THE SOUL as ATTENTION received the intuitions continuously through the SHABAD from its Source to create the CROWN OF CREATION: THE HUMAN BODY, crossing 8.4 million species. The physical mind embedded with the laws of nature along with the information of past and future through the universal, causal and astral mind, was as a guide, but later became the master and does not allow the soul to get back to the SOURCE.
HUMANITY needs to understand how time and material has trapped the SOUL in KAAL CHAKRA by separately understanding: SOUL as ATTENTION, has GODLY qualities such as LOVE, COMPASSION, and MERCY. MIND has qualities like LUST, GREED, ANGER, ATTACHMENTS, EGO, etc. And the BODY deals with HUNGER, CLOTHS, HOUSING, VANITIES OF THE WORLD.
To de-link ATTENTION from mind and body and link it to its Source is the technique of prayer in all religions this allows the qualities of the soul to peculate from everyone's mind and body to achieve peace and harmony for all civilizations.
Dr. Chander Kanwar Bhardwaj
Bio-data: Dr. Chander Kanwar Bhardwaj Ph.D.
1969- Business Management from Faculty of Management, Delhi .
2007-  Doctor of Philosophy From Inter Cultural Open University at Opeinde, The Netherlands
1969… - Automotive Enterprises, Delhi, India,  CEO
1* Developed various technologies related to automobile components, castings, steel alloys, processes, etc...
2* R&D project,  Development of creep resistant steel for Railways in association with National metallurgical Lab, Jamshedpur.
3* Setup two turnkey melting projects for Indian Defense Ministry in Muradnagar and Dehradun
1982 … - All India Induction Furnace Association (AIIFA)
Delhi, India, Honorary General Secretary
4* Developed the first micro steel plants in the country
5* Was involved in promotion and growth of the industry throughout India
6* Member Emeritus All India Induction Furnaces Association Delhi
7* Former Member CII
1982-1989 - Inductotherm, USA,  Business Development Manager
8* Sales of induction melting furnace projects in India.
1989… - Coordinator of some latest technology based/R&D projects with Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India New Delhi
Associated with Russian Academies of Sciences for Research & Development   Work/assignments:
a) Viniitmash export   (Moscow) Russia
b) Institute of Inorganic Chemistry ( Novosibirsk) Russia
c)   Institute of Thermophysics  ( Novosibirsk) Russia
d) Institute of Metals Superplasticity Problem (IMSP), Ufa Russia
e) Associated with Bellorussian Powder Metallurgical Research Association, Minsk, Belarus
f) Radio Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russian Academies of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
g) Associated with Inducto Steel, Pittsburg.  USA
h) Associated with “Technometal”, Germany: for the development of Induction Steel Refining System in association with Pittsburg University and inductotherm, USA
1993 onwards… - Aeroenergia  Ltd., Delhi, India, Managing Director
9* Coordinating for setting up  MIG air craft engines for use as power generators 8MW and hot exhaust air converted into air conditioning with absorption technology up to 16MW based on Natural gas for IIT Delhi, AIIMS, Delhi,  Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi and for other corporate companies                           
Designing and Development of Composite material compressed natural gas  Cylinders for Buses, Automobiles and Stationary Engines with JSS Engineering College, Noida and Khatkov institute of composite material, Moscow, Russia
Also, Associated Very Actively With; 1992 onwards -- Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society, Delhi, India.  -- General Secretary
1*  Conduct lectures in educational, industrial and other government and NGO institutions about meditation and its benefits
2*  Promote research in the field of mind, medicine and meditation by partnering with medical institutions
3*  2001 onwards – Life member.  
World association of Vedic studies, Atlanta, USA,
Help in organizing seminars and talks with Vedic scholars
Coordinator for Radio Engineering Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow for  developing a Centre in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, to study interaction of mind body and soul for studies of various radiation emanating from the human body, i.e., infrared radiation, microwave radiation, radio thermal radiation, acousto-thermal radiation, electrical radiation, magnetic radiation, Chemiluminescence’s radiation
These instruments can be used to monitor the effects of meditation, drugs, pain and other physical problems it can be used for monitoring in depth effects of  meditation  which can help in Self Regulation of Human Organism.
Former Faculty Member with Vivekananda Mission for its Centenary Celebration of Vivekananda Chicago mission at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago USA
Elite Doctorate Degree (PhD.) in the discipline of intercultural management
For Peace and Harmony from the Intercultural open University, opeinde, The Netherlands
Deliver lecture at various organizations, Schools and Colleges on the following subjects.
a)  Human Unity for International Peace and Harmony 
b)  Mind Meditation and Medication
c)  Mystery of death
d)  Spirituality is the Essence of all the Religions of the world.
Spirituality is not a Religion in it self, it is a unifying factor for the Humanity and God
e)  Co-relation between Scriptures, Science and Saints 
f)  Spiritual origin of the universe
g)  Creation of time bound material universe
h)  Universal MIND and how it governs the physical mind
i)  Co-relation of soul mind and body a logical and scientific explanation
j)  Super soul and soul its interconnection through the audible stream of life
k)  Stephen Hawking's "Brief History of Time" and spirituality
l)  Human body the conglomerate of hundred trillion cells (comprising of hundred trillion souls, minds and bodies of each cell)
m)  Spiritual origin of language from beyond (Vedic explanation of Para, Pashayanti, Madhyama and Baikhari) how mind contaminates the language originating from beyond
n)  Mind is nothing but information of Time (Based on past experiences it works on future)
o)  Binding all the religions together with the logical and scientific explanation of various scriptures regarding THE TECHNIQUE OF PRAYER which is the same in all the religions/faiths of the world
p)  The spirituality is EXPERIENTIAL
q)  After the EXPERIENCE the qualities of the SUPER SOUL flow and percolate from ones soul through the mind and body further through the senses of the body
r)  The qualities of the super soul are LOVE, COMPASSION, MERCY, PEACE, HARMONY, etc...