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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Rising Above the Darkness Into the Light -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast -- Spiritual Awakening Radio


Rising Above the Darkness Into the Light -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast -- Spiritual Awakening Radio

"The gathering point of consciousness is known as the third eye center located between the two eyebrows. Therein lies the path for our return. This is the gateway through which we leave the gates of the sense organs and enter in the Divine Realms and finally become established in the soul. We travel back from the Realm of Darkness to the Realm of Light, from the Light to the Divine Sound, and from the Realm of Sound to the Soundless State. This is called turning back to the Source." (Swami Santseviji Maharaj)  

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"Unlike other worship methods popular in religions and sects with different names, these two methods: Seeing the Inner Light and Hearing the Inner Transcendental Sound are not man-made. God himself is the founder and operator of these methods. Since the beginning, God has kept these two methods inside human beings with full qualifications. The way of redemption of jivas (i.e. bounded souls) is available within all human beings." (Baba Devi Sahib of Moradabad)

“Sant Mat is a Path of love and a Path of affection. This is the Path created by God Almighty Himself. It is not a path created by any Mahatma. It has always been the Path and it has existed from the time that the human form first took shape. It is the Path through which, plane-by-plane, the soul has descended from God Almighty by way of the Sound Current and has now come into this current human form. And when it goes back also, it will go plane-by-plane, through the Sound Current. The Path has been there, latent, uniquely within the human form, at all times. It is on this Path that the Saints have gone back to God Almighty with the Grace of Their Masters. And it is on this same Path that we will go with the Grace of our Masters...

"A Living Master is One Who has manifested this Shabd within His Being to the extent that He can, at will, consciously travel the entire Path, from the physical plane to the True Abode of God Almighty, Sach Khand (The True Realm), a place of indescribable Love, Light and Blissful Intoxication in God’s Presence. Reconnecting souls with the full awareness of God Almighty is a Living Master’s sole purpose and destiny, and He gives this service freely to dedicated aspirants. He has no other worldly desires or motives." (Baba Ram Singh Ji)

"The beginning of the mystical Path of Love takes place within the human consciousness, when the aspirant has focused his attention at the third-eye center, between and behind the two eye-brows. The third eye possesses its own illumination, being vivified by the light of the soul, and thus is not dependent upon external forms of light as our physical eyes are. Through the grace of a mystic adept the aspirant has been given a simple technique to transcend body-consciousness and to rise into the inner realms. First, he closes his outer eyes and sees with the inner third eye. He also closes his outer ears and hears with the inner spiritual ear. When these things are achieved, the current of consciousness throughout the body will withdraw and become concentrated at the third-eye center. The body itself will become senseless, but the aspirant's awareness of his soul, his true self, will thereby be heightened. This is the initial stage of what the mystic adepts call turiya pad, the fourth state of existence, which is the state of transcendental or super consciousness." (George Arnsby Jones)

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Spiritual Awakening Radio (and Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts) with James Bean, heard on various community, public radio stations and the web, explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, out of body or near death experiences (inner space), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics - education for a more peaceful planet.

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