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Friday, August 23, 2019

Mystic Poetry of Hazrat Sultan BaHU, a Sufi Master of Inner Light and Sound

Mystic Poetry of Hazrat Sultan BaHU, a Sufi Master of Inner Light and Sound

The path of the Masters is the highest of all;
It is beyond all comprehension!
On this path there is neither teaching 
Nor learning from books.
There are neither discussions nor expositions
Nor stories from the past.
Love of this world is sheer idolatry, a denial of God;
Let no one trust its loyalty.
Only the one who knows the mystic art 
Of dying while living*,
knows the real secret.

Love has inspired me to explore the heavens:
From earth it has raised me to the worlds of Spirit.
Begone, foul world, beguile me no more!
I am already in anguish about my stay here.
I am a wayfarer, my home is far away,
And you have enticed me with false promises.
Only if you forsake the world and die while living*
Can you find the Lord, O Bahu.

*NOTE: “die while living” or “death before dying”: a popular saying used by Sants and Sufi poets espousing the view that rising above body-consciousness or soul travel during meditation practice is a preparation or rehearsal for the afterlife. Hazrat Sultan Bahu: “Let us die before dying, O Bahu, only then is the Lord attained.”

Gospel of Philip, Nag Hammadi Library: "When the light comes, then he who sees will see the light, and he who is blind will remain in darkness... The powers do not see those who are clothed in the perfect light, and consequently are not able to detain them. If anyone becomes a son of the bridal chamber, he will receive the light. If anyone does not receive it while he is here, he will not be able to receive it in the other place."

Within Me Are Five Great Mansions

Within me are five great mansions - 
All five brightly lit;
What need have I of another lamp?
I am no longer accountable 
To the five lords and tax collectors,
Who barricade the inner path.
Five prayer leaders call the faithful 
To the five mosques within.
What need have I of another mosque?
IF the Lord calls for your head,
O Bahu, do not hesitate; offer it at once.

-- Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sufi Mystic