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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sant Mat Satsang PODcast -- June 2011

Sant Mat Satsang PODcast -- June 2011

   Program Length: 30 Minutes:


Readings are from:

* "Spiritual Consciousness Studies -- Spircon 2010", featuring an excerpt from the "Sar Bachan Poetry" of Soami Ji Maharaj, the great Saint of Agra, India, on the States Beyond -- the Inner Regions;

* Edmond Bordeaux Szekely on the Three Holy Streams (Life, Light, and Sound);

* another reading from the "Sar Bachan Poetry" of Swami Ji Maharaj on how Saints attempt to liberate their students from their limited thinking. Normally we human beings are bound by mind and maya, the "tomb" of illusion that keep most jiva-surat-souls from making spiritual progress;

* a reading from "The Biography of Huzur Maharaj" (quoting from the Letters of Huzur);

* instruction about meditation practice from the new book, "Yoga of Inner Light and Sound", by Swami Achyutanand, recently translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh;

* "Phelps Notes" about the God of All Consciousness, the Ocean of Love;

 * pondering about how Sant Mat is as much a path of Bhakti (love and devotion for God) as it is a mystical path of out-of-body exploration via Surat Shabd Yoga (Inner Light and Sound Meditation);

* a Mystic Verse of Sant Dariya Sahib;

* some thoughts about the essential key elements of successful Sant Mat practice;

* also, The Four Essentials of Sant Mat: "True Guru (Sat-Guru), True Name (Sat-Naam), True Association (Sat-sang) and True Love (Sat-Anurag)";

* and, The Principals of Sant Mat.

Email me for info about initiation, and satsang locations worldwide.

Jai Guru,