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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Inspiring Verses from Kabir

Inspiring Verses from Kabir

Achhai purush ek peD hai, niranjan waki Daar.
Tirdeva shakha bhaye, paat bhaya samsaar. 

Kabir gives analogy of a tree when he tries to describe existence. He says the immortal Being is like a tree of which Niranjan is stem. The three deities are like branches of it and the whole world/universe is like the leaves of the tree.

Sab aye us ek se, Daar paat phal phool. 
Kabira pachha kya raha, gai pakari jab mool.

Everything in the universe has come out of the One -- the branches, the leaves, the fruits and the flowers (from the One -- the root). Kabir says what is left behind when I have grabbed the root of all -- the One?

Chhinahi chaDhe chhin utare, so to prem na hoy.
AghaT prem pinjar base, prem kahawe soy. 

The love which comes in one moment and goes away in next is not a true love. The Love, which is not lessened anytime, remains always filled in the body (and heart) -- is the true Love.   

Dekha-dekhi bhakti ka, kabahu na chaDhasi rang.
Bipati paDe yon chhaDasi, jyo kenchuli bhujang.

The devotion which is taken up under influence of others or as a fashion doesn’t last. Most of the time people go because someone else has praised about a temple, a Guru or a holy place, it is mass mentality. Such devotion is only skin deep, as soon as any trouble comes, such devotee looses faith in the Lord as a snake looses its skin.

Sau jojan saajan base, mano hriday manjhaar.
KapaT sanehi aangane, jaanu samundar paar.

The Beloved lives hundreds of miles away still he is always in the heart. The mean and cunning lovers and relatives live in the same home still know for sure that they are far away as if they live on the other shore of the sea.

Tera saai tujh me hai, jyu puhupan me baas.
Kasturi ka mirag jyu, phiri-phiri DhunDhe ghaas.

Your Lord resides within you just like the fragrance is in the flowers. You keep running here and there madly for the Lord like the deer which has the musk in its navel yet, it knows it not and searches [for musk] among grass for the source of the fragrance.

Ja kaaran jag DhunDhiya, so to ghaT hi maanhi.
Parada diya bharam ka, tate soojhe naahi. 

The one for which you keep searching in the whole world, resides within your own body. He has given this veil of illusion, that is why you see him not. 

Samajhe to ghar me rahe, harasa palak lagaay.
Tera sahib tujh me hai, anat kahu mat jay. 

If you understand it, you will stay in your own home and will not go outside to search him. Being ever joyful, keep your eyes closed and see him. Your Lord is within you; don't go to any other place.

Dehi maanhi videh hai, Saheb surat saroop.
Anant lok me rami raha, jaake rang na roop. 

In the form of body resides the Formless, my Lord. It is in the form of attention. The One is emanating in the infinite worlds who himself has no color or form.

Naam bina bekaam hai, chhappan koTi bivaas.
Ka indraasan baiThibo, ka baikunTh nivaas. 

Without the Name everything is worthless, the fifty six crores of deities are of no worth. What if you get the position of Indra, or you are granted the heavens, these all are fruitless and worthless without Naam. 

LooTi sake to looTi le, Raam naam ki looTi.
Pachhe phir pachhtahuge, praan jahi jab chhooTi. 

This is the bounty of Ram Naam. Everybody can get it without any discrimination. Get it if you like. The moment will come when you will be in death-bed and you will regret that you didn't take it. 

Shunya mare, ajapa mare, anahad hu mari jay.
Raam sanehi na mare, kahe Kabir samujhaay. 

The great void is subject to destruction, the AJAPA ([mantra repeated mentally] Simran without tongue, Name remembrance which goes on automatically) is also subject to destruction. The region of Unstuck Melody is similarly subject to destruction. Kabir says only those who are lovers of Ram [God] shall not die. They have become forever immortal.

Jin paavan bhui bahu phire, ghoome desh-videsh.
Piya Milan jab hoiya, aangan bhayaa videsh. 

You wandered on the whole earth searching your Beloved. You traveled your country and to foreign places in hopes of meeting him. What a strange phenomena it is, the moment you meet your Beloved, your own courtyard seems like foreign place (both in the sense of home and body where the soul resides). 

UlaTi samana aap me, prakaTi joti anant.
Saheb sewak ek sang, khele sada basant. 

You turned back to your own self. What a brilliant and infinite Light it produced! Now the Lord and the servant both live together. Forever they play together in spring-like Spirit. 

Jogi hua, jhalak lagi, miTi gaya ainchataan. 
UlaTi samana aap me, hua brahm samaan. 

You became a Yogi (absorbed, immersed) and the vision appeared. Now all doubts and conflicts are gone (they remain only till you have not witnessed it by yourself).

Kabira shabd sharir me, bin gun baaje taant.
Bahar bhitar rami raha, taate chhuTi bhrant. 

Kabir says -- The Shabad or Sound resides in the body without playing like the strings of musical instruments resonating. The Sound has surrounded me within and without and thus the illusions are gone.

Aadi naam nij saar hai, boojhi leu so hans.
Jin janyo nij naam ko, amar bhayo so hans. 

The Primal Sound is our own essence, understand it. The ones, who have known their own essence, have become immortal.

Aadi naam nij mool hai, aur mantra sab Daar.
Kah Kabir nij naam binu, booDri mua samsaar. 

The Primal or elementary Name (Sound) is our own essence, the root of our Being. Rest all mantras are like branches of it. Kabir says -- without knowing own real essence, own True Name, the world is drawn into illusions and dies.

Jabahi naam hirde dharaya, bhaya paap ka naash. 
Maano chinagi aag ki, pari puraani ghaas. 

The moment the Name entered in the heart, it burnt all the sins into ashes. If you pile the grasses, one small spark of the fire is capable of burning it all -- so does the Naam to our sins. 

Gyaan-deep parakash kari, bhitar bhavan jaraay.
Tanha sumir satnaam ko, sahaj samaadhi lagaay. 

Lit the lamp of the knowledge in the deep recesses of your home (body). Sitting there, remember the Satnam or True Name in deep absorption. 

Jaisa maaya man ramyo, taisa naam ramaay.
Tara manDal bedhi ke, tab amarapur jay. 

As you were earlier absorbed in the illusionary world and its pleasures, so do for the Name now. If you are capable to be absorbed in the Name, you will cross the region of the skies full of stars and will reach to immortal world.

Shabd Shabd bahu antara, saar shabd chit dey.
Ja shabde Sahib mile, soi shabd gahi ley. 

There are different types of the Words or Sounds. Pay attention to the Sar Shabad (Essence of the Sounds). Catch hold of the Sound which will take you to the Lord, don't pay attention or follow other sounds.