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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Listen to the Satsangs Every Day -- Baba Ram Singh #SantMat #Radhasoami

Listen to the Satsangs Every Day -- Baba Ram Singh

(Sant Mat SatGuru Lineage: Swami Ji Maharaj to Baba Jaimal Singh to Hazur Baba Sawan Singh to Baba Somanath to Baba Ram Singh)

"Saints say, 'Listen to the Satsangs every day.' By doing that, you will continue to have your love and affection towards the Master. And slowly, but gradually, you will get that love and affection which you have outside in the outside world towards your Master.

"We cannot do or listen to Satsang once in a fortnight or once a month because our love and affection in the world outside is drawing us all the time. And if we want to get that love and affection towards our Master and towards God Almighty, then we have to bring it into our everyday life.

"That is why we should do our Bhajan Simran every day and we should listen to Satsang every day and fulfill the purpose of the life that has been given to us...

"He [Paltu Sahib] says, 'By doing our Simran Dhyan every day, we will gradually be able to leave the six chakras and come to the seventh chakra, and there, we will be able to open our Third Eye.'

"Once we reach there, we see our own soul. And then, all the duality outside, we come to know of the reality and all of this duality goes away.

"So there, we develop true knowledge of ourselves. We understand truly that we are not this body. We are not this mind. We are different. And we get that divine knowledge about ourselves.

"So, we should stay aloof in this world. We do not have to leave our worldly ways, but we have to remain aloof in that.

"So, as long as we do not develop that sense of being aloof in this world and get that love and affection to the Master, we will not be able to go within. And, for doing so, we have to do our Simran every day -- our Simran and Dhyan every day -- and listen to the Satsang every day. Currently, we have our affection in this world. We have this massive attachment towards our families and towards everything else in this world. So, the priority vis-à-vis the Master, is all our family and all our possessions, and everything outside. And that is why we are not able to concentrate. We are not able to get the mind stilled to go within.

"To still the mind -- to go within -- we need to still the mind. And to still the mind, we need love and affection. We need love towards the Master.

"Now, as long as we don't have that love to the Master, and instead, we have our love and affection spread in the rest of the world, we will never be able to go within on this Path.

"When we develop that love and affection towards the Master and towards Naam, then we don't need to get any cues from anybody. The meditation will automatically start happening.

"So, therefore, we should listen to Satsang every day. And we should do our Bhajan Simran every day. And this is what we have been given this precious life for."

-- Baba Ram Singh, excerpted from a satsang discourse titled, Whatever Attracts The Mind, It Runs Towards That -- And There Is Nothing More Attractive Than The Naam

Baba Somanath Ji

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji

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