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Saturday, May 29, 2010

June Sant Mat Satsang Podcast at Blog Talk Radio: Inner Sound Meditation According to Sufism, Buddhism, and Sant Mat Sources: Music in the Heavens

June Sant Mat Satsang PODcast at Blog Talk Radio: The Inner Sound According to Sufi, Buddhist, and Sant Mat Souces

New Sant Mat Satsang PODcast -- Click to Listen Anytime 24/7. Forward this announcement to others. When you go to the page, the program should automatically begin playing:

Program Theme

All About Inner Sound Meditation: The Yoga of Sound, Transcendental Hearing, Saut-e Sarmad, Abstract Sound of the Heavens, Audible Life Stream, Logos, Word ("in the beginning"), Cosmic Christ, Shabd, AUM, TAO, The Music of the Spheres, the Divine Sound Current, Sound of Silence, Voice of the Creator.

Readings Are From:

The Mysticism of Sound, by Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan; 

Mind Beyond Death, by Dzogchen Ponlop; 

The Surangama Sutra (Shurangama: An Ancient Buddhist Scripture in the Tradition of Quan Yin); 

The Sound of Silence, by Ajajn Sumedho; 

The Law of Attention -- Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance, by Edward Salim Michael; 

Spiritual Elixir, by Sant Kirpal Singh (published by Ruhani Satsang); 

The Padavili of Maharshi Mehi Paramahansa Ji Maharaj; and from, 

The Harmony of All Religions, by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj. 

Program Length: 33 Minutes. 

If you're seeking initiation into this form of meditation practice (Inner Light and Sound leading to Oneness with God, the Beloved Lord of Love), are looking for books, wishing you had someone to talk to about these Mysteries of the Kingdom of God within you, are seeking a satsang or meditation group to attend in your area -- there are satsangs held around the world in most places, send me an email. Would love to chat and share contact info that might be helpful to you. 

Love and Light in the Sound, Jai Guru, Radhaswami, 
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