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Light Brighter than Billions of Suns and Moons-Anurag Sagar

Light Brighter than Billions of Suns and Moons-Anurag Sagar

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Unto servant Nanak, the Lord has shown grace and has rescued him from drowning in the Ocean of Poison.....O mortal, by the guidance of the Guru, meditate on the Name. Showing His grace, the Lord God leads souls to the Guru and he merges into the Lord God's Name.....The Unknowable Lord's Name, I have received easily by the Guru's guidance. The treasure of the Name abides within my heart and my tongue sings the Lord's praise. By imbibing love for the One Name, day and night, I ever remain in bliss. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib -- Adi Granth, Volume Four, page 1,265)

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Light Brighter than Billions of Suns and Moons
from, Anurag Sagar (Kabir's Ocean of Love), Volume One
(one of three volumes),
Spiritual Discourses -- Commentary on the Anurag Sagar
by Maharaj Baba Kehar Singh,
Tarn Taran

Explaining 'Word' or Sound Current, Kabir says that for practical purpose the Sound Current assumes the form of Guru in this world and reforms the souls. The Satguru carries a message from God and ties us to the thread of Nam Simran (i.e. concentration on the Word). If this Nam Simran [Remembrance of the Name and the inner Sound] is interrupted or given up, then we can never reach that Ultimate Power. We will be left behind and below.

Take the example of a hand pump. After it is installed, the water from the ground can be pumped only after some water from outside is first put in the pump. This outside water creates the necessary vacuum for the ground water to move up. Similarly the Nam or 'Word' given by the Guru connects us to the Word already present inside us. If we practise with devotion, we can taste the nectar of Nam.

In the beginning we do Simran of Nam with the tongue. Slowly when we transcend to go inside, then this Simran goes on without the tongue. We get hands and feet of the inner world to proceed further on the journey of inner worlds. When Kal is confronted, he surrenders and salutes and further requests to place our feet on his head to go further [in other words, the mind is transcended].

Ajapa jaap i.e. repetition of the Nam from the heart without the movement of tongue now starts and one hears the Sound Current in a very normal state. Thus one proceeds further on the path shown by Guru. The mind, which moves with the speed of wind, now becomes calm, and one transcends the mind and further one does not care for worldly things. The Sound is heard without the movement of tongue.

For this Ajapa jaap one does not require rosary [beads]. In this way the soul catches the sound current and reaches the everlasting Anami Lok [the Nameless Plane, Eighth Heaven] where there is neither death nor birth.

Dharam Dass, on reaching Anami Desh one sees Satpurush [God, True Original, Eternal Being] and one finds that the light of a micropart of Satpurush is greater than that of billions of suns and moons. His glamour is beyond description. Here the light of the soul becomes greater than the light of sixteen suns. The soul's own light is equal to 12 suns in Daswan Dwar [the Third Plane].

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