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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Light and Sound on the Path: July

Light and Sound on the Path - July

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Spiritual Awakening Radio Archive of Shows-On-Demand: The Kirpal Singh Trilogy, The Near-Death Experience, Poetry of Sant Dadu Dayal, and Namdev:

"The Saints of India": Can you identify some of the
great Sants, Mystics and Masters in this jpg icon? I
see Buddha and Mahavira next to each other, in the
back. In front of them, Mira Bai. In the center, with
a white beard and turban, is Guru Nanak. To his
right, also with a white beard, is Guru Kabir. In front,
pictured as bald with a white beard, is Baba Devi
Sahab, disciple of Tulsi. To his left, with afro hair
and black beard, is Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of
Hathras. You may be able to recognize others in
the crowd as well, Ramakrishna, Tukaram, Namdev,
perhaps more.

Satsang Discourse

Time Waits For No One

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero: "Seize the day, putting as little trust as possible in tomorrow." (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) Kabir also said, "What you would do tomorrow, do today, what you would do today, do now." Another version, Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ub Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge Kub: "Tomorrows work do today, today's work now. If the moment is lost, how will the work be done?"

"With Swami Ji there is no such thing as idle chatter; he talks of the impermanence of the body and the purpose of life: attaining spiritual enlightenment to avoid samsara (endless rebirth). He reminds me that when I die nothing will go with me; I will have to leave everything behind, except the accumulated spiritual wealth of my personal sadhana." (Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar Dist., INDIA)

When Satguru Baba Devi Sahib was nearing the time of his departure from this ephemeral world for his true destination, satsangis humbly requested him to bless them with his parting words. Responding, Baba Devi Sahab obliged by saying, "Duniyaa waham hai, abhyaas karo", meaning: "This world is an illusion. Practice meditation." (From the Preface to the book, "Baal Kaa Aadi Aur Uttar Kaa Ant" of Sant Tulsi Sahab)

"Jeeva-atmaa (the Individual Self or Soul) is the indivisible part of the Supreme Being (i.e. the Universal Soul). In the bondage state it is called the Jeeva. It is also called soul, an indivisible part of the Supreme Sovereign God. Only the individual soul (Jeeva-atmaa) is capable of recognizing itself. When the Self will be realized, only then it will be merged into the Supreme Sovereign God. Then it can be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Besides knowing itself, no other method has been articulated in the holy books and scriptures." (Shri Swami Sant Bhagirath Baba, from the book, "Santmat Tatva-Jnaan Bodhini" -- Quintessence of Sant Mat)

On Being Real, Genuine

"One who gives an ear to words of truth and justice, and ponders over them, it is only to him that these words bring happiness. But one, who accepts a word without going into the depth of its meaning, does not benefit from it in any manner." (Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir)

Simran, Zikhr, Remembrance

"Happiness rests in ever-repeated simran. Sorrow and suffering is removed by simran. Kabir declares with utmost force and clarity: 'Practice this simran and be one with the Lord.'" (Guru Kabir)

"Separation from God is like a well; remembrance of Him is the rope." (Rumi)

Simran, Remembrance: "It is bliss remembering God, even for a moment. But only those who practice it, know it." (Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir)

Sant Satguru Kabir

Ethical/Ahimsa Teachings of the Masters: 1008 Kabir Vani is a partial translation in English of the Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir:

"Devoting hours to meditation without eliminating bad habits and cultivating good ones in their place, will not get one anywhere. Purity of life is essential for fruitful meditations." (Sant Kirpal Singh)

Death Before Dying -- Die To Live -- Rise Above, Ascend Through Meditation

"If you live for God, all things shall work out in your best interest, not only spiritually but also materially. This is the fundamental law of God and can be realized by all who will practice true living." (Sant Kirpal Singh)

"The reason for your not hearing the Sound is that your mind is so much engrossed in worldly matters that it does not allow the soul to go in. When the mind goes down it ceases to catch the Sound. The remedy is to bring about the concentration of the mind by means of careful repetition, which will make the mind and the soul still and collected and, therefore, able to catch the Sound Current." (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

"The Word gives out both Light and Sound. At this end, in the physical plane, the Light and Sound are lost in gross matter. On the finer planes - astral, causal, and spiritual - Sound is audible and Light is visible. At the upper end, the Sound is the finest music unheard by human ears - and the Light is of millions of suns and moons in one ray." (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

"In the center behind and above the eyes there is an aperture; on this side of it is the material world, in which we are living now; and on the other side is the astral world." (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

"This 'Single' or 'Third Eye' provides an ingress into the spiritual worlds - the Kingdom of God - now a lost realm to most of us...Of this inlet or ingress little is known by the people at large." (Sant Kirpal Singh)

"The practice of Surat Shabd Yoga (Sant Mat) lies in detaching the mind from external objects and attaching it to what lies within, and then catching the Sound Current and traveling on it. This Current connects the individual with its Source." (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

Quotes Above from Huzur Baba Sawan Singh and Kirpal Singh are from the new website:http://KirpalSingh.org

Sant Satguru Kabir: "So plunge into the truth, find out who the Teacher is, believe in the Great Sound!"

"By practice of the Word, one speeds on to the Higher Spiritual Planes unhindered; By practice of the Word, one gets into the spiritual plane openly and honorably; By practice of the Word, one escapes the by-paths of Yama, the king of Death; By practice of the Word, one gets in close touch with the Truth. O, great is the Power of the Word, but few there be that know it." (from Guru Nanak's Morning Prayer - Jap Ji)

"Various sorts of Sound Currents reverberate in the human system from which the initiate has to pick up the right one and listen to it, otherwise he will go astray and lose his equipoise. The practical Guru forewarns his disciple and directs which Sound to listen to and which one to discard. A variety of Sound Currents are of a lower order which have to be rejected. The experienced practitioner [of Surat Shabd Yoga] knows that some of these low order Sound Currents can become audible. Therefore the initiate his to be very careful and avoid then in entirety. If not, they are bound to create a sort of roadblock in the ascension process." (Shri Shivbrat Lal, from the book, "Dayal Yoga")

"Begin meditation with internally chanting or repeating the Guru-mantra incantation (the charged words given by a genuine Living Master at the time of Initiation). And then try to visualize the radiant form or image of the Satguru in the still darkness of the inner sky (with eyes closed). Follow that with focusing your attention at the seat of the soul within, i.e. at the Third Eye or the Inner Eye or the Til Dwaar, by making the two streams of consciousness in your two eyes converge in a Point.

"When the two currents of consciousness meet in a Point, Divine Light appears within. Then, practice Surat Shabd Yoga (Yoga of Inner Divine Sound) i.e., try to shift your attention to listening to the Divine Sounds or myriads of melodies (Anahad Naad) ringing inside. Listening to the Divine Sound destroys all the perversions, agitations and fickleness of the mind.

"Ascending beyond or transcending myriads of sounds, try to identify and tune in to the Quintessential Unstruck Melody, called "Saar Shabd" or "Anaahat Naad" which alone is capable of taking you and merging you into oneness with the Supreme Lord; this is the ultimate deliverance, emancipation, liberation." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

"Having come here, I advocate the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga and I instruct you to enter and permeate into the Word. I describe a ladder (pandi) of several steps of Shabd so that you can climb up step by step, reaching the city of Truth (Sat Lok). As it is, forsake this Land of the Drop and move on to the Sphere of the Ocean; have fun and frolic there." (Swami Ji Maharaj, Agra)

"Hearing the Divine Melody, the mind remained absorbed. Obtaining samadhi, it remained devoted at the Gurus feet, and all its mental sufferings have been removed. Grasping the rope of the Divine Melody, the soul has climbed to liberation. At the mountain peak of the Void the decorations are resplendent. There the Nectar rains, and Divine Love keeps flowing. Kabir says: "0 brother sadhu, listen to me! Tasting this Nectar over and over, the mind has become intoxicated." (Kabir Bhajan Amritam)

The Path of God, Anadi Sat Purush, is the Path of the Masters

"The Supreme Being whose abode lies further ahead, is unique and only Sants know about Him. He is Nameless (Anami, Anadi Purush, Soundless) and free from Maya. How to explain what He is. He has no colour, no form and no line of demarcation. Shabd is unmanifest in His region. I am worthless and know nothing but I had the good fortune of reaching His Abode. By placing my head at the feet of all Sants, I could reach that Original Abode which knows no decay. The three worlds are created and they perish, but I have taken my Surat beyond the Fourth Lok." (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, of the Hathras Satsang)

"Whosoever has concentrated his soul has been redeemed from the fear of Death. She has ascended the firmament with force, and has found refuge at the feet of the Lord. She has taken abode in the infinite region and has attained union with the Beloved. Indeed, 0 Tulsi, she has been delivered from delusion, suffering and fever of countless lives." (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, of the Hathras Satsang)

"Surat [the attention-faculty, eyes and ears of the Soul] going to glimpse the Absolute, concentrates its gaze at the tenth door [third eye center]. Watching the Luminous Point, the pole Star, the Moon and Sun, the Surat hears many sweet tunes of the five spheres. Mehi says, this is the quintessence of Sant Mat." (The Padavali of Maharishi Mehi Paramahansa)

"My Radhasoami [Lord of the Soul] is a profound ocean of serenity which none can fathom." (Soami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Poetry, Volume I)

"The current which has been instrumental in having brought it [the soul] down here must naturally be the 'True Path' for its return to the Original Source, and whoever finds this current is on the path of emancipation. This current which is the spirit and life current is called in the Radhasoami Faith, 'the Sound Current' or 'Word' or Holy Name." (Radhasoami Mat Prakash, by Huzur Maharaj)

"The sole purpose of the incarnation of the Supreme Being as Satguru is to redeem the Jivas [souls] from the cycle of chaurasi [the transmigratory cycle of births and deaths], to reveal to them the efficacy of Surat Shabd Yoga and to engender into them the true and sincere love for the Supreme Being." (Agam Prasad Mathur - Dada Ji, "Petals of Love")

By The Grace of the Masters

"Hope is a lie and desire a mere dream -- yet both are construed as actual reality. But when my guru gave me his holy wisdom, I awoke from my dream and my heart yielded." (Sant Namdeva)

"The most powerful divine force in your life is the intensity of your devotion to your living Ideal or Master with all understanding and wisdom." (Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj)

"Kabir has conceived of God (Raam), as one eminently attracting humanity to a Communion of Love, and of man's putting his earthly life to its best use in responding to this. The resulting Communion of Love finds the devotee as totally absorbed into God as is humanly conceivable." ("The Encyclopedia of Saints of India, Volume Two: KABIR", Criterion Publications, New Delhi, India)

A Universal Prayer: "Give us what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has felt, and what has never occurred to the human mind." (Gospel of Thomas) "Lead us from the unreal to the Real. Lead us from darkness to Light. Lead us from death to Immortality." (Upanishads)

God exists from the beginning and even before the creation of world. Nobody knows who is the first person or Guru who learnt the way of meditation and taught the world. Also, the way to achieve God is inside all the human beings naturally. Only God is the creator of that way and He has established this path naturally inside the human. He was the first who established the relationship between Sadguru and disciple. Nobody can claim that he is the inventor of that path. Yes, Only God can be the first entity who established the path of meditation, and Master-pupil relation. Maharshi Mehi says, "The person who advances on this path and achieves self-realization and salvation while alive becomes Sant (i.e. God-realized soul) and each Sant becomes a new link added in the Sant Mat. This is the continuous ceaseless flow of Sant Mat dynasty." (The Teachings of Maharshi Mehi Paramahansa) /////////

Film: Climate Change, Urgent Action

An Apocalyptic Film: The Age of Stupid: "This ambitious film, directed by Franny Armstrong, combines documentary, animation and drama to examine the issue of climate change. It stars Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist living in the devastated world of 2055. He looks at 'archive' footage from 2008 of real people around the world in the years leading up to the runaway climate change and asks the question: 'Why didn't we stop climate change when we still had the chance'":
Note: Hulu's online films and television are only viewable in the US. There are however several video clips from "The Age of Stupid" at YouTube.

YouTube Bhakti

Prayer of Meher Baba put to music by Pete Townshend and the Who:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZkIdo55oUw

Anand Sahib by Guru Amar Das, Chant and Text:

O Mind, Meditate on the Lord's Name:

Sant Satguru Maharshi Mehi Paramahansa Ji Maharaj