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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

This Seed of Initiation, Once Planted, is Permanent -- This Living Path of the Masters


This Seed of Initiation, Once Planted, is Permanent -- This Living Path of the Masters

"When we do regularly our meditation, and if we have some problem sometimes and we face some difficulties then, when we sit for meditation, direction is given inside by the Masters. Therefore, you should have love and affection for the Master. And you should do your meditation and Simran daily and contemplate on the Form of the Master. This life has been given by God Almighty for devotion and for salvation in this lifetime. So, we should follow the instructions of the Master and do our devotion with love and affection." (Baba Ram Singh)

"After Swami Ji Maharaj, the floodgates of initiation opened up and many people would be able to get the initiation because, once initiated, the seed of that initiation will always remain planted, even if it may take a longer time to fructify. So, this seed of initiation, once planted, is permanent. It never gets destroyed. And, sooner or later, it fructifies. Sooner or later, the devotee goes to Sach Khand." (Baba Ram Singh)

"The Masters teach us to do Simran. Because, by doing Simran and contemplating within, gradually but surely, our attachments and our pull for these illusory, outwardly matters definitely is reduced. And, over a period of time, we start progressing within." (Baba Ram Singh)

“Saints show us the Path of Sound and Light,

They still the mind and raise it to the skies


The soul gets concentrated at the Door and

is in bliss;

Ascending the celestial skies she is in sight

of Gagan (Inner Sky of the Second Stage).

The fortunate soul sets out on its journey

along with the Divine Melody;

Listening to this Celestial Music day by day,

she becomes detached.” (Sant Tulsi Sahib)

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