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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sant Mat Satsang PODcast (July-August) Now Available: Guru Purnima: Master's Day: Reflections

Sant Mat Satsang PODcast (July-August) Now Available: 
Guru Purnima: Master's Day: Reflections

When you click the link and go to this page at Blog Talk Radio, the satsang podcast will automatically begin playing:

The July-August Sant Mat Satsang PODcast

Program Theme: Happy Guru Purnima: Master's Day: Reflections about the role of Sant Satgurus: The Competent Living Master, a Qualified Teacher, The True One, Genuine Mentor, a Righteous and Worthy Guide, A Fearless Being, Light-giver, Leader of a Spiritual Community. An Ode to the Sant SatGuru, in Praise of the Sant-soul of love who has reached the 5th plane or above, and merged in God. With gratitude to the Competent Qualified Teacher, the Living Master, the Living One. In a Sea of Samsara, of falsehood, illusion and posing, there is a bright Light in the darkness. A silent Music becomes audible. At the feet of such a Loving, Radiant One, the soul can not help but find inner Light and slip into deep samadhi meditation. In the eyes of the Sant are love, wisdom, light, compassion, grace, and a reflection of God. The definition of a Sant Satguru is someone who connects the soul with the Supreme Lord of Love. 

Readings are from: The Gospel of Thomas, Verses of Mirabai, Julian P. Johnson's praise of his spiritual Master in the book, Unquenchable Flame, two bhajans of Sant Dadu Dayal of Rajasthan, The Harmony of All Religions, and my Ode to the Sant Sat Guru.

Program Length: 23 Minutes. 

Music (Indian Classical Ragas) was provided by my musician friend Paul Alexandre John. 

If you're seeking initiation into this form of meditation practice (Inner Light and Sound leading to Oneness with God, the Beloved Lord of Love), are looking for books, wishing you had someone to talk to about these Mysteries of the Kingdom of God within you, are seeking a satsang or meditation group to attend in your area -- there are satsangs held around the world in most places, send me an email. Would love to chat and share contact info that might be helpful to you. 

Love and Light in the Sound, 
Jai Guru Radhasoami, 
Sant Mat Satsang Podcast