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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Free MP3 Podcast Downloads from June 2nd Through September 8th A Satsang Without Walls

Spiritual Awakening Radio -- 14 Podcasts from June 2nd Through September 8th

A Satsang Without Walls -- A Classroom Without Walls: There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now. Spiritual Awakening Radio explores the Path of the Masters, the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books that matter, East and West, God, meditation, near death experiences, the vegan diet, and ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

6/16/2015: A Spiritual Seekers Guide -- on the Journey of the Soul -- Click to Download PODCAST:

6/23/2015: Purity of Mind -- Focusing  Attention is How We Travel Within -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jun2015/SPA062315_WMA.mp3

8/11/2015: Figuring Things Out in a Land of Illusion -- Sacred Names -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Aug2015/SPA081115_WMA.mp3

8/25/2015: Exploring the Teachings and Mystic Poetry of Guru Kabir -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Aug2015/SPA082515_WMA.mp3

9/1/2015: An Introduction to the Sikh Scriptures of India -- Click to Download PODCAST:

9/8/2015: Sikh Scriptures on Masters, Sound Current & Vegetarianism -- Click to Download PODCAST:

8/18/2015: Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Aug2015/SPA081815_WMA.mp3

8/4/2015: The Light-Givers (Sant Satgurus) of India  -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Aug2015/SPA080415_WMA.mp3

7/28/2015: An Introduction to the Sant Mat Tradition of India -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jul2015/SPA071415_WMA.mp3

7/21/2015: The Sant Mat Tradition of India (We Are All One), Part 2  -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jul2015/SPA072115_WMA.mp3

7/14/2015: The Sant Mat Tradition of India (Close Yours Eyes and See) -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jul2015/SPA072815_WMA.mp3

6/30/2015: LOVE (Bhakti), LIGHT and SOUND on the PATH  -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jun2015/SPA063015_WMA.mp3

6/2/2015: Supreme Master Ching Hai Interview (Go Vegan!) PT 1 -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jun2015/SPA060215_WMA.mp3

6/9/2015: Supreme Master Ching Hai Interview (Go Vegan!) PT 2 -- Click to Download PODCAST: http://download.liveindexer.com/podcasts/HealthyLifeOD/Audio//ECI_AUTO/Jun2015/SPA060915_WMA.mp3

(NOTE: All shows shown above are kept available online for about three months. Download the oldest shows first so you won't miss them.)

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