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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Photos of Soamiji Maharaj and His Home at Panni Gali, Agra, India

Photos of Soamiji Maharaj and His Home at Panni Gali, Agra, India


An actual original photograph of Soamiji Maharaj (Sant Radhasoami Sahib, Seth Shiv Dayal Singh) as well as photos of His home at Panni Gali in Agra, an important location in the history of Sant Mat and the Radhasoami Faith, a place of meditation, initiations, and satsangs.


A small satsang gathering perhaps somewhat resembling what it was like during the earliest days when Soamiji first began holding satsang at his home at Panni Gali.

"In those days during the mid-fifties [mid 1850's], Soamiji did not have a large following. He had not yet begun giving public discourses, and confined his meetings to small private audiences at his home in Panni Gali after having discontinued his talks at the Mai Than Gurdwara [local Sikh temple]. Seven or eight of his disciples were especially devoted to him and constantly sought his company and there was great affection and harmony. Every morning the Master gave an inspiring talk, displaying before his listeners' eyes the spiritual treasures hidden in the Granth Sahib or the writings of Kabir and other great Saints. After the morning Satsang those present sat down for their meals. The food was cooked by Swami Ji's wife, Srimati Naraini Devi, who came subsequently to be addressed as Radha Ji as a mark of public respect and adoration; while Swami Ji personally served the food to all with loving attention to each. In the afternoons and evenings there would often be informal conversations and discussions and at times regular discourses." (Kirpal Singh writing in, A Great Saint, Baba Jaimal Singh, His Life and Teachings)


Approaching Soamiji's front door at Panni Gali


Front door of Soamiji's Home


Top part of the front door


Soamiji's Home at Panni Gali in Agra (currently being renovated)


Soamiji's Home at Panni Gali in Agra (currently being renovated)


Up the Stairs -- Soamiji's Home at Panni Gali in Agra (currently being renovated)


Soamiji's Meditation Room-Within-A-Room: Photo # 1, the place where Soamiji was "born and departed". It was the location where he spent much time in meditation from the age of six onwards. Baba Jaimal Singh, Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, and others were also initiated in this very special place, where Soamiji often conducted initiations into Inner Light and Sound Meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga).


Soamiji's Meditation Room-Within-A-Room: Photo # 2

“From childhood Soamiji Maharaj used to shut himself up in a small room which is at the back of another room on the ground floor of his house. For light and air there is a small aperture, otherwise no noise can reach within. This room still exists in a renovated form and is considered as one of the most sacred and hallowed of places." (Biography of Babuji Maharaj)


Soamiji's Meditation Room-Within-A-Room: Photo # 3

After the passing of his Satguru Sant Tulsi Sahib in 1843, Soamiji spent over a decade meditating and preparing for his own eventual role as Guru.


Soamiji’s Meditation Room-Within-A-Room: Photo # 4 (recent photo of the other section of this room, also apparently renovated)


The Mystery of Soamiji's Well at Soamibagh: old photo


Soamiji's Well at Soamibagh: newer image


Soamiji's Well at Soamibagh: now being renovated


Soamiji Maharaj (Seth Shiv Dayal Singh, Sant Radhasoami Sahib)


Radhaji (Srimati Naraini Devi: Soamiji's Wife)