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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sant Mat Quote of the Day - and New Satsang Videos Added

Videos of Swami Bhagirath Baba
giving satsang talks at the Maharshi Mehi Ashram 
at Kuppaghat, in Bhagalpur, Bihar, India:

Swami Bhagirath Baba: "Sants/yogis have fixed times of meditation. Those times are: 1) in the pre-dawn, i.e. three hours before sun rise, 2) after taking a bath during the day [mid day], and 3) during the evening (after the sun sets). Meditation done in these three time is called Trayakaal Sandhyaa (thrice-daily meditation). A practitioner must sit for meditation in these three times, and also should do Maanas Jap (repeating the Guru-instructed mantra), or Maanas Dhyaan (involving mind in visualizing Guru's form inside), while doing worldly work. In the evening just before going to bed, the practitioner should sit in meditation for two to four minutes and then go to sleep. A practitioner can continue Maanas Jap or Maanas Dhyaan or keep his/her vision straight inside with closed eyes laying in bed. This practice protects one from terrible, unpleasant dreams, and on the other hand the practitioner can be benefited with the appearance of sages/sants or Satsang in the dream state. The appearance (seeing) of sants/sages in the dream state is an indication of spiritual-upwardness (progress)."

"This mysterious path is described in the holy books, but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts. It is found by the grace and guidance of an accomplished teacher." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

"Peace comes to this agitated mind. Sorrow has gone, and joy arrives instead to reign. All fears of life and death depart, through the perfect teachings of the Saint. All doubt departs. We live fearlessly, and all afflictions of the mind are resolved." (Adi Granth)

Kabir: "More than all else do I cherish at heart that love which makes me to live a limitless life in this world. It is like the lotus, which lives in the water and blooms in the water: yet the water cannot touch its petals, they open beyond its reach."

"There is no other refuge but Thy Name. By the love of the Name, this form is made beautiful." (Adi Granth)

"Celestial Music is heard in the house that is blessed: In that fortunate home where the Lord's power is manifested, there rings the Melody Divine." (Adi Granth)

My eyes got fixed at the central point between the two eyebrows [third eye center]. The Light of God appears within and darkness of the night vanishes. The Sun, with its extraordinary rays, ascends with so many sparkles. Consciousness finally gets immersed in the Quintessential Word. Baba Sahib tells Mehi to remain absorbed day and night in such applications. (Padavali of Maharshi Mehi)

"Those who enshrine the Beloved in their hearts have both worlds at their command. Lovers remain completely intoxicated in the ecstasy of their love for the Beloved. They offer their souls to the Beloved while still living, and thus immortalize themselves in this life and in the hereafter." (Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Sufi Master)

"Learn the right technique from a Satguru (true teacher, Sant Satguru), walk within yourself, and rid yourself of all the worries, all the stresses, strains, all sorrows by meeting and merging with the Supreme Soul." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

"Do not live even a single day without inner meditation." (Baba Devi Sahab)