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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sound Mysticism in the World Religions -- Radio Podcast Available For Free Online

Sound Mysticism in the World Religions -- Radio Podcast Available For Free Online

Passages from Most All the World Scriptures and Mystical Texts on the ability to hear the mystic-Sound, the Song of the Creator, the Voice of the Great Life that brought all the bubble universes into existence.

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Spiritual Awakening Radio explores Sant Mat, the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, near death experiences, the vegan diet, and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

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"In the Beginning was the Word, the Logos, the Tao, the Shabda, the Nada, the Saut-e Sarmad..."

"What else is Christ but the Sound of God." (Acts of John, a Gnostic Christian text)

"I am the hearing which can be attained by everyone." (Thunder: Perfect Mind, a Jewish Sethian text from the Nag Hammadi Library of Egypt)

"The universe was manifested out of Divine Sound. From IT came into being the Light." -- Shamas-i-Tabriz (Rumi’s Sufi Master)

"When I plug my ears with my fingers,
Without learning, I hear its melodies.
My eyes are longing for a glimpse of him:
Without seeing, I see his radiant face.
In every heart abides the Beloved, O Bahu,
In countless forms he reveals himself to me."
(Hazrat Sultan BaHU, Sufi Poetry website)

"Ananda and all you who listen here should inwardly turn your faculty of hearing to hear your own nature
which alone achieves Supreme Bodhi. That is how enlightenment is won." (The Surangama Sutra of the Buddha)

"It is easiest to hear this Sound when it is quiet, particularly at night-time. Once you have identified this Sound, then you place your awareness on it without wavering. Resting your mind in the Sound, you continue to listen, going further and further into the Sound itself." (Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche)

"Close both ears with your hands and listen to the Inner Sounds." (Acharya Mahapragya, Jainism)

"In the Divine Sound of God (Bhagawan) all the mysteries are revealed." (Swami Jnananada, Jainism)

"Ascending beyond or transcending myriads of sounds, try to identify and tune in to the Quintessential Unstruck Melody, called 'Saar Shabd' or 'Anaahat Naad' which alone is capable of taking you and merging you into oneness with the Supreme Lord; this is the ultimate deliverance or liberation." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, Tulsi Sahib branch of Sant Mat)