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Thursday, December 18, 2014

From the Esoteric Teachings of Satguru Kabir -- Brahm Nirupan

From the Esoteric Teachings of Satguru Kabir

In the book, Brahm Nirupan, Satguru Kabir explained the inner meaning of spiritual life to Dharam Dass, his foremost disciple. The Brahm Nirupan is a matchless text that discusses the Essence of the Word or Sar Shabda [the Divine Sound Current], also called Ni-akshar or Nir-akshar shabda. This Sar-shabda refers to the Ultimate Reality:

20. Contemplating the Sar Shabd [the Divine Sound], even for half of a moment, confers much more spiritual merit than living in the holy city of Kashi (Varanasi) for millions of years.

28. The knowledge of the Essence of the Word is indeed the meditation of all meditations, and the austerity of all austerities. The keen devotee who obtains this knowledge definitely obtains the rewards of the eternal abode.

89. The Word is the greatest of all, and is the cause of all beings. It is beyond mental perceptions. It shines brighter than millions of suns. It is the essence of all knowledge. You should meditate on the Essence of the Word.

90. With knowledge of the Essence of the Word, the large heap of sins of countless lifetimes will be burnt, just as a huge heap of dry grass burns in the fire.

91. When the wise devotee goes to the refuge of Satguru, and follows his instruction to meditate on the Essence of the Word, and recites the Supreme Name, he becomes so great that the gods -- Brahma, etc. act as his servant.

92. Whoever is bound by various rituals and karmas, will reap the fruits of their actions by being in the bondage of rebirths in this world. The medicine to cure this disease of rebirths and suffering is the Essence of the Word that gives liberation. O Dharam Dass! There is no other remedy.

93. That Essence of the Word is the basic support of everything, but is itself without support. It is formless and is beyond the attributes of Maya. It is all-powerful and is the life force of all living beings in the three worlds. It is even more powerful than the gods. It is realized only with proper meditation.

30. A devotee who controls the mind and practices hearing the Divine Melody, reaches the difficult-to-obtain state of union of the right and left nerve currents in the central channel in meditation. This central is called the Sushumna in Yoga. These three meet at the third eye. In deep silence the devotee sees the intense Eternal Light of Reality.

31. Above the Trikuti (third eye) there are three states of silence -- the beginning, middle and end. These three states of silence merge or dissolve into the Eternal Light. He who does not know the secret of these cannot be said to be a Vaishanava.

32. When consciousness in meditation reaches the thousand-petalled lotus, it then rises to the eighth lotus above. This is called Unmani Chakra. In this state the devotee sees the Divine Light without the presence of a lamp, and hears the Divine Melody without musical instruments.

33. The Sant Mat preached by Sat Guru Kabir explained that the yogi who practices meditation would rise above all of these (the chakras) and, going above the eighth chakra, reaches a region where the lotus has countless petals. The yogi then sees the light of millions of moons and suns, and reaches a state of supreme silence.

34. When the yogi reaches this state of realization, he becomes aware that the Self is free of the support of the body, space, heaven and earth. His consciousness rises above the physical and astral forms, and then even death becomes his servant. This state of consciousness is one of unity with God.

-- The Brahm Nirupan of Kabir, Translated by Dr. Jagessar  Das, Kabir Association: http://www.Kabir.ca/books